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Turles snickered as his small craft began its descent to planet Kanish. It was time to begin the theatrics he'd become quite fond of employing at times.

Artamis fought to keep his knees from knocking into one another as the figure from his nightmares exited from their vessel. One misspoken word could cost his life and that of everything that drew breath on this planet.

The guards of Brentarr Prison snapped to attention as they reasoned a dignitary of some sort must be visiting. He was not accompanied by an entourage but his garments alone spoke volumes of his obvious importance.

Turles wrinkled his nose at the sight of the structure before him. Someone had certainly spared every expense to construct this edifice. The pirate commander was certain that dirt and spittle were what held the building together.

"Lord Narim, how wonderful to make your acquaintance once more!" the Prisonkeeper gushed.

"Yes, it is a privilege, isn't it?" Turles chortled.

The insectoid gaped at the finely woven cape, red and black armor and highly polished black Quizilon lizard boots the Saiyan wore. Even with a year's salary he couldn't afford such finery.

"Artamis, I understand you have two very unique individuals held in your facility at this time. I wish to see them immediately, " 'Lord Narim' stated.

The rotund beetle-being gaped in surprise. How could the detested Saiyan possibly know about Bulma and Chi-Chi? But then it seemed the affluent "noble" always knew everything that went on. No one knew where Lord Narim had originated or how he had amassed his reputedly vast fortune but obviously he had spies in place to report in on every possible occurrence on Kanish.

It was rumored that very questionable activities supplied the Saiyan's wealth. But every investigation proved nothing of the sort. For all practical purposes the arrogant member of the galaxy's upper class came off as being an utterly law- abiding citizen.

"Lord Narim, you have to understand that I was in the process of arranging much needed discipline for those two 'unique' females. I'm certain that you want no part of those two human miscreants I've been cursed with, sir. They're very troublesome, most annoying..."

The Prisonkeeper practically wilted under the baleful glare given by the Saiyan he faced.

"I...I...I'll have them sent to my office immediately! Do come right this way!"

"So glad to see cooperation!"


Brentarr Prison:

Something truly awful was about to happen Chi-Chi just knew it.

"Maybe we're being taken to our execution!" Goku's widow blurted out.

"SILENCE!" the green avian guard barked.

Bulma couldn't help but feel an icy grip of fear seize her. What if Chi-Chi was correct?

Their feathered captor stopped and tapped her scouter.

"You two must have really done it! I've just been ordered to take you straight to the Prisonkeeper's office."

"Whatever happens to us it's all your fault, Bulma!" the Ox-princess hissed.

"You're STILL blaming ME for everything?!" an incredulous Bulma huffed.


Chi-Chi stared daggers at the overfed pigeon from Hell but uttered not a word.


Planet Ardash:

A totally distraught Markelia pushed the door open to the small lodge that was the temporary living quarters she shared with her two benefactors. They had truly become family to her; how could she possibly leave them and wed that utterly repulsive prince?

Tears threatened as the young raven-haired female entered the dwelling and took in the sight of the Bernizarrian woman who was a mother figure for her.

Narlisa jumped up from her seat.

"Oh Markelia, dear! I have the strangest news for you. Prince Arteles has decided NOT to pursue a relationship with you! His adviser insisted that he screams in terror at the very mention of your's just so incredibly bizarre. I do believe he's taken complete leave of his senses!"

The Dayogien could hardly believe the words spilling from Narlisa. It took everything within her not to burst into peals of utter joy. She would NOT be expected to marry the despicable royal after all!

"I'll tell Ardon that we can leave as soon his duties here are completed. There won't be a ceremony to attend."

" aren't disappointed in me are you?" Markelia asked in a plaintive voice.

"Dearest child, there is no way Ardon and I could ever be disappointed in you!"

Narlisa put her pale arms around Markelia's golden- skinned shoulders and wrapped her in a hug, "As far as I'm concerned, Prince Arteles doesn't DESERVE you!"


Brentarr Prison:

Bulma and Chi-Chi were literally herded into the Prisonkeeper's office by the avian guard. A tall caped figure that was facing the bloated beetle caught the bluenette's attention immediately. No doubt this was the aforementioned "guest."

Something about the visitor was making the young scientist very uneasy...

Bulma gaped in utter disbelief as the guest turned to face her and Chi-Chi. The imposing being wore obviously expensive armor, finely crafted boots and a meticulously fashioned goatee. But there was no mistaking the arrogant stance and mocking smirk- of TURLES!

A fruitive glance at Chi-Chi affirmed that the mother of Gohan had also quickly recognized the duplicitous Saiyan.

"Come now, Artamis! I'm supposed to believe that these delicate creatures are truly responsible for all the disturbances you've blamed them for?"

"Lord Narim, I implore you to believe that these two are absolutely capable of every misdeed..."

' 'Lord Narim?' Uggh! Turles is up to his usual shenanigans!' Bulma fumed mentally. Did that black- hearted fiend just wink at her?

"Well it's not as if your meager, substandard facilities are conducive to model behavior. One could think you were possibly lining your pockets with the funds meant for upkeep and prisoner rehabilitation...but surely that's just paltry amount doled out by the Kanish prison system and no doing of your own volition, " Turles declared.

"Exactly, sir. The budget is severely strained...the daily meals alone.., " Artamis began.

He fell silent as Turles held up his hand.

"I understand your plight, Artamis. And being the utterly benevolent, law-abiding citizen of the galaxy I am.."

Both former denizens of Earth dropped their jaws in disbelief as Turles continued to claim to be a paragon of virtue.

"...I feel it is my civic duty to take these two into my personal custody and give them a chance...a chance to become productive members of society rather than yet another drain on your already taxed facility, " the pirate commander finished.

"But...but, sir.."

"There's no need to thank me, surely two future model citizens are far more preferable than two lives tragically wasting away in the Salt Mines. Wouldn't you agree?" 'Lord Narim' interrupted.

The Prisonkeeper was inwardly furious! He so wanted to punish the two women who had made a complete mockery of his authority. But he knew full well that the Saiyan was not making a request by any means.

Artamis bowed his head in defeat. Turles grinned evilly sending a chill up Bulma's spine as realization struck her immediately.

She and Chi-Chi were going to be released..right into the hands of Turles!

"FINE! Take them! Just get them out of my sight!" the portly beetle-being shouted.

"Excellent, Turles replied.

Artamis stomped out of his office never looking back. Turles/Lord Narim made no effort to stop him.

"And so ends another of my perfect performances!" the red and black armored Saiyan tittered as he gave a dramatic bow at the waist.

Bulma looked ready to retch and the one known as Chi-Chi grit her teeth and was digging her nails into her palms. Turles found it highly amusing and he couldn't resist egging things on.

"You know, I may have missed my calling..."


Bulma stared hopelessly out into space. She'd come so close to escaping the hated Saiyan and now she and Chi-Chi were right back in the place they'd began. In a show of pure arrogance he'd not even bothered to have them secured aboard his shuttle in any way. But then how were they possibly to escape the space brigand out here in the cosmos?

Turles completely ignored the two Earth-born females and kept his eyes on the controls before him.

'I wonder if I pushed his head into the control panel as hard as I could' Bulma thought.

"Would you prefer your arms broken at the elbows or your hands snapped off at your wrist?" Turles quipped.

The young genius pursed her lips at the mocking grin he gave her.

"Best control your thoughts, Bulma dear."