Setting The Stage

A quick precursor to me actually getting underway on writing this: This takes place at the end of Episode 8: The Dead Way Home. Rather than Takashi and Saeko running into the group of zombies together, Saeko tells Takashi to take care of Rei and goes out alone. When Saya's mother arrives to rescue them Saeko is cut off and is forced to travel alone, for a time.

I'll state it now: I do not own High School of the Dead, nor do I own any characters affiliated with it. All original content however is mine, I will not use anyone else's writings or OC's in this piece. I will also be taking reviews very seriously; I will respond to EVERY review I receive positive or negative. Reviews inspire me to write more. Seeing as I am writing another fic right now for FFX-2 "Ruby Eyes Tell No Lies", whichever gets more attention gets more updates. Simple!

A warning right off the bat as well: This story will have graphic violence and explicit content. There will be foul language (if you've seen the anime, you're familiar with the vulgarity they use. I'm not a big user of it in my writing but I'd like to keep them IC), sexual situations and a lot of death. There will also be the occasional "songfic" moments when I find a scene truly needs a musical aid. I own none of the songs (and will repeat that as they occur) I just find them suitable for the situations.

If you don't like the thought of Saeko with an OC, I apologize but that's how this one is going. The Takashi/Rei interactions will be very slight in comparison so expect this story to be primarily about Saeko and her newfound friend.

Lastly, please feel free to PM me if you're too shy to public review on anything I can do to improve/maintain the story. As much as I love to write, I love it more when people love my writing.

Thank you and I truly hope you enjoy my story because I have been looking forward to writing this for a while now, I just had to rewatch the series to get into the proper state of mind; not the easiest acquisition in Afghanistan I tell you!