~Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice~

Chapter 2- Nyeh, tutor? NANI? Why does this happen to me? QQ

Yogatta, practice is over! I don't wanna do laps anymore! Tezu-buchou so strict to the team, but I guess going soft on them wouldn't help their training. Geez, he does sound like a military officer or a chief.

Nyeh, why did I get involved in this?

Wait, I didn't have a choice though nyeh. Ei-chan wanted me too and I usually never say no to Ei-chan.

"Ai-chan, I'm gonna miss you nyah!" Ei-chan clung on me and sobbed dramatically.

"I'll miss you too Ei-chan!"

I joined in sobbing dramatically while the team stared at us sweatdropping.

"Eiji, you know you can visit her at lunch right?"

Ei-chan and I stopped,

"Nyeh/Nyah, you're right! Meet me at the rooftop Ei-chan/ Ai-chan!"

Nyeh, Ei-chan and I had a habit where sometimes we almost say the same sentence. It's not that weird nyeh?

"We should hurry to class before we're late."

Inui informed, nyeh, he's right!

"NYEHHHH?! I'm gonna be late for class!"

I basically ran like the regulars when they're doing laps with Inui Juice.


"Nyah, where's Ochibi?"

"He went to class."

"Nyah? He could've at least waited for Ai-chan."

"He didn't know she was in his class in the first place"

"Nyah, you're right!"


Aiji had stormed into the class room right before the teacher, literally, right before. She managed to slip in front of him at the last minute.

The teacher's hand left the handle as I opened the door,

"Ah, yogatta!"

"This is the new student from America. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

"Watashi wa Kikumaru Aiji nyeh, haijimemashite yoroshiku!"

Aiji chirped happily. Her reddish velvet hair had waved around happily along with her. Either it was their imagination or the cat clip in her hair meowed in agreement.

"You may sit in the vacant seat next to Echizen."

"Ryoma nyeh?"

Aiji could feel the glares of other girls pierce her bubbly atmosphere. Fangirls perhaps? Aiji could feel it, but some of them didn't glare at her. 'They must be Ei-chan's fangirls. Nyeh, Ei-chan said I can't talk to any of them 'cause they're the scariest kind of girls.'

"Kikumaru-san, please translate this sentence."


Aiji wrote skillfully on the board. Her handwriting was wavy and small but a little messy. Though, that's what made it cute nyeh?

"A-ah, correct, great job Kikumaru-san."

Aiji nodded and returned to her seat as Ryoma was called up to translate the next since he was sleeping.

'Nyeh, wonder if Ryoma always sleeps in class, wouldn't his grades drop?'

Ryoma easily translated the sentence and drowsily came back to his seat only to sleep again.

'Nyeh, I guess not.'

Aiji sweatdropped and thought, 'Nyeh, I miss Ei-chan already.'


Science class, Aiji's worst subject, she was called after class after failing an experiment. She poured the wrong chemical into another wrong chemical, causing the classroom to explode.

"I plan to assign you a tutor."

"Nyeh? Why do I need one? I'm doing fine."

Her teacher gave her a mini glare,

"Nyeh, fine, I admit science is my worst subject. Who is going to tutor me then?"

"Echizen Ryoma."

"Nani? Why Ryoma?"

"Because he is one of the best students in class and I suspected you to follow his example. I guess this runs in your family.

"Nyeh? Don't bring Ei-chan in the subject!"

"You are to have a tutor and that's final."

"Nyeh, so scary."

Aiji pouted, she walked to her next class without protest.

'Nyeh, why do I get a tutor automatically when I blew up the classroom?'


"Ah, yogatta!" Aiji energetically stood from her seat immediately and ran to the roof.

She spun to look at her surroundings along with her hair trailing around her waist, she could see many buildings from afar, the tennis courts, and a lake nearby.

"Nyeh, it's so beautiful. Why don't most people eat here?"

"Nyah, you tell me Ai-chan."


Aiji glomped onto Eiji so fast a wind had blown on the other regulars.

"It's only been a few hours and you miss each other already?"

Some of the regulars smiled a bit when both Aiji and Eiji had nodded happily.

The regulars had noticed that Aiji seemed a little off while they started eating lunch, Eiji had always loved her sister more than anything in the world, and he worried about her sometimes when she goes overboard.

"Nyah, Ai-chan?"


Eiji's eyes were filled with concern while he stared at Aiji who seemed to have gotten the message.

"I'm failing science."

Aiji pouted.


"I have to have a tutor too!"


Ryoma blinked, his mind was playing a series of events until he reached on certain sentence.

'You are to tutor Kikumaru Aiji in science. It seems her grade had decreased greatly.'

"Who's the tutor then?" Fuji asked,

"Nyeh, who was it again?"

Everyone sweatdropped except Eiji and Aiji,

"Nyah, you can't forget that easily Ai-chan!"

"Nyeh, it's not my fault. I don't like science."


Inui scribbled to things about Aiji, one is that she dislikes science, and two she had short-term memory loss.

"Nyah, but you have to do good!"

"Nyeh, why me?"

"'Cause you're only failing one class nyah!"

"Nyeh, if I'm only failing one class, how many classes are you failing Ei-chan?"

Eiji had nervously laughed to get out of the current situation, the question hung onto the air, how many classes was he failing?

"She does have a point Eiji."

Fuji smiled in agreement while everyone else also agreed in their own way.

"Nyah, what about Momo? He's always eating in class!"

"Momoshiro's intelligence has dropped 4.2% since he has been eating and sleeping in class."

Inui declared Momoshiro's usual in-class habits, both eating and sleeping. Momoshiro, you idiot, and who knows, maybe his intelligence will drop 27.4%!

"Nyah, when will the tutor come over?"

"I think on Sunday nyeh."

The current situation had ended with Momoshiro smacked with laps because he slacked off in class, Fuji silently chuckling to himself, Oishi worrying about Momoshiro's eating habits and wonders if he eats so much he'll explode, Inui calculating how much he would eat before he would explode, Kaidoh now arguing with Momoshiro, Ryoma smirking at the situation, and Eiji and Aiji laughing in unison.

Aiji wouldn't mind having friends like these neh?

'She seems to be enjoying herself.'

'She is back to her hometown.'

'That shouldn't be her there, it should've been me.'

'Yes, I know your highness.'

ANNND FINISHED! Who were those people talking about Aiji? What WERE they talking about? What does this person mean by it should've been me? WILL MOMO REALLY EXPLODE?

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