November 21st

Hello my wonderful fictional readers. It's been a very uneventful four days since our last meeting. Nothing much going on here in the hospital, oh, I gave my coffee to Jade. I had too, she threatened me! That evil girl said she would read my journal entries if I didn't. Evil…

We worked on clearing out the hospital mostly. Yes, this was a mental institution. Lots of meds left behind and restraints. It's really rank in most of the rooms though, but I think it was like that before. There are three floors and we broke up into pair taking each floor. Beck and Jade has one, Tori and Andre floor two, and Cat and I floor three. I ended up doing most of the work on our floor as you could have guessed if you have any idea who Cat is. You wouldn't anyway, of course.

Anyway we clean up and clear out the rooms and stuff. Andre and Beck head to the basement to check and see if there is a generator there. There is but it needs juice. Then we all help Jade and Beck board up the ground level windows like we had the office. We actually plan on taking the window out and simply bricking in the windows, if we can find a way to do that.

We worked on more ways to solidify our place but we hardly had a lot of material to do anything really. How much noise we could make was also limited.

I guess I will get back to our story, then.

We left the gun shop, all of us gloomy and quiet. The roads were in chaos and I guessed no one had listened to the broadcast. Traffic was thick and heavy, people were all driving like lunatics and honking and road rage was the norm. Frank drove at a pacified speed which had a lot of people moving around us giving us a very bad finger. Frank ignored all this and simply smoked his cigarettes. I couldn't breathe but I said nothing.

Grocery stores we went by were thick with people; every store was thick with people frantically buying survival gear. About ten minutes later I began to wonder why I hadn't really seen anything dangerous beside the one at Hollywood Arts.

I wonder too much. We had just hit the highway when one came running down the highway, buck naked. A woman so she had everything exposed and it looked as if she had been clawing at her stomach. The car in front of us stopped, a big truck who I guessed hadn't gotten the memo. The woman had jumped from the truck dressed in nurses' uniform and rushed towards the woman. I remember hearing her shout, "Are you, alright?" over and over again before the naked woman jumped on her. Tarring into the woman's chest with her bare hands - the Titer had actually tore one of the woman's breasts off.

Jade, who had climbed forward and was leaning over me peering out of the window had. She had whispered, "Tit terror." It was a really bad joke and I think she only made it because it was a seriously horrifying sight and people can say weird things when witnessing something like that. The name had stuck, obviously. Titter. I told you I had nothing to do with that.

Anyway we were too close to back up because of the car behind us. So Frank had to ram the truck, giving me whiplash. We barely were able to scrap by and nearly got hit by a car flying up the other lane.

"Take a seat, Girl" Frank had shouted when she fell into me.

The girl had relented reluctantly and we continued down the highway. On the other side of the highway ambulances and cops were racing back towards the way we had come. I mean all this was going on and I felt like I was watching it from above. Like an outer body experience. I'm not even sure if I've come back yet.

The roads were total chaos for a while and the only sounds were gun fire, howls, and someone quietly praying in the back of the van. I'm still unsure on who it was. Then we turned down a road and everything stopped. The roads were completely empty; the gun fire was behind us as were the howls. People were outside, mostly boarding up their homes.

Frank pulls the van right in front of a ranch style house and tells us to unload everything we had gotten from Hollywood Arts as a thick looking woman with a shotgun exited the house.

"This is my wife Cathy." Frank introduced us to an unhappy looking Cathy once we had piled everything inside of their quaint little house.

"Can I talk to you, Frank?" Cathy had gritted out all annoyed and stuff. Frank sighed dramatically and had followed his wife into the nearby kitchen leaving us alone.

"What's going on?" Tori asked as if she had just returned from a long trip. She had her phone clutched in her hand still, and her eyes were very wide and glossy. "What, why am I here?" Her voice cracked and we all simply stared at her. "I need to get home. I need to call my dad. I need to check on my mom and Trina." She collapsed on the navy blue couch holding her face.

That was like a chain reaction because Cat began bawling again, Andre began talking to himself. Beck was sort of standing in the middle of the room staring at the floor. Sikowitz was sniffing loudly and Sinjin was only moments away from joining Cat and Tori. Jade looked unbothered but the way she was chewing her lip off told a different tale. I could tell you how I looked if I had a mirror.

Frank and Cathy returned back in the room looking around, looking a little over-whelmed. They had given me a look like I was supposed to do something. What was I supposes to do?

We remained at Frank's and Cathy's for a very long time. Frank let me into his secret bunker; he even told me he trusted me. He had so much food down there along with other supplies and guns and ammunition. He left me in charge of counting things.

For days nothing really happened around Frank's and Cathy's area. A few Titters every now and again, but nothing to worry about. Not with Frank around anyway. He was amazing. A week after being there he wanted to take me out to practice handling a gun. Me! Not Beck, not Andre, not Tori, Jade's me. He told me I was the only one not in shock even though I felt like I was. He told me he would train the others later.

So after a very brief - in my opinion introduction in gun safety I learned how to shoot a gun. I was an awful shot at first because honestly I was horribly afraid. Frank use to say all the time when I would miss the mark:

"Their fast but they go down easy. You don't have to be a perfect hit, boy. Just hit."

I got better over time and soon the others came out of their funk to give it a try. Though, Sikowitz, Cat, and Sinjin refused to even touch a gun. Frank didn't force them. Beck was like a natural, seriously what isn't he good at?

Jade was surprisingly, afraid of the gun. Frank had given her one he had said had less of a kick back, which she was apparently offended by and made a big deal of complaining about. Andre was like a mix of all of us. With certain guns he was really good, while with others he was a little unstable. Tori only made it half-way through before quitting. All this gun training took place miles and miles away from the house.

I remember the very day he took us out for live action targets. I really hadn't wanted to go but I had of course.

We had gone into town. I hadn't taken very long to find what we were looking for and very soon we were lined up in a type of half-circle taking out the fast moving targets. Frank was yelling at us to breathe and stay calm. How could I stay calm when people are yelling?

All my shots were going wide, hitting shoulders and legs which simply made them fall and get back up. Slowing them down a little… I'm pretty cool. Beck was the only one who was getting off chest and head shots every time. I felt like a loser.

Speaking of our brave leader Beck he's calling a meeting, something about food.

- Robbie