December 25th

Merry Christmas, my fictional audience. We all got each other socks, clean socks. Jade and Beck kissed under Cat's homemade mistletoe. Cat is truly something special. I can't believe the girl is actually starting to get under my skin, stir my feathers, annoy me.

If she reads this she would cry for days. Anyway, we had a great Christmas dinner of meat and canned vegetables. I haven't been this full in months.

- Robbie

December 26th

This world changes people.

We have new roomies and Beck isn't happy. I don't really understand why, I'm the one who had to kill someone. Cat's happy though, she has more folks to talk too now.

It all began late last night/early this morning and we were all recovering from eating so much. I was keeping watch from the hospitals front office window, when I saw something moving around outside. It was dark and I couldn't really see anything so I snapped the light attached to the gun to see if there were any Titers. Nope, it was Cathy - alive. We had gone our separate ways when we entered Oregon, the lady wanted to get away from us - she was originally from here and told us about this little town. The woman was waving her arms up and yelling something sounding like, "Don't, I'm alive! It's me."

I was so happy seeing the woman I had tripped on my own feet running downstairs, I remember sprinting down stairs by passing Beck and yelling about it being Cathy. Yeah, thinking back on it I sort of get why he was so upset about that. The woman met me there, I didn't go all the way out and instead only went through the metal door watching the woman through the glass doors. She told me about how she had found daughter and her family and she got annoyed at me real quick for not letting her in say that they were hungry, cold, and had traveled a long way to get here. When she had seen Frank's van parked in the yard she was a thousand percent certain it was us.

The woman was crying and looked so dirty and skinny that I let her and her daughter, her daughter's husband, and their teenaged daughter in after only a few seconds. Her daughter was bit and not really doing very well, so I let them into the closest room letting her lay down. I called Tori who began looking over the woman, telling me that Beck isn't happy. Yeah well, This is Cathy and we all owe Frank and Cathy big time.

I told cat, who was gushing and crying over Cathy, who she has a wonderful relationship with, to bring them something to eat while they all kept thanking me over and over again, crying and stuff. Cathy actually hugged me, though I'm pretty sure the woman still hates me for being the idiot boy who got her husband killed. He had Cathy's shot gun, which he gave to me without even having to ask.

They are bone thin, sickly thin. Cat brought them water and was nice enough to ask Beck to turn on the generator for she could cook the chicken broth. Tori carefully watched them eat, making sure they didn't eat to fast. Tori's been reading a lot of medical books, so she's totally an expert.

Like I said the mom had a bit and was closely watched by me, and Beck and Jade had entered the room both giving me murderous glares. They all had blisters and stuff, which Tori worked on. Tori kept nagging about not feeding them too much because they would throw it back up.

Jack, the husband, told us about the folks that had ran from. Some hooligans who had taken over a safe two some miles away from this town. They are apparently a group of men taking camp at a public High school, a bunch of mean men. We are told that they were forced to work to stay in a safe area and that the guys there are huge nasty perverts who tried to rape his daughter and wife. Cathy had actually been 'arrested' there because, well, the whole world she be aware of the fact that Cathy takes no mess.

They left and came here unseen according to them. I'm sort of mad about that, because they hadn't left unseen and had led the hooligans right to us! Well, I left the room deciding to give them time to rest and we weren't even in the hallway seconds before Beck began lecturing me.

"What in the hell were you thinking, Robbie?" He had yelled at me like I'm his kid.

"I was thinking, Cathy needs our help." I mean had he really forgotten how much we owed that family?

"This could be a trick!" His tanned face actually turned red with anger. "We're all in danger now because of you! How can you be this stupid?"

See, that hurt a little. Looking around at the faces of Cat, Tori, and Jade made it hurt a lot more. They agreed with him. I couldn't believe how they all had turned into jerks. Then Andre came running down stairs.

"Three men are heading up here, man!" He exclaimed breathlessly. "Armed men."

Cathy poked his head outside and I waved her, but of course I can't tell an old lady what to do, so when we all broke up, Tori and Cat vanishing into a downstairs room while Beck, Jade, Andre, and I dashed upstairs she followed us into the office to the window. We all got low and I peered down at the men as they came to a stop by the hospital's door. They are fairly large men, and they were indeed armed. They had hand guns and were looking all around scanning around them.

"Those are those evil bastards." Cathy had whispered, almost hissed.

They began banging on the hospital door. I leaned backwards catching everyone's gaze and we all silently thought, but Beck motioned for me to speak to them. I thought this would be his job, I slowly raised the window up a few inches, quietly. Beck handed me his gun and I got into firing position, hiding behind the frame. Jade got to the other window in the room, while Andre and Beck vanished out of the room to other windows. Cathy stayed with me, crouching low for an old woman. I waited until I thought they all would be ready before calling out,

"What?" Clever right? He quit his banging though, and looked up looking for my location, likely.

"Who's there?" This guy didn't really look like a hooligan and actually looked a lot like Lane - who was a consular at Hollywood Arts, clean, unthreatening, and smart. He had a pistol on his hip which he luckily didn't go for, but his hand hovered over it. The other two men actually pointed the gun awfully close to my location.

"I'm Robbie. Who are you?"

"I'm Jacob Shayer, a citizen of Parkland west of here. We followed some folks and we would like to set up something with you. You have a real impressive get-up here, Robbie." He was so insincere it made me cringe a little.

"Thank you. But I don't think we're going to be able to set up any type of relationship, especially not today." I was happy my voice wasn't failing me.

"How many people are here?"

"Twenty-five as of now." Nothing wrong with being a fibber now a-days.

"I see," his tone certainly put me on edge.

"Yes," I replied dryly.

There was this long moment of silence which made me more on edge then I already was. "Can't we have this conversation face to face? Maybe I could talk to someone older? You sound quite young, Robbie."

I swallowed, "This conversation won't be happening face to face, Mr. Shayer. I've already told you that no relationships can be formed at this time. Now, I'm kindly asking you to leave." I'm seriously impressed by my own show.

I could see them all share a look, for a whole minute and a half, and let me tell you I was sweating so bad. I had also been silently praying they would just leave.

"Alright Robbie, I guess trying to have this type of conversation at this hour isn't exactly proper. We could set up some type of meeting, possible around noon tomorrow, near those transport vans blocking your bridge? We could discuss trade and forming some type of alliance?" He nodded at the other two guys.

I frowned wondering what I was suppose to say, a moment later Beck appeared in the open doorway crouching low to the ground. I could barely make out his sharp nod.

"Sounds good to me." I call out to the guys below.

"Then it's a plan, young man. We'll look around for things we can spare for trade."

"We'll do that as well. Let's meet at noon tomorrow then."

"Sorry to come barging in like this, see you tomorrow." He gave a nod in a general direction and he and the guys wondered off back towards the bridge.

Regrouping downstairs, we all settled down in the cafeteria to talk about what we were going to do at noon. Cathy's whole family looked absolutely horrified, as well as Cat. Tori was putting on this brave face but I could tell she was spooked by Jack's story.

The loud pop of gun fire had us all ducking to the floors, and a window in another room could be heard shattering. I remember Beck telling everyone to stay low and me moving awkwardly in this low shuffle to the rec-room beside the cafeteria, because the cafeteria doesn't have windows. Beck and Andre thundered behind me heading to different locations.

All the rec-room windows face towards the back of the house and I remember pulling the boards off the window and crawling out of it hitting the concrete area below pretty hard. Yeah, there is a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Judge me all you want. It was snowing outside like a winter wonder land, but who cares? I landed on my leg wrong. Remember, the leg with the gun shot wound? Anyway that caused a whole new level of pain for me as I dragged myself to the corner of the building and peeked around it.

I saw two of the hooligans crouching some yards away near one of the trucks. You see it's dark and they're not that far away but far enough away that when I brought my weapon up and aimed, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to hit anything. But I did. I shot only three times and two bullets, maybe all three hit their intended target. I'm not really sure how I should feel. Humans go down pretty easy too,

Beck and Andre must have witnessed it all go down because they came running out of the hospital doors as I came hobbling over to the guys I had taken down. Andre was shouting something about he could see a car's taillights moving away from the bridge. I guess I hadn't gotten Mr. Shayer.

Should I be relieved? Scared? I dunno yet,

One man was clearly dead but the other one was still moaning and blood was seeping out of him quick, coating the light bit of snow fall on the ground red. We watched that man die, we made no attempts to help him and only watched him bleed out on the cold hard ground alone.


They come back sometimes, the folks killed. Not all the time, sometimes they do though. I guess they are like zombies. Beck said he was going to light a fire and burn the bodies just in case. I went right away to my room, leaving the gun that had ended those guys lives in the yard.

No one came to bother me all day. That I was thankful for, but honestly I wished someone would. At least then I wouldn't have been wallowing in self-pity and hatred. Though I did get a visitor a few hours ago, an unlikely one.

Simply bursting into my room because that's her style, Ms. Jade West gave me one of her famous glares. I sat up and stood from my bed.

"Any reason you've been stuck up in this room all day?" She was holding my forgotten gun very carelessly and dangerously.

"Shouldn't you be holding that better?" I asked her nervously. She rolled her eyes and sets the weapon carefully down on the table in the room.

I sort of avoided looking at her, hoping she would get the hint and not talk to me about this. I'm sure the hint is understood but not cared about.

"God, you act like you've never shot anyone before."

She crosses her arms over her chest and gives me this concentrated glare that makes me feel very small. "I haven't, not anyone alive."

"What's the big difference?" She asked and I stared at her in disbelief.

"There's a big, Jade!" I couldn't believe that had come out of her mouth.

She rolled her eyes again and actually took a few steps towards me before coming to a stop, as if she changed her mind. I wished she hadn't. "I mean you shot them to protect us and yourself right? That's why you shoot all those things, demons as you call them." She looks absolutely annoyed at having to talk to me, but why was she? "It's like uh, self-defense. You sort of saved our skins back there."

I don't really say anything, which seemed to make her even more annoyed. "Would you do it over, Shapiro? Would you have let those idiots hurt us, Cat?"

No. I realized, I would shoot them again if they were threatening my friends. I would do it in a heartbeat.

I remember grinning at her, realizing Jade had actually made me feel better. "Thank you, Jade." I wag my eyebrows at her and quickly closed the gap between us embracing her tightly. Her body went completely stiff. "You are my friend after all." I'm such a dork. Anyway she angrily pushed away from me but it wasn't as rough as it could have been.

"Don't ever call me your friend again." She had dusted imaginary dust from her, not really looking at me right in the eye. I only smiled as she looked at me briefly before turning on her heels and stomping from the room.

My smile faded when she left and I felt empty. That's when I started writing this hoping to get most of it complete before Beck turned the generator off. I guess I did.