My name is Trent, I'm sixteen years old, and one of the most popular kids in school with many secrets that will make me unpopular. I sit with the cool kids everyday during school, and hang out with them all night, driving their drunk asses home from party to party. There's Geoff, the crack-obsessed party lover. Lindsay, the dumbest girl you will ever meet. Duncan, Geoff's best friend and the only kid in school that had been caught by the cops at age four. Courtney, Duncan's girlfriend that has gotten laid at least a dozen times, rumor has it. Bridgette, the surfer chick and Geoff's girlfriend. And of course, we can never forget Alejandro and Heather, the rulers of this school, and the best couple in school. Now onto me; Trent. The hot musician. I don't know what's so special about me, but to everyone, I'm popular.

"Trent!" Heather snapped. I snapped out of my daydream and back into the harsh reality. "Pay attention, we're talking about my sweet sixteen. Anyways-" Suddenly, Heather was interrupted by the bell for free period.

"Ugh, we'll talk about this later."

Everyone at our lunch table got up, and I snuck out to the doors of the outside, where my guilty pleasure was, the girl that would make me so unpopular to them; my girlfriend, Gwen. She's one of the girls who they make fun of, actually. She doesn't stick to the status quo, and that's what I love about her. Without her, I wouldn't have anybody to rant to about the popular's. I ran up to her, and embraced her with a hug, and sat in the grass with her.

"I missed you." She said to me.

"Same here babe, but I'm here now."

"So where's your posse?" She laughed.

"They don't hang outside because they don't want to get their clothes wrinkled from the heat or something." Gwen laughed, and took my hand into hers and swayed it.

"I hate them, they're ridiculous." I laughed along with her, and put my arm around her. "So, are you doing the talent show?"

"I don't know."

"You'll totally win if you do! You're like the best undiscovered singer in the city of Toronto. Plus, the winner gets a record deal!"

"You really think that?"

"Of course. I believe in you."

"I believe in you, too. Your artwork is extraordinary." Gwen smiled.

"Well thanks." I looked at my watch, 1:15.

"Darn, I've gotta go. But I'll see you after school!" I said to her, gathering my things.

"But what about Heather's party? It'll be like the best party of the school year."

"I told them I was grounded." Gwen blushed and came closer to me.

"Well then, who has the best boyfriend ever?"

"That would be me." I smirked at her as she left, and pecked her cheek.

"I'll pick you up at five." I said, running off to the popular's. Heather went up in front of my face as I sat.

"TRENT! Where were you?" She snapped.

"Oh, uh...well, the guitar's in the band room, and-" She put a hand on my lip, which made me stop talking.

"Stop. I don't care." She went back to her seat, and started rambling on about her party tonight. It had me thinking; this isn't me. This isn't me at all.

A/N: I've actually found so many old one-shots in the journal I used for My Surprise and Miracle that I never typed up. So what I did, I took this one-shot and modified it to make it sound better and more detailed. I will be modifying more one-shots for you guys. :) They're mostly Courtney and Duncan, and one of them is actually Trent and Courtney, but it sounds pretty stupid. Anyways, my wi-fi stick isn't working for my computer, so I've been using my iPod. I'll have Jade upload it for me if she can. :) Until next time peeps!