Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice Chapter Six

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Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice

"Next we'll begin the next game, The Mathematical Game!"

Aiji could hear the voices from behind the curtain and breathed calmly. 'This outfit sure did the trick,' she thought and grinned to herself as Masashiyu took her place next to her. Instinctively, Aiji glanced to her and blinked in surprise. Masashiyu was wearing a simple yet flashy cream colored spaghetti strap knee length dress that had ruffles with black outlines from the top of the bodice, the end of the bodice and so on. She also took it to herself to wear cream colored flats that had a petite bow at the top.

"What are you looking at?" Masashiyu asked as she stared at Aiji and looked disdainfully at her outfit of choice. "You've picked your school uniform to wear?" She scowled at Aiji who blinked in confusion. "I just wanted to wear something that represented Seigaku." Aiji replied and Masashiyu claimed as the curtain was going up, "Kikumaru Aiji, you won't win this match against me… and I most definitely won't let you."

"Kikumaru Aiji vs. Masashiyu Yaya in the fifth game, a game of mathematical intelligence, who's quicker and smarter than the other?"

A table was set up for one of the each Puchi Himes and a Hime Throne, a buzzer was also placed in front of them for answering questions. Aiji scanned the crowd and swiftly found the tennis team waving at her. She smiled brightly and waved back as Eiji shouted, "You can do this Ai-chan!" and gave her a 'V' sign which stood for victory.

"Are both of you ready? There will be 30 questions," The MC asked as both Masashiyu and I nodded.

"Question 1, what is 145 divided by 27 times 84 plus 72 divided by 8 minus 2 equal?" The MC asked as the crowd fell in silence. Since there was no paper or pencil, the Puchi Himes had to do this in their heads. Suddenly, a beep filled the air and everyone looked up to see Aiji's buzzer lit up.

"63.388888887," Aiji answered as the MC looked at her strange and replied, "That is correct… point goes to Seigaku's Kikumaru Aiji." Aiji could hear Seigaku cheer and sat confidently. 'Let's do this!'

"Question 2, 24 plus 19 minus 4 divided by 8… what is the square root of that number?"

Aiji immediately buzzed in and answered, "5," she was correct and the game went on just like that. Aiji was mass answering the questions thrown at her; after all, she concentrates best when it comes to school. Thus is the reason why she decided to wear her school uniform for the Mathematical Game.

"I-I-I don't believe this everyone! Is it even possible? NO, it is!" The MC cried out loudly as Seigaku cheered and Aiji smiled victoriously.

"Seigaku's Kikumaru Aiji scored all possible points from this game! Without letting Masashiyu even get near the buzzer!" A score was shown on the monitors and the board.

Kikumaru Aiji

Games Won- 4


-Themed Dress Up

-Vocals Challenge

-Mathematical Game

HPoints- 103

Masashiyu Yaya

Games Won- 1

-Traditional Dance

HPoints- 69

"Since Kikumaru Aiji has won four games the match ends without further games!" The MC announced as Seigaku cheered and the umpire had also announced, "Game and match, Kikumaru Aiji: 4-1!" Aiji turned to Masashiyu who stared blankly at the ground with her bangs covering her eyes. She put a hand on Masashiyu's shoulder and extended out her other hand for a handshake. "It's not the end for Fudomine just yet, nyeh Masashiyu-san?" Masashiyu looked up at Aiji, her eyes were rimmed with tears and Masashiyu nodded silently as she shook hands with Aiji.

"It's not the end… just yet, so you better not lose before I beat you." Masashiyu declared as Aiji giggled and nodded in agreement. "Good thing for you is that I won't lose nyeh… and I'm looking forward to a rematch." Masashiyu smiled… just a little but put back her stone face on. "I'm looking forward to it too… and I'm sorry about what happened earlier with the marbles. Next time, I won't cheat and I will win." Aiji nodded and both went back to their corresponding school.



Both Kikumaru siblings ran towards each other dramatically, "Those two never change," Oishi chuckled as the rest of the team also came to greet Aiji. "How many HPoints do you have now?" Inui asked as he got his pencil ready. "103 but maybe I could've done better nyeh." Aiji laughed and put a game face on. "But, that just means I've gotta train harder nyeh!"


"Look its Seigaku's Puchi Hime, Kikumaru Aiji-san!" A spy whispered rather loudly as Aiji perked up from the random whisper out of nowhere. "Nyah, let's get out of here!" Eiji grabbed his beloved little sister and threw her over his shoulder and hightailed it out of there. "Nyeh, Ei-chan!" Aiji exclaimed as Eiji made their way to the tennis courts and dropped her near the locker room.

"Ei-chan… stop bringing me to the boys' locker room nyeh!" Aiji pouted as Eiji chuckled and checked the locker room. "Don't worry about it nyah, just get changed. I'll wait for you," Aiji still pouted but did as he said and changed quickly. When she reached for the handle, the door suddenly opened on its own!

"Ah, Aiji-chan?" Fuji glanced at her and patted her head. "Eiji's on the courts right now, make sure you don't get lost Aiji-chan." Aiji nodded and ran off as Fuji scanned the area and smiled. He threw a tennis ball at the door of the locker room and it bounced off to the bushes where a spy had hidden.

"Neh Ai-chan, you should use acrobatics in your tennis nyah!" Eiji suddenly suggested as Aiji was practicing her swing. "Nyeh, that's genius Ei-chan!" Aiji began practicing with Eiji on her acrobatics.

"Kikumaru Aiji, she's a promising girl neh?" Fuji commented to Tezuka who remained silent. "Yeah… she works hard." Tezuka and Fuji watched as Aiji fall from a mid-air return but twisted her body to land safely and return the next ball coming after her.


"Nyeh buchou, is it like this?" Aiji executed a drop shot that barely went over the net. "Yeah… you're improving." Tezuka commented as he served and she returned it and dashed towards the net. Tezuka lobbed the ball and Aiji had then hurried back to the baseline and outstretched her reach. Suddenly, she jumped to extend her reach even further but… the ball had only hit the rim of her racquet and weakly bounced off.

"So close nyeh…" Aiji sighed but grinned, "I almost did it buchou!" Tezuka blankly stared and replied, "Don't always rush to the net, your opponent would make a lob just like that to counter. Be ready for when that happens," Aiji nodded and exclaimed, "Then let's try this again! I want to perfect the basics!"



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"Nyah, are you really going to do this Ai-chan?"

"I call this… Usagi Drop!"