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Gohan pulled himself out of the crude bunk and fought to quell the wave of nausea that threatened as his tortured mind rehashed the events of the night before.

Daiz threw a deep blue colored garment to him. "Step out into the hall there'a shower in the first room on the right. When you are finished getting cleaned up, put on the armor you were given and report to the front of the ship. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir!" Gohan choked out.

Daiz smirked at his reply and almost turned to leave. He faced the son of Goku and spoke again "When it comes to Turles, don't speak unless YOU are spoken to. You will address him as Master Turles or Commander Turles. The least you may address him by will be commander. Got it, Kid?"

"Yes, Sir!" Gohan affirmed.

"Good. Now hurry up, Brat! We'll be landing soon," Daiz informed him as he left the room.

Landing? The little half-Saiyan felt his stomach clench at the thought. Where were they taking him? It wasn't back to his home that was for sure. His home no longer existed.

Gohan stepped into a large metallic room with what appeared to be several showerheads on the wall to his left. On the right was a seating area and a waste disposal unit. A stack of rather plush looking towels lay on a shelf just a few feet from the shower.

It didn't take more then a moment to figure out the simple controls for turning on the water and regulating the temperature. Gohan allowed for a brief shedding of tears for his lost home and family as the warm water cascaded from his hair. Reaching for a drying cloth, he dried himself and dressed quickly.


Daiz sighed at the silence of the ship's main room. Amond's low timbered voice no longer gave reports to Turles at hourly intervals. The former Kabochan prince stared at the empty seats left behind by his fallen comrades. Lakasei and Rasin's noisy arguments had annoyed him but he would actually be glad to hear the Beenz brothers' noisy tirade instead of the empty silence.

"I suppose our " guest" is preparing for the landing on Daznicos?" Turles's voice questioned.

"Yes, Master Turles," Daiz answered.

With a curt nod, Turles turned back to the charts he was observing.

Gohan nervously entered the room wondering what was going to be expected of him. Just then the ship gave a sudden lurch and though unfamiliar with the craft the youngster knew the ship had landed.

"Come here, Brat!" Turles ordered.

"Y-Yes, M-master Turles?"

Turles chuckled at the boy's reply. He was obviously frightened but the brat did address him with the proper respect.

"I have business to attend to on planet Daznicos. You will go with Daiz and obey his orders. I will only warn you once not to attempt to escape. I'll not tolerate disobedience and you won't survive the punishment for the attempt. Is that understood?" the pirate commander demanded.

"Yes, M-m..Commander Turles!" was his answer.

"Good. Don't snivel, boy. You're a Saiyan, remember that," Turles advised.

"Daiz, Take the brat and get him two more sets of armor, some proper fitting clothing and...," the dark-skinned Saiyan began.

His instructions were interrupted by a loud growl from Gohan's stomach as it protested the lack of nourishment since the night before. Gohan's face flushed red with embarrassment as Daiz snickered.

"And do get the brat something to eat," Turles added with a smirk as he walked to the entrance of the ship and left the two alone.

"You heard the commander. Let's get going, Kid!" Diaz sighed.


Gohan stared at the bustling crowds at the Zadezkon Market on planet Daznicos. He'd never seen so many people in one place!

"We'll stop here first, Kid!" Daiz announced as they approached a beautiful building made of brilliantly polished Aleska wood. A blue tiled roof accented the deep red of the wooden structure. It was a restaurant of some sort the half-Saiyan realized.

Delicious scents wafted through the air causing a noisy reaction from Gohan's empty stomach. The Crusher Corps member ignored the boy's complaining belly as he opened the heavy brass door and stepped into the establishment.

Gohan gasped at the sheer elegance of the place. A luxurious royal blue carpet accented the pale pink marble that composed the floor. Cushioned chairs of rare woods sat at tables carved from single Ganis trees. Pristine white cloths covered the tables that were set with golden utensils and crimson plates emblazoned with a gold dragon design.

The few times Chi-Chi allowed an outing to a restaurant, they were cheaply priced fast- food joints as she simply couldn't afford the appetites of two Saiyan males anywhere else. He felt guilty about even considering eating after the hellish events of the night before but hunger was quickly winning over guilt.

A red-skinned reptile in a royal blue robe quickly escorted the unlikely pair to one of the exquisitely appointed tables. Gohan was too busy gawking at the place to pay attention to what Daiz ordered. The son of Goku's jaw dropped as a cart laden with food was wheeled to their table. There were plates piled high with roasted meats, great bowls of rice dishes, succulent fruits and savory vegetables and sweet cakes were stacked on several large platters.

The former Kabochan prince chuckled as he noticed that the youngster's mouth began to water as he stared in amazement at the smorgasbord before him.

"Well let's eat, Brat!" Diaz urged. Gohan didn't have to be told twice.


Gohan had several bags of what Diaz considered proper clothing slung across his shoulder. The dark-green haired pirate was examining a pair of boots when a purple rodent -like creature walked up to them.

"Those are made of Talasium lizard hide. Dreadfully expensive! I'm sure YOU will want to go elsewhere to afford..." the rodent being started.

Daiz seized the haughty life-form by its throat " I can AFFORD to buy this dump and toss YOU out of it!"

"A-a -a th-thousand pardons , sir! I-I meant no offense!" the rodent whined.

"Get two pair that will fit the boy. NOW!" the furious black and green armored warrior demanded.

The little half-blood couldn't help but giggle as the terrified merchant hastened to obey.

"Gotta keep those snobs in line!" Daiz growled.


Daiz and Gohan soon ran into Turles who was making several purchases of his own. Gohan sighed if it hadn't been for the horrible night before, this "outing" would almost be considered fun. He noticed a thick red book lying on a shelf in the shop where Turles was currently walking about. When he picked up the book and leafed through it, stories of hundreds of planets filled the table of contents. The volume's cover was rich crimson leather with gilt pages and lavish illustrations.

"You make a habit of reading, Brat?" Turles's voice rang out startling the boy.

"Yes, Master Turles. My mother made sure I read every day for my studies but I l-like reading too," Gohan fought to keep his voice from trembling.

Gohan sighed as the Saiyan snatched the book away from him and walked away. He guessed that Turles didn't want him to be reading.

"Let's go, Brat!" Daiz called out.

No sooner had they stepped out of the shop then a slim attractive female rushed up to Turles who was just behind them.

"How long have you been here? You WEREN'T going to leave without stopping by were you?" a young raven- tressed pale complexioned female huffed. She wore her long hair piled on top of her head and an almost sheer green gown that stopped at her knees.

"I might have considered it, Kerlis," Turles teased.

"You're horrible!" the female complained. Her green eyes showed annoyance.

"That's not what you said the last night I was here," the Saiyan male taunted.

Kerlis noticed the young boy that stood next Daiz "Oh! He's adorable! "

The woman ruffled Gohan's hair and then turned to the Saiyan male with her eyes blazing "ALL RIGHT! WHO IS SHE?"

"Who are you going on about?" Turles smirked.

"HIS mother! I know he's yours, look at THAT TAIL!" Kerlis screeched.

The pirate commander burst into laughter " Calm down, Kerlis. We picked the boy up on the way here. I have no brats and you should be well aware of that!"

Kerlis suddenly appeared apologetic as she wrapped her arms around the Saiyan's muscular shoulders "Sorry, I couldn't help but be jealous if some other woman was to catch your eye. You will come see me before you leave?"

"I suppose I could squeeze you in somewhere in my busy schedule," the dark-skinned Saiyan sighed.

"Later!" Kerlis said brightly and she blew a kiss to the Saiyan as she left. Turles merely rolled his eyes.

"What happens when she finds out about Tazinora, Commander?" Daiz snickered.

"Don't forget Anglis," the Saiyan male smirked,"I imagine things will be quite interesting around here if they find out about each other."

Daiz and Turles walked away expressing their amusement at the situation leaving a confused Gohan to follow after them.


Gohan sat in absolute awe of the place Turles chose for them to consume their noon meal. The place where he and Daiz had dined paled by comparison. Sheets of mother of pearl composed the walls and gold tiles made in the pattern of a scallop shell covered the floor. At intervals in the walls, there was a display of great tanks holding fantastic denizens of ocean creatures from several planets.

The table and chairs they sat in were made of pure glistening crystal. A silk sea-foam colored tablecloth covered the table set with beautiful plates decorated with engraved sea creatures and finely wrought silver utensils.

Turles ordered for Gohan and the six-year-old dug into his meal with gusto. The crispy golden fish and assorted seafood on his plate was pure heaven to his palate. A delectable fruit juice of some sort filled the glass next to his plate, Turles did not allow him to have any of the wine that the two pirates were having no trouble consuming by the bottle.

Turles left his seat for a moment to speak with someone at another table. Gohan chose that moment to question Daiz.

"Do you always eat like this? Sir!" he quickly added.

Daiz laughed softly,"Call me Daiz, Brat. And yes, when you're in Turles's company only the finest food and wine will do."


Gohan sat silently aboard Turles's ship wishing he had something to do besides relive his horrible memories. To his utter amazement, Turles walked over and dropped the book he had admired in the shop earlier that day next to him. The startled boy jumped as the book struck the floor.

"Pay more attention to your surroundings, Brat!" Turles snapped.

Turles turned his own attention to Daiz.

"Daiz, It will be quite late when I return. A little schedule planning is in order," the Saiyan announced with a leer.

Daiz snickered,"Yes, Master Turles."

"I don't expect you awake when I return, Brat,"the pirate commander advised.

"Yes, Master Turles!" Gohan spoke up quickly.

Daiz turned to Gohan when Turles departed and pointed to the book in the half-Saiyan's hands.

"You've certainly made an impression, Brat!"

"What do you mean, Daiz?" Gohan asked.

"Turles must see something in you. He wouldn't have bought that book without a purpose for it," the green-haired pirate mused.

"M-maybe he was just being nice," Gohan suggested hopefully.

That caused a roar of laughter from Daiz "Turles? Turles being nice? That's rich. kid!"


Daiz heard a soft sobbing and sighed as he realized it must be the brat. All the excitement of the day must have kept his mind from dwelling on his horrible loss.

Gohan tried to choke back his sobs as Daiz appeared in the room he had been assigned to. The former Kabochan prince looked down at the miserable child, it seemed as if as if there was just a flicker of pity in the space pirate's eyes.

"You'd best be quiet when Master Turles returns. But for now get it out. All that grief and sorrow you've got buried inside. Cry and scream all you want, I'll be in the shower so I won't hear you. And after you can't shed another tear. You put it behind you and move on. Do what you have to to survive," Daiz advised."I know what it's like to be the only survivor of your home planet."

"D-Daiz, Why are YOU with Turles?" Gohan asked.

"That's a LONG story , Brat!" Daiz muttered.

"I'm not going anywhere!" the little half-Saiyan sighed.

Daiz sat at the foot of the bed. He could just imagine the reactions from his former crewmates if they saw him now. The fierce Daiz telling a story! To a Saiyan brat! He could almost hear the laughter ringing in his ears.

"Kabocha was once a desert planet of fierce warriors..."


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