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Chapter 2:

The sound of retro-video game punching blasted out of the arcade game, Leo smashed at the buttons, trying to defeat his opponent in Tekken. He sighed as he lost and reached into his pocket as the beginning credits started up again, finding no quarters he left the arcade and headed to the bus stop, not noticing the figure that followed him out. Leo entered the bus after waiting for a while, the figure followed in a moment later, settling down a couple rows behind Leo.

Leo stepped out of the bus, heading down the street to his apartment, letting his mind wonder; he ended up thinking about video games, which lead him to think of Aeris playing said video game, and then just Aeris. Leo smiled as he thought of her pink fur, her blue eyes, and that cute-What the hell am I thinking!?Leo thought. He shook his head, trying to clear his head from any thoughts, but he continuously found himself thinking about her, he sighed as he opened the door; some video games could probably clear my head. Leo closed the door, locking it, he then settled down on the couch after inserting, "Mortal Kombat Armageddon" He got wrapped up in the gory fighting game that he stopped thinking of Aeris and was focusing on his game.

Aeris entered the house, sighing as she set her stuff down and sat down in a chair in their kitchen, Leo paused the game and turned around, settling his chin down on the back of the couch asking, "Rough Day?"

"Yeah…" Aeris sighed.

"What happened?" Leo asked curiously.

"I can't believe how stupid some people can be! This guy came in and tried to buy a bundle only for people who pre-ordered, I explained this to him and her fucking flipped out, yelling, "Why can't I get these items just because I didn't pre-order!?" I asked him if he knew what pre-order meant, he of course did not, so I explained it to him and he still didn't get it. He filled a complaint and the manager nearly busted out laughing."

"At least it wasn't as bad as my job at that gas station." Leo said, shivering at the remembrance of the bathrooms. "Anyways, want to play some video games to take your mind off of it?"

Aeris smiled and nodded, saying, "Sure, I need to numb my mind." Leo smiled as she sat down next to him and picked up a controller, they both then began to play away.

Later that night Leo was asleep in his room as the figure from earlier entered in through the window, quietly creeping up on Leo, and then covering his mouth with a rag, Leo was jerked awake, breathing in the chemicals before passing out. He felt freezing cold water splash against him face, waking him up, his teeth chattering from the cold, he was tied to a chair in a ware house. (Yes I know, how cliché.) Leo looked around for the person who splashed the water on him, he saw a figure that was wearing torn green pants, tore shoes, and a jacket and shirt. Leo recognized this man, He was Doctor Hobo. Leo hasn't seen him in a long time. "Doctor Hobo?" Leo asked curiously. Doctor Hobo didn't answer but instead said, "It's time for your training." Leo had stopped believing in Doctor Hobo's stories a couple months ago, realizing the trouble it got him in, and it didn't hurt that Aeris had been trying to get him to stop believing in the drunken Hobo. Leo said, "What are you talking about?" Doctor Hobo stumbled drunkenly as he walked to Leo's left saying, "You've been out of practice… I need cha' to kill the bear whosh been stealin' me hooch!" Leo raised an eyebrow and found out that Doctor Hobo, being so intoxicated, didn't even tie the ropes tightly; Leo untied said ropes and got up as Doctor Hobo fell, unconscious from drinking too much alcohol. Leo left the warehouse, wandering through the streets, trying to find his way back home.

Aeris woke up early that morning to find out that Leo had not been home, she assumed he had woken up earlier and headed out to the arcade to play some nostalgic games. But as the hours went by there was still no sign of him, she began to worry and was about to head out to go look for him when he stumbled through the door, he looked like he had been running, his pajamas muddy and the hems of his pants torn. Aeris said in surprise, worry, and a little bit of anger, "Where the hell where you!?"

Leo said, out of breath, "Doctor Hobo… Dogs… Ice cream man!"

Aeris stared at him blankly and said, "What in the hell are you talking about?" Leo came in and after he caught his breath he explained what happened with Doctor Hobo. "So, if I'm right, Doctor Hobo kid-napped you, you escaped, a pack of stray dogs chased you into an ice cream man's cart and you fell over it, rolling out from the momentum and then you sprinted as fast as you could over here whilst the dogs chased the ice cream man?"

"Yep, pretty much." Leo nodded.

Aeris sighed and then said, "Well go get cleaned up and dressed, you have work today."

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