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Questionable rummaging aside, the day was shaping to be decent. The hot shower was a plus. (And no, Aizen did not spend an hour in the shower. He was more efficient than that. What gave you the idea that he took at least an hour in the shower?)

The kitchen was well stocked in … strawberry sweets. There had to be a reason for the ridiculous lack of tea in the head in the unconscious teen upstairs. Speaking of upstairs, trying to go upstairs would certainly be awkward in the event of rain, given how the sole stairwell was outside, along the east side of the building. Another floor was obviously present, given how Aizen could clearly see said third floor from outside and from the large library on the second floor. The hallway was mocking him, for sure.

Also, the library was in need of books. Aizen merely assumed the tall ceilinged room was a library from the maze of bookshelves and the small tower of stacked books outside the room by the door well. Which was missing a door. Now that Aizen reflected on his investigation of the odd house Kibosuta relocated them to, many door wells were door-less, even, awkwardly, one bathroom.

Regardless of the unexplored third floor, door-less bathroom, and understocked kitchen. Aizen was still faced with having to decide what to do with his definitely planned jailbreak. Soul Society would have sounded the alarm by now. They were idiotic, yes, but not extremely so. There was still enough sensibility in the Captains to gather their collective wits enough to check in on the spiritually aware in the Human World.

But only just.

The makeshift kido barrier Aizen had erected upon realizing that the loud snap and purple light accompanied by an awkward squeezing feeling had deposited him outside the dark cell would have to be replaced with something stronger and more reliable. He would have to do something about the stark lack of Kyoka Suigetsu as well. After that he would have to decide on his next course of action, as well as what to do with his former cell mate.

Speaking of whom…

Ichigo still wasn't pleased that Karin had stubbornly grabbed onto their father and refused to be left behind. Apparently she had barely glimpsed Ichigo leaving and came to conclusions when their old man also tried to leave.

As it was, Karin was chatting with Rukia while the presently assembled waited in the back room of Urahara's Shoten. Yoruichi was sipping on tea, seated across from the eldest Kurosaki.

After Uryu finally arrived after Orihime, Urahara called everyone to the back room.

"I have, well, only bad news," Urahara started off, "for now. Aizen has escaped."

Shocked silence.

For about one second. Karin looked from Orihime's paled face, to her brother's clenched fists, to the grim, shadowed face of the shopkeeper, and broke the tension by blurting out, "Who?"

Isshin clasped a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "About two years ago, a man declared war on Soul Society. The leader was Aizen Sousake. However, he was imprisoned in Soul Society's most secure prison."

Now addressing Urahara, Isshin asked, "But how did he get out? He was placed in the Muken."

Yoruichi answered instead, shaking her head. "That's the thing. There is no way he could have broken out, not unless someone was assisting him."

Urahara added, "Shinji told me that they're still looking into the matter. He only had time to send me a quick message to inform the spiritually aware of Karakura. Soul Society is still trying to trace where he's gone, and all realms are being considered with equal possibility."

"If Aizen is in the Human World though, what are we supposed to do?" Ichigo cut in. He remembered the fighting and sacrifices he had to make in order to bring the overlord to justice last time. Ichigo wasn't sure if he could bear the thought of even more people being caught in the fray this time. With even more of his friends spiritually aware to some degree and more importantly, Karin, who would certainly want to stand her ground and fight this time, Ichigo had reason to worry.

Not missing Ichigo's obvious sense of protection and Karin's determination along with the shifting in the other current Human World inhabitants, Urahara simply stated, "First, warn your classmates. I believe they've had an encounter with Aizen before. If anyone wants to attempt to fight, if the situation comes to that, they should come here to train. Or they can visit the Vizards who have also been alerted."

Ever the one to plot and plan out everything, Uryu added, "We can inform our classmates at school. However, many of us have classwork and jobs to do, not to mention our Hollow patrol shifts. Is there a time we all should arrive to train, or can we just come by when we can?"

"Well," Orihime started, "maybe if you want to spar with someone you should arrange a time, but otherwise, whenever you can train should be fine."

"Certainly," Rukia grinned. "I believe this would work. If we hear more info from Soul Society, Urahara or whoever received the news will inform everyone by means that don't require an hour of cleaning walls. Isn't that right?"

Everyone looked quite pointedly at Urahara, reminded of the mess they would have to either explain or clean when they returned home. Urahara merely fanned himself innocently.

Kibosuta warily sunk a foot into the warm bath water before reluctantly sinking in. Aizen-taichou had informed her to take a bath and … well she wasn't entirely sure what she was supposed to do. She remembered the goal of cleansing oneself with the water, but the actions were musky and forgotten in here memories. At her blank face, Aizen-taichou had offered to assist her, but Kibosuta declined. If she remembered correctly, bathing was supposed to be a basic day to day routine and she was determined to figure out how to do it.

Although she was starting to rethink declining Aizen-taichou's help, embarrassing as it might become.

About an hour later, Kibosuta deemed that she had tried her best, and that she would like to dry out her fingers, thank you very much. Her waterlogged hair was becoming very heavy and the whole experience was becoming more uncomfortable than not. The bath water was also heavily tinted with dirt and unspeakable grime. It was disgusting and she would like to stop thinking about the confusing ordeal. Also, soap tasted nastily bitter and she desperately wanted to wash out the horrible, horrible taste.

Letting the water drain out of the tub (and good riddance) Kibosuta went searching for something to dry off with. Drops of water trailed from her long hair and puddled in her footsteps. A piece of cloth would be suitable for her needs. The air was cold, but not damp and heavy like her past experience with air had been. All the same.


She was sneezing a lot. The hardwood was cold under her wet feet, but all the same, it was also warmer than the stone she was more familiar with.

The feeling of space and light air was odd, but not unwelcomed. Kibosuta decided she liked it. She didn't like the abundance of doors the room she had woken up in had. One lead to the room with the bath she had just left, another lead to a brightly lit, white-walled hall. She still had to investigate the third door, or find something to dry herself off with or wear.

Incidentally the last doors opened to lots of cloth hanging. Many were simple, long pieces of cloth. The others looked like sections of the long pieces of cloth. Kibosuta like the light yellow one to the right, and left the door open after she pulled it out. She vaguely remembered how wear it, and slipped it on with some effort. Her hair was still a sopping wet mess. There were fluffy folds of cloth above the hanging clothing – dress, she dimly remembered – and she tugged one down, fingers barely reaching.

Squeezing and rubbing out the water onto the fluffy cloth, Kibosuta attempted to dry out most of the water from her long hair. She couldn't completely dry it out and gave up after several minutes.

Hair a royal mess, she skipped out the room.

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