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"Once upon a time, there was a boy. This boy came from a normal family: two sisters, and a loving mother and father. But the boy was different. He could see spirits.

"One day, a snow princess snuck away from her kingdom. She was a spirit and wanted to see other kingdoms. She met the boy by accident, and decided to let the boy teach her the ways of his kingdom."

Kibosuta let Aizen-taichou's quiet voice wash over her. She like the man, he was always kind to her, visiting when he could and giving her books to read, even though she was only a little soul locked away. For the life of her she couldn't imagine why he was imprisoned with her. Maybe it was the other people on the surface. They were mean and evil, except for maybe Ichimaru-taichou. He was funny. It's been a while since she had seen the man.

Probably the other people's fault. The evil ones. The ones that locked her away in the first place.

"They enjoyed each other's company, and the princess stayed with the boy. She met the boy's friends and, with the help of a nearby spirit merchant, could talk to them as well. She greatly enjoyed her stay.

"However, her kingdom needed their princess. They sent the princess' guard and her brother, the prince. They found her and took them back, but the boy didn't want to let go of his newest friend."

They didn't talk much, but when they did, Kibosuta normally ended up asking for a story. Aizen-taichou told such nice stories.

He was such a nice man.

Smiling faintly as the man retold the tale, Kibosuta leaned against wall weakly. Sucking in a breath, she started coughing. Aizen-taichou paused his story, but Kibosuta stopped her fit soon enough and smiled weakly.

She was so hungry and weak. But she didn't want to worry nice Aizen-taichou.

He only sighed and continued his story.

Once again, Ichigo woke up to his alarm clock. And by alarm clock he meant his father. And by father, he meant the man who he was currently stomping into the floor.

"Remind me again, why the fuck we do this when we both know you are physically capable of being serious and that this is seriously not necessary?" Ichigo shouted in frustration.

The man only groaned.

"Agh, just get out!"

And with that, Ichigo kicked his father out of his room. The closet door clicked open and Rukia hopped out.

Humming to herself, she paused and asked Ichigo, "Are you certain he used to be a shinigami captain? I'm still having some trouble believing that. I mean, yeah, some captains can be rather immature, but this is a whole different level."

"I told you already. Yes, he is a captain. He might act like a child half Yuzu or Karin's age almost all the time, but he definitely had a haori when he appeared in the battle."

Rukia smiled and shook her head. "Your family's a strange one. Well, let's get ready for school."

As she bound of the room, Ichigo muttered, "I still don't understand why you insist on going to school. Who in their right mind decides to do that if they have a choice not to go to school?"

"People who have nothing better to do," she chirped.

"…You could always help me out by taking care of hollows during the day so that I don't have to keep running out to do it…"

This time she didn't hear what Ichigo said.

Barely paying attention to the droning voice of the instructor, Ichigo frowned at clear sky outside the window. Something nagged at him mind, the feeling anyone got when they knew they forgot something, but couldn't figure out what it was exactly that they forgot.

Turning his gaze to the clock, Ichigo sighed in relief. The bell would be ringing in about a minute. Then it would be lunch. He wasn't certain why he even bothered to go to school. After the chaos that marked the beginning of his life as a substitute shinigami, his double life made it nearly impossible to concentrate on education. He needed those few months of school damn it. Besides, it would be extremely hard to maintain a steady job if he had to keep rushing about to deal with hollows. Missed minutes added up.

Why the hell did he do this.

Glancing around the classroom, he saw more bored faces and other longing glances to the clock. Yet the instructor was oblivious to the restless adolescents, his voice starting to remind Ichigo of white noise. If it wasn't for the insanely hard tests, Ichigo wouldn't be paying as much attention as he did.

Which brought him back to the question of why he even tried.

The bell rang, shrill and loud. A minute afterwards, the students started pouring out, dismissed and relieved.

Kibosuta hugged her knees, sniffing and coughing. Her condition had been steadily getting worse as time passed. Her pale completion was regaining some color, but it was an unhealthy shade of pink from a fever. Letting her long hair fan out around her body in tangled strands, Kibosuta sat miserably in her corner, trying to go back to sleep.

The people on the surface were truly evil, Kibosuta reminded herself with venom.

Evil for putting her down here. Evil for putting the nice Aizen-taichou down here.

They were evil and that was all she cared about when it came to matters outside of the dark.

They were evil.

And she would never see Ichi-nii again.

She didn't even remember what he looked like anymore or her relationship with him.

She coughed again, trying to muffle the sound with her knees and arms.

They were evil.

Despite the burning inside her body, she shivered violently.


Absolutely evil.

No one heard the sounds of a girl sniffing and coughing.

No one probably even cared.


Completely and absolutely.

"Hey Ichigo, do you want some Pocky too?"

"Nah," Ichigo declined the offered biscuit stick, "I'm good."

"Hmm, but they're really good, and they're chocolate!" Orihime added as she licked the chocolate off her sticks.

He shook his head. "Seriously, it's okay. I know you've been eyeing that last stick for a while."

She flushed lightly and laughed. "Kurosaki-kun is too kind."

Tatsuki snorted. "Just take it Orihime. If the idiot here doesn't want it, and is even offering it to you, just take it. His loss."

"Oh, okay then!" She snagged the last Pocky. "Thank you Kurosaki-kun!"

"No problem."

A cloud shifted over sun, momentarily dimming the light.

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