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It was about 11:00pm Leo just got finished playing games at an arcade, he felt like he was in zombie mode from playing video games for too long. He searched his pockets for his keys to his apartment, finding them he unlocked his door, and opened it, noticing that the apartment was quiet and dark, except a sliver of light coming from the kitchen. He walked closer to the door and heard sobbing; he opened the door, wondering why Aeris would be crying.

Opening the door Aeris lifted her head, tears stained her cheeks and her hair hung down in front of her face. Anger filled Aeris upon seeing Leo walk in, ignorant of what he's done. "Where the fuck have you been!?" She yelled, her voice choking a bit from crying.

"W-what do you mean, what's wrong?" Leo asked, confused and worried. This just made Aeris even more enraged, she stomped across the room and pinned Leo against the wall.

"Where were you!? I waited and waited and you stood me up you little fuck!" She said, fresh tears already forming in her eyes. Leo, completely confused, trying to figure out what he did wrong when it finally dawned on him.

"A-aeris… I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to… It slipped my mind, I promise I'll make it up to you." He pleaded, trying to comfort her and save his hide.

"Make it up? You can't make this up, this isn't some video game that you can reset; this is real fucking life Leo. You fucked up majorly because you're a fucking retard!" She screamed the last few words at Leo and hit him in rage and depression, Leo took the punch, not complaining but wincing.

"I-I'm sorry Aeris…" He whispered, embarrassed and ashamed.

"That not going to fucking cut it today, you can't wiggle your way out of this. I don't want to see your fucking face right now, so leave, get the fuck out!" She screamed, pushing him to the door and throwing him out into the apartment complex's hallway.

"And don't come back until you can learn how to fucking be responsible!" She slammed the door, the neighbors were going to investigate, but decided against it, not wanting to get involved. Leo, his heart feeling like it was just impaled and like he swallowed a rock and it got stuck in his throat he curled into a ball and leaned against the wall near the door, crying silently until the heavy curtain of sleep fell on him and his sadness faded into dreams.

[Author's Notes: I decided to redo this chapter, it was horribly composed, I don't know how I wrote it so badly, but I did, I'm so, so, so, so, so (times ten to the ten thousandth power) sorry that I haven't updated in months, I sort of gave up on this story and only recently decided to pick back up on it after I've re-written my first two chapters.]