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Just as the Hybrid Wars are concluding along the galactic fringe,

Thousands of lightyears away, in a sector very close by,

The stage is set for another series of epic conflicts …


The United Earth Directorate ( UED )

Through centuries of participant evolution, the humans of Earth and its vassal colonies have eliminated most of the ailments and disabilities that troubled them back in the 21st century, and brought human physical and mental abilities to new heights. Only their aversion towards unnecessary gene splicing, cybernetics and drugs has temporarily stopped them from going further.

Their most significant achievement, however, is the development of tachyon beams, which allow near-instantaneous communication over vast distances previously unheard of. This was how the UED was able to observe the events in the Koprulu Sector from half a galaxy away. With proper planning, Uber-Tachyon Laser Cannons can strike and neutralize the UED's enemies from several lightyears away, securing military victory over said enemies before the latter even knew what hit them.

This revolutionary technology has also allowed the UED to rule and defend the strongest known political entity in the galaxy.

Now confident in their status as the dominant civilization in their quadrant, some within the UED domain no longer see the need for a strong united government. Subfactions begin to break away, maintaining just minimal contact with Earth. Some move to seek fortunes in unexplored or alien space. Some travel to the Koprulu Sector to join the Wayward Colonies. Some are not heard from again.

While overall human influence seems to be expanding, the UED's power is shrinking.

Now, new threats are arising to challenge the power of the UED …

The Vampire Clans

The first attested encounter with Space Vampires occurred just before humans discovered Warp travel. In one of their early space exploration missions, the humans found a stasis chamber within a comet orbiting their own sun. Curious, they brought it back to their homeworld, Earth, and eventually awoke the beings inside it. Beings who looked surprisingly human.

As always, looks can be deceiving. The awakened aliens proceeded to seduce their human hosts and drain the latter of their life-force. Eventually, the authorities on Earth managed to stop these Vampires from taking more lives, but failed to recapture them.

Afterwards, there came more reports of supposed Vampire attacks, but never in force … until now …

The exact origins of the Space Vampires are a mystery. To the galaxy at a large, they seem to have arisen just recently, yet there are hints, especially from ancient human legends, that they have been in existence for far longer.

Their secretive nature is such that few outside the Clans have ever seen a True Vampire. And even fewer have met the mysterious progenitor-gods of the Vampires. Within the Clans, most members know them only by the cryptic name: Voices in the Darkness.

True Vampires literally prefer to stay in the darkness. Even more so their progenitor-gods.

Whatever tasks that require one to walk in the light, they usually assign to the Lesser Vampires, Familiars, or Ghouls. It is through these latter creatures, and their occasional attacks on human ( and sometimes non-human ) settlements, that most come to know about the Vampire Clans, and infer something about their sinister goals and methods.

The Protoss Nomad Fleets

Millenia ago, long before the humans took their initial steps towards space-exploration, the Empire of the First Ones occupied hundreds of worlds scattered along their side of the galactic fringe, and watched over countless worlds beyond that.

Gifted with incredible psionic powers, Purity of Form, and technology which would be considered magical by other civilizations even today, the Protoss was for a time "the most powerful species" in the galaxy. Despite this, the Protoss rarely sought to interfere with or conquer others.

Rather, the Protoss's primary concern was to observe and protect other sentient life.

Even those early human exiles from Earth, who had unwittingly crashed into the Koprulu Sector, and thereafter set up colonies right in the middle of Protoss territory, were placed under their Dae'Uhl, or Stewardship.

That idyllic peace was broken by the Great War, in which the horrifying Zerg Swarm managed to invade and infest the Protoss homeworld Aiur.

To defend themselves, the Protoss started fielding weapons of war which they had previously sealed away for fear of their destructive power. Even so, the future of their species was uncertain. And When the Protoss-Zerg Hybrids emerged and started taking over their former territory, some Protoss realized that the Time of the First Ones was over, and decided to leave their homes and reestablish their civilisation somewhere far away.

A few of the wandering Protoss fleets have found their way into the outskirts of UED territory and made contact with some local organisations.

Thus by a strange twist of fate, the former hosts have now become the guests, and vice versa.

… Some hosts are less hospitable than others …

The Traders and Gatherers League ( TaGaL )

A long time ago, a group of alien species living in adjacent star systems established close commercial ties with each other. By a series of official agreements, these Elder Races combined their efforts to explore and acquire the resources in their sector of space, and beyond. As they grew wealthier, they attracted more associates from other younger space-faring species, and the official agreements were refined to maximize profit for all.

Thus the member worlds of this ever expanding interstellar conglomerate grew prosperous … and often overdeveloped, resulting in an overwhelming demand for raw materials, energy and real estate.

To fuel this incessant growth, TaGaL prospectors sought out ever more worlds to develop or claim resources from, usually heedless of the ecological consequences. Lush forests were turned to deserts or looming cities. More primitive civilizations were driven from their homes or exploited. Once clear skies and oceans now churned with fog and mud …

And then the TaGaL started invading worlds under the Protoss's Stewardship. Despite the latters' warnings, the invaders refused to halt their mining and construction projects.

In response, Protoss task forces demolished the TaGaL headquarters in the Dannuth System. Despite the TaGaL's impressive industrial capabilities and numerical superiority , they were ultimately no match for the First Ones' psionic powers and even more advanced technology.

After this crushing defeat, most of TaGaL expansion was kept in check by the Protoss on one side, and the UED on the other.

Now that the Protoss Empire has broken up, and a similar event seems to be occurring to the UED, the TaGaL are seizing this opportunity to resume their expansion …

The Kalathi Tribes

Kalath was one of the earliest worlds to be placed under the Protoss's Stewardship.

The Protoss were especially fascinated by its sentient inhabitants: impressive physical prowess, highly intelligent and adventurous, burgeoning psionic abilities …

… and appallingly violent, constantly embroiled in bloody internecine wars.

At last the Protoss could no longer bear to just watch as civilizations with such great potential destroyed themselves over and over. They appeared to the Kalathi and attempted to resolve one of their largest conflicts. To the Protosss' surprise, the Kalathi now directed their aggression against the Protoss instead.

Wave after wave of Kalathi warriors charged forth, empowered by some supernatural force, only to be vapourised by the Protosss' superior weapons …

Eventually, ashamed by the death and devastation they themselves were forced to inflict, the Protoss left Kalath to its own devices, taking all traces of their presence with them … or so it is claimed …

Kalathi lorekeepers are unsure how it began, but a while after the Protoss left, visionary Kalathi leaders and thinkers emerged who questioned old assumptions and preached new ideas. They especially denounced the ritual sacrifices which was the motivation for most of their wars, and reinterpreted the religious ideas behind them to call for a different kind of sacrifice: sacrifice for the betterment of all.

Inspired by legends of the "sky comers", the Kalathi now strove to reinvent and improve on what they had lost through countless generations of bloodshed, and eventually to explore the universe.

... A millenium after the Kalath Intercession, the Kalathi finally begin to discover just how vast and dangerous the universe actually is …



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