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Chi-Chi's eyes widened in horror as she observed several of the "children" of the strange elephant-like life forms spill out of their homes romping about as children of any beings would be wont to do. How could Gohan even imagine eating one of them?

'Of course! He's not in his right mind being infected with that horrible virus..'

Her train of thought was abruptly interrupted by Turles's sharp command.

"Get moving! These Arlasians will be of no assistance in finding Gohan!"

So that's what these space pachyderms were called. With a sigh of resignation Chi-Chi trudged after the merciless Saiyan even as she winced with every step...


Bulma enjoyed several gentle kisses as skilled fingers worked their magic on the knots in her shoulders.

"MUCH better! " she murmured softly.

"How does the idea of heading out and getting something to eat sound?," Daiz suggested.

"Wonderful! I'm starving!" the former heiress declared.

The bluenette looked down at her clothing," I need a few minutes to put on something clean and freshen up a bit."

"We'll be ah pile o' bleached bones afore' she gets done beautifyin' 'erself!" Gartoas snorted.

"You're just mouthing off because you are in a permanent state of ugly!" Daiz snickered.

"Ah' don't have ta' stand 'ere an' be insulted!" the bearded behemoth barked.

"No, you can sit down and still be insulted!" the Kabochan pirate quipped.

"Ya really think Turles is gonna put up with ya bein' all lovey-dovey wi' tha' Earth woman when 'e gets back? Ya' better be careful,Daiz, " Gartoas warned.

"It'll work out!" Daiz huffed.

But in the back of his mind Daiz couldn't help but be concerned. How WAS Turles going react when he re-assumed command of his ship?


The Ox-princess stepped forward and sank to her knees.

"I CAN'T MAKE ANOTHER STEP!" Chi-Chi shouted.

A low warning growl came from the Saiyan...

"WELL JUST KILL ME AND GET IT OVER WITH! Unless you plan on CARRYING me!" the raven-haired female shrieked.

Chi-Chi almost choked as she was suddenly unceremoniously tossed up on the unruly pirate's shoulder. Turles began to march off in lengthy strides.

Was Turles seriously going to treat her like this?

"I'm NOT a sack of grain!"

"A sack of grain would be preferable! At least it would be silent!" Turles snarled.

Chi-Chi was totally infuriated when she hit the ground hard striking her tailbone.


"Why are you insisting on being difficult? Have you no concern for your son?" the pirate commander complained. "The vegetation cover is too thick to fly over without running the risk of missing Gohan."


Chi-Chi actually whimpered as Turles yanked one her shoes from her foot. An irritated sigh came from him as he took in damp thin fabric that comprised the Earth female's footwear. His sharp eyes didn't miss the condition of her swollen foot. Several blisters and small cuts dotted its surface.

"Your choice of footwear for a journey on foot was a poor decision, Woman!" the Saiyan snorted.

"I didn't know we were going to try to cover half the planet in ONE DAY! And I don't HAVE any other shoes!" Goku's widow snapped.

"Did it occur to you to speak up and inform me that you were having issues?" Turles snarled.

"I figured you would care less!"

Chi-Chi snatched her foot away from the space outlaw's grip. He'd given her foot a sudden intense stare that unnerved her for some reason.

"I'll have to delay my search so your feet can be tended to. I'd hate to have to explain to Gohan that I had to remove them because of a nasty infection you incurred due to your carelessness," the spiky-haired warrior declared.

Before Chi-Chi could fire back an angry response she found herself holding on for dear life as Turles shot into the sky once more.


"I'm ready!"

Daiz turned in his seat at the sound of Bulma's voice.

A smile of utter delight lit the Kabochan's face as he took in the young scientist's appearance. Her shimmering blue tresses were pulled up into an elegant updo. A silken garment of the palest pink clung tastefully to every curve and ended just below her knees. Her slim legs were in plain view and her tiny feet wore silver sandals. A modest silver chain encircled her neck.

"Well you're certainly a vision!" the former royal commented causing Bulma to blush.

"If it's too much..."

"You look absolutely stunning!" Daiz interrupted.

The once pride of Capsule Corps wasn't in the least bit annoyed by his interruption as attested by her brilliant smile.

"Shall we be off?" Turles's second-in-command inquired.

"Certainly," Bulma replied warmly.

Gartoas rolled his eyes in disgust. It was going to take some doing to get his fellow crewman to see reason...


Chi-Chi's eyes widened in sheer amazement as a city of considerable size seemed to just magically appear on the horizon as they exited the dense jungle of planet Kquaralan. Several passersby were startled as Turles and his reluctant passenger abruptly descended in their midst.

The mother of Gohan's face flushed with embarrassment as numerous life-forms stared at her curiously as she was being carried by the now scowling Saiyan. If only she could walk!

A shiver went through Chi-Chi as Turles entered a gray stone building of some sort. Where was Turles taking her?

Chi-Chi was taken aback by the appearance of the interior of the alien edifice. It closely resembled a medical clinic on Earth with its brilliant lighting and stark white walls and floors. An intercom of some sort relayed messages in languages she couldn't comprehend. Blue upholstered seating was scattered about the room in rows. The brunette gave Turles a scathing look as he deposited her into one of the seats as if she were a mere afterthought. After doing so the uncouth mercenary strode over to the large white desk across from the seating area. He spoke to the strange red bird-like being seated at the desk that wore a crisp white uniform.

Chi-Chi's fingers tightened nervously on the seat's armrest as the alien creature looked in her direction and nodded its head. They were obviously discussing her but she couldn't make sense of the conversation. A uniformed blue bird-alien walked over and spoke to her in what sounded like gibberish. It spoke twice more and suddenly the words made sense.

"Apologies,ma'am. I should have attempted Galactic Standard first. I understand you have injuries. I am here to treat them for you. My name is Akari."

Chi-Chi shrank back not sure to make of the avian. She looked up as she noticed movement to her right. Of course it would be Turles. He appeared thoroughly annoyed with her.

"You will allow the Grshaw to treat you and you will remain seated here until I return from an errand that has become necessary. Is that understood?" Turles hissed in an icy tone.

What else could she do? Chi-Chi gave a resentful nod. The bird-ling gave a curious glance from the Saiyan to Chi-Chi and back again. A language she was unfamiliar with was utilized by the pirate commander once more. This time he conversed with the cobalt feathered entity that had knelt in front of her. It was applying a lotion-like solution to her feet. A strange device that looked like a flashlight was then aimed at her extremities. As a pale blue light appeared over her skin's surface Chi-Chi watched in utter disbelief as the blisters and cuts seemed to heal right before her eyes. Swollen, reddened flesh turned to its original hue with no injury apparent.

When she looked up the Ox-princess realized Turles was no longer present. It also became apparent that she no longer possessed her shoes. Was the Saiyan going to make her trudge after him with nothing on her feet?

And speaking of feet...Chi-Chi couldn't help but stare at the healer's feet that seemed like those of a typical bird. How odd that the creature's "wings" ended in appendages that resembled human hands.

"You are very fortunate to have such a handsome, concerned mate," the Grshaw stated as she rose up.

"Turles is NOT my mate!" Chi-Chi screeched.

"OH! Excuse me for assuming...," the flustered bird-being rushed off.

Chi-Chi suddenly turned crimson. 'Did that alien just insinuate that I'm in an ILLICIT relationship with TURLES?!


Zailora sighed irritably. It seemed like she'd been waiting in an endless line for eons. The last thing she remembered was battling a gigantic serpent. She winced as she recalled the viper's fangs sinking into her arm; the searing pain as its vile poison entered her bloodstream...

"You're next!" the check-in station attendant shouted at her.

The short ogre shrank back fearfully as the Kabochan female gave him a fierce glare.

Standing in front of an enormous highly polished wooden desk Zailora looked up to see a gigantic red-complected being with two great horns on his head.

'So THIS is the great King Yemma,' the nobleman's daughter mused. She looked down at the obvious proof that she carried Turles's unborn child. How would its presence affect her judgement?

The Judge of the Dead frowned as he perused the pages before him. His displeasure was obvious by the constant shaking of his head.

"It seems you've avoided judgment for some time due to the infant which still lived after your demise. Since that is no longer the case..."

"Forgive the interruption, King Yemma. But should an innocent child be held accountable..."

"I hardly doubt a child sired by Turles could possibly be innocent!" King Yemma thundered.

"Not to mention YOUR actions in life," the gargantuan ogre continued.

"THAT depends on your opinion of things!" Zailora huffed stubbornly.

"You have NO remorse for the crimes that are listed under your name?" the crimson monarch queried.


"No wonder the two of you got along! Off to Hell you go!" King Yemma barked.

The adjudicator of those who had passed on wondered if he'd pressed an unfair sentence on the child who had yet to exist. With a sigh he decided he had done as best as he could determine. If the Kai disagreed THEY could settle the matter.

Goz and Mez complained loudly as the Kabochan she-pirate fought them as they attempted to escort her to her final destination.

'I can only IMAGINE the headache Turles is going to be!' King Yemma muttered...


Bulma held her sides as she erupted into laughter at another one of Daiz's amusing tales. She'd laughed so much her stomach was beginning to ache.

The entertainment was a very pleasant finale to the exquisite meal she'd enjoyed in the company of the dark green-haired pirate. She looked at the pale amber liquid in her wine glass as she recalled the astonished looks of those seated nearby when Daiz had requested that particular vintage. The dining attendant had expressed disbelief as well momentarily then he burst into a wide smile as he raced off to fulfill the order. Obviously the wine was extravagantly priced. But then the appearance of the elegant eatery alone reinforced that only the most well-heeled clientele would frequent the facility.

The posh interior was a study in creamy white and silver. White marble walls ended at floors composed of glittering silver stones with bits of mother-of -pearl scattered about. Twinkling fountains were on prominent display throughout the establishment. Delightful multi-colored butterfly-like insects flitted freely about. Great sprays of fragrant white roses in crystal containers were tastefully arranged about the silver tables topped with immaculate white damask cloths. Plates and bowls were crafted from actual pearls. Cutlery made by master silversmiths in the shape of mythical beasts glittered by each place setting.

Gartoas let out a most undignified belch before insisting that returning to Turles's ship was of the utmost importance. Daiz reluctantly agreed.

Bulma sighed in disappointment. The pleasant interlude was over...


Gohan groaned as he reached up and held his head. Anger, pain and hunger were all he could seem to feel. Images of faces he couldn't recognize flitted through his thoughts then faded. He heard something rustling in the grass ahead of him. One thought crossed his mind as he breathed in the scent of...FOOD!

The demi-Saiyan snapped the neck of the small furry creature he snatched up. Fur and skin were ripped away as he sank his teeth into the still quivering flesh. He growled in frustration as the mere morsel hardly sated his hunger. He had to find more food...


"Damned electrical storm! Appule cursed.

Planet Aquiros was the last known reading of the Saiyan prince's whereabouts. But the atmospheric conditions of the densely populated planet were blocking transmissions from the tracking chip the crafty reptilian medic had implanted inside the elusive royal's right shoulder. Appule had to determine Vegeta's exact location as Frieza would be expecting a report soon. Appule swallowed nervously, the Ice-jin would be none too pleased if he had no information whatsoever...


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