Author's Note/Disclaimer: I don't have much to say about this piece except that it is another response to a 75-Themes Challenge I am working on mostly via sketches, but also through writing. The song that inspired this is So This is Love from Disney's Cinderella, which I don't claim to own. I also do not own The Nightmare Before Christmas or any of its characters. I hope you guys enjoy this little slice of "Nightmare" as well as the illustration I made to go with it, which you can find a better version of on my deviantart account (same penname) and on my tumblr Snowflake Fan Productions.

*S. Snowflake

Through the Darkness

""So this is love,
So this is what makes life divine…"

-Disney's Cinderella.

Sally sighed in absolute bliss sitting in her room. She wasn't thinking of anything that normally made her happy such as sewing and reading. She was only thinking of her latest discovery: That her heart was filled with love at its purest. That, and the skeleton man that had sparked that love were the entire world it seemed.

She was giddy, silly, and downright lovesick, but she couldn't have been happier about it. Of course, she internally chastised her feelings for quite a simple reason: Jack was a king, and she was…a commoner at best. A servant, perhaps her creator's ward, was more appropriate a title than that.

She knew that was why her creator had punished her. After he explained what her general joy of life and silliness was about, she confessed she was in love with Jack. Her present confinement was the doctor's way of teaching her to stay her place, and more importantly, stay away from the king. Still, she couldn't understand the his ensuing rage or his cruelty by keeping her locked inside the room for three days. He was a friend of Jack Skellington, and though her attraction to the monarch was embarrassing, he could surely leave the problem alone without concern. Or maybe he felt that Jack was a poor match for her in personality. Maybe Jack was quite a different person than whom he appeared to be when he visited their laboratory.

No, she thought with determination. Jack is sincere. There must be another reason…

Ignoring any doubt or dread of further punishment, she sat and hummed a love tune for hours on her little cot. When she tried to focus on her latest re-read of a book or sewing Igor's new cap, she would slip into the humming and daydreaming again absent-mindedly. It was hopeless–wonderful, but hopeless.

"Sally, stop singing in there!" her creator demanded with his cold, gloved hands banging on her door.

Oh good, now I've upset my jailor, she thought, shutting up.

"I told you to get those ideas out of your head…" he mumbled. She heard the mechanical wheels spinning from beyond the door and he was soon gone again.

She sighed, knowing that she had lost a chance to gain access to the rest of her home again. It was time to destroy her urge to think of her friend, king, and much more. Somehow she had to pretend she didn't care.

As the jack-o-lantern sun set beyond the buildings in the distance, she walked over to the windowsill and sat beside it. She wanted so badly to run away and slip into the night that was beginning again. Her desire to be outside and understand what life was like among the creatures below was what had brought her to Jack in the first place. But the king was different from the others. He was apparently the scariest creature that ever existed, but his charm and undead heart of gold were what really shone through.

It was him, not the light in his tower, that shone through the darkness to her window.