"C'mon, Scarlet! Class starts in ten minutes!" my sister yelled up the stairs. "Mom's already gone to work, and you don't even have your lazy donkey out of bed!"

This is the usual wake-up routine for me, Scarlet GhostFlame. My mother is Dalia Falmea, the teacher of Fire. My sister, Amber DragonBlade and I both chose to learn Fire magic instead of what my brother chose – Death. His name is Malorn AshThorn, and even though he's younger than me by a few hours, he is the teacher of the Death school. He's just like our father, I thought.

"I'm comin' Amber," I yell back. "I just have to find the right stuff. I lost my Balance Encyclopedia yesterday, remember?" I heard her walk up the stairs. When she came into my line of view, she was waving a tan book around and had a smug look on her face. "My book!" I exclaim. "Where was it?"

"Oh, nowhere I suppose." She still had a smirk plastered on her face.

"Not funny Amber, tell me where you found it," I growled at her. This was definitely not a laughing matter. If she found out where my pictures were, than I'd probably die of embarrassment.

"Oh, I found it just behind the door." Her smirk was growing wider. "You know, that door." Oh, gods, I thought, she knows my secret. "It seems that my little sister has fallen in love with a certain Necromancer." Amber said, pushing her face close to mine. "And you know what mom would say to that. You would get cursed, just like her. All because she fell for him."

She quietly put my book on the bed and left the room.

When Amber and I got to school, mom, I mean Mrs. Falmea, was teaching how to cast Helephant. If she saw us walk in, she ignored us and kept on teaching.

"Would anyone here like to volunteer to cast Helephant?" she asked the class. I looked around to see if anyone had their hand up. No one did, and I sighed. As I was putting my hand up to volunteer, the kid in font of me shot her hand up, almost hitting me in the face.

"Watch it," I grumbled. I was in a sour mood ever since Amber found out who my crush is, and besides, she doesn't have to rat me out to mom just 'cuz he's a Death student.

"Sorry," she whispered before walking up to the front of the classroom. I noticed that she had short red hair that stopped a few inches above her shoulders. She also had tan-ish skin, and when she turned to face the class, I saw that her eyes were bright red. Her robes were red and black. A few of the boys started to drool on their desks. Ugh, stupid perverts, I thought.

"You must be a new student," my mom said, smiling a little. "What's your name?"

The girl inhaled once and said, "My name is Savannah FireBreather."

Hello once again audience. :) The following OCs are the ones I will be using: Savannah FireBreather, Sakaki LeonHardt, Stephanie DeathTamer, Brianna AshBlade, Connor FrostBreath and Talon ShadowHunter. Hope you guys don't mind. :) See ya' later.