Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice Chapter Seven

Yet another installment of this story back to back! Wow, I must be on a roll this week! Anyway, the purpose of this chapter is to deepen the friendship Aiji has with the team. Have fun, Aiji!

Sweet Sugar and Hyper Spice

"Ai-chan…wake up nyah!" Eiji poked his little sister's cheek and sat up from their bed. "Ei-chan…" Aiji mumbled as she blinked her drowsiness away. "Ei-chan, why'd you wake me up nyeh?" She pouted as Eiji smiled at her and patted Aiji's head. "We're going to the amusement park today!" He enthusiastically exclaimed as Aiji perked up in excitement. "Amusement park!? Why didn't you say so nyeh?" She literally jumped out of the bed and grabbed some clothes from the closet.

Eiji smiled at her enthusiasm and followed her lead, "Nyah, it's been long since we've gone on a ride together." Aiji smiled brightly and replied; "Now I can go on the big kid rides nyeh!" Eiji sweatdropped but smiled anyway. "Yeah,"


"Ei-chan, nyeh look look!" Aiji excitedly pointed to the tallest ride as they heard voices behind them, "Oi, Eiji!" Both Eiji and Aiji turned around to meet the tennis team, "Nyeh Oishi-senpai… Inui-senpai… Tezuka-buchou… everyone, are you here to play too?" Everyone nodded as Eiji replied, "I never got to give you a welcome party nyah, so today… we'll make this the best day ever!" Aiji stared in surprise at the team. "Really? Even Tezuka-buchou!?" Fuji smiled at her outburst and said, "Mah, Tezuka isn't as mean as you think he is…" Tezuka twitched as Aiji went up to Tezuka and cheerily exclaimed, "Let's have a fun day today, buchou!" Everyone paused as they cast their gaze on Tezuka who stonily replied, "Ah,"

"I-I can't ride this ride?" Aiji sadly glanced at the ground as the tennis team froze stiff. "Legendary Kikumaru Aiji Most Irresistible Adorable Eye Stare!" The man running the ride had been frozen with such guilt he (probably) never deserved. "Y-Y-You can go on…" Aiji smiled and dragged the nearest person to sit next to her. Unfortunately, it was Ryoma and the rest of the tennis team trailed behind as they watch poor Ryoma being dragged by Aiji.

"Neh neh, thanks for sitting with me Ryoma-kun!" Aiji happily chirped as Ryoma sweatdropped. She was the one who dragged him to sit by her but it was her day so he shouldn't complain. "It's starting!" Ryoma lazily looked around but realized something, "What's the name of this ride?" He asked as Aiji replied, "Nightmare Wheel!"

"Nyeh that was so much fun," Aiji shouted as most of the tennis team (excluding Fuji and Tezuka) stumbled with their steps. "Ah, should we ride again?" Fuji suggested as nearly everyone shouted, "No!" as Aiji shrugged and smiled. The team started walking around together as they discussed the rest of the plan for the evening. Soon, the team decided to draw sticks to determine how they'll spend time with their Puchi Hime who was left distracted with a dart game.

"Alright, each stick has a number written on it. From 1-9 they'll spend 30 minutes with Aiji each, the rest will spend their time also having fun." Inui explained as they stare at the sticks in the cup. "Well, who volunteers to draw first?" Momo asked as everyone remained silent.

"I'll go first," Fuji drew his stick and the others also drew their stick without announcing their number.

"Who's number one?" Inui asked as a certain bandana wearing second year raised his hand, "Oh, Kaidoh-kun, you better treat Aiji right nyah!" Eiji exclaimed as Kaidoh looked away.

"Who's number two?" Everyone looked back at their stick and glanced back up to see Inui raise his hand. "I am," Everyone looked at him with uncertainty. "Don't do anything weird Inui," Tezuka replied as everyone nodded in agreement.

"Number three?" Fuji smiled and raised his hand, "I'll take care of her," They nodded but held a distant fear in their heart. 'Is it really a good idea…?'

"Number four?" Eiji perked up and exclaimed, "Right here nyah!"

"Number five?" Everyone stared at a possible person as he raised his hand. "Ah, Taka-san is number five." Everyone nodded approvingly as they went back to deciding the order.

"Number six?" Oishi raised his hand as Eiji smiled approvingly, "We can trust Oishi nyah,"

"Number seven?" Momo grinned and replied, "That's me, and I'll take good care of her Eiji-senpai." Eiji had a strange expression and said, "Don't let her do anything dangerous nyah!" "I know I know…"

"Number eight?" The rest of the team who already knew their place had glanced at Tezuka and Ryoma. "I'm number eight," Tezuka said as he directed his gaze at Eiji. "I won't let my guard down." Eiji nodded and everyone glanced at Ryoma.

"Looks like Ochibi is last nyah!" Ryoma shrugged as Aiji returned with a charm bracelet that had a dart charm. "They have a bonus today! Whenever you win a game you get a new charm for your bracelet! Though it's only for girls…" Some of the regulars smiled as Inui announced, "We've decided the plan for today, each regular will spend time with you for thirty minutes." Aiji tilted her head to the side but nodded in understanding.

"Who's first nyeh?" She asked as the tennis team pointed at Kaidoh. "Let's go play, Kaidoh-senpai!" Aiji grabbed his wrist and they walked off somewhere. "S-She's all grown up nyah…" Eiji sniffled and blew into a tissue. "It's alright Eiji; this day was going to come." Fuji patted him on his shoulder as Eiji sniffled.


"Uh… l-let's go to that stand, Kikumaru-san." Kaidoh pointed as Aiji smiled brightly, "Okay Kaidoh-senpai!" They both walked over to a game stand. "Throw a ball through the hole and receive a charm and a prize!" The man at the stand had explained as Kaidoh nodded and he gave the man some yen.

"Missed, two more chances!" Kaidoh blushed as he missed and Aiji took something out of her bag. "Nyeh, use my racquet Kaidoh-senpai!" Kaidoh looked at the racquet Aiji held out to him and gratefully took it. "T-Thanks Kikumaru-san," Aiji threw the ball a certain way towards Kaidoh and suddenly, "What was that move?" Kaidoh had shot a Snake through the hole. "Yay, Kaidoh-senpai!" Aiji cheered as Kaidoh coughed slightly in embarrassment.

"W-Which prize will you pick?" The man asked as Kaidoh glanced at Aiji. "Which one do you want, Kikumaru-san?" Aiji hummed and pointed, "This one nyeh!" It was a flexible green snake plushie that could wrap around your neck as a scarf.

"Thank you, Kaidoh-senpai!" Aiji exclaimed as she wrapped the snake plushie around her neck. "Fshhh…why did you pick that one?" Kaidoh asked as he added a snake charm to her charm bracelet. "I picked this one because it reminds me of Kaidoh-senpai and Kaidoh-senpai was the one who won it for me." She replied as she grinned.

"Ah thank you, Kaidoh-senpai!" Aiji shouted as he held out some cotton candy. Both had sat down on a bench nearby and snacked on some cotton candy. Suddenly, something small and fluffy rubbed itself against Kaidoh's leg. "Ah, it's a cat nyeh." Aiji bent down to pet the small kitty that jumped onto her. "Neh neh, do you want to pet it too, Kaidoh-senpai?" She asked as she held out the kitty towards Kaidoh. Aiji could see Kaidoh hesitate,

"Are you embarrassed?" Aiji asked as Kaidoh looked at the ground in silence. In a flash, the kitty had latched itself onto the unsuspecting Kaidoh. "N-Nani!" Kaidoh yelped out as he fell to the ground with the kitty on his chest. "O-Oi, get off me!" Kaidoh exclaimed but made no move to take the kitty off himself. A few seconds passed by, Kaidoh had sat up and the kitty fell onto his lap. He was about to pet it but, "Oww!" the kitty had scratched him and ran away.

"Aww… too bad nyeh," Aiji pouted but shrugged it off and helped Kaidoh up.


"Don't do anything weird, senpai." Kaidoh handed Aiji off to Inui as he smirked, "I won't."

"Where do you want to go, Kikumaru-san?" Inui asked as both he and Aiji walked around. He also took notice of the snake scarf around her neck and wrote something inside his data book. "Hmm, looks like something's happening over there nyeh," She commented as she ran towards it and Inui followed along. "'The Ultimate Juice Challenge- Make The Strangest Juice and Win A Prize!'?" Aiji read off from the sign as Inui perked up in surprise. "Juice!?" Aiji nodded as she looked at Inui who smiled widely. "It's a great chance to experiment…" Aiji tilted her head to the side in confusion but shrugged it off and asked, "Can I help too nyeh?" Inui glanced down at the petite girl and considered it. "Of course,"

"Nyeh, should I put in sugar or salt?" Aiji asked as they used the portable kitchen they had there. They had about fifteen minutes to make the strangest juice. Inui thought about it, "How about both?" Aiji grinned and dumped some of each into the bowl they were using. "I'm going to make some powder to put in the juice nyeh, is that okay Inui-senpai?" She asked as Inui pushed up his glasses. "It is perfect Kikumaru-san."

"Let's see… oh corn starch! Hmm, maybe some yeast would be nice too but I'd be making dough nyeh." Aiji murmured to herself as Inui muttered some things to himself as well. "Oh well," She dumped some yeast and corn starch into the bowl and added… milk. "Just a little bit of milk nyeh," She mixed the items together and the corn starch somewhat hardened the rest of the ingredients. "Cinnamon… definitely cinnamon nyeh!" Aiji sprinkled some cinnamon into the bowl and added a little more milk. "It's still missing something nyeh…" She then spotted some daikon. "Maybe daikon could help… and rhubarb too." Aiji took both ingredients and minced them. "More milk…" She added both the minced items and the milk and mixed them together. The corn starch hardened again. "Alright… time to make it powder nyeh!" Aiji took a grater and grated the corn starch into small bits until it completely turned into powder.

Aiji then glanced at Inui who was still working and glanced at the bowl of powder. "Hmm… maybe a creamy substance could work nyeh." She grabbed another bowl out and started to put different types of liquids in. Mostly milk and put it in the fridge as she adjusted the temperature. A few minutes later, after messing around with a small bowl of liquid to add to the juice later, Aiji took out the new creamy substance.

"Inui-senpai, are you done?" Inui glanced up from his finished work and smirked, "Yeah, let's win this competition Kikumaru-san." Both put their creations side by side. Aiji first carefully dropped the powder into the pitcher and the color started to change into something orange. She then took the creamy substance and watched with Inui as it ran down from the bowl and into the large pitcher of juice. The juice somehow began switching through various colors regularly as Aiji asked, "Nyeh, is it good so far senpai?" He nodded and watched Aiji put some extra black liquid into the pitcher. When both chemicals met, a small mushroom cloud of steam arose.

"What were the ingredients you used for the black liquid?" Inui asked as Aiji tapped her chin to remember. "First I poured some blackberry juice and cranberry juice into the same cup nyeh. Then I suddenly happened to have an idea, black pepper! After putting black pepper in, I realized that it should have a little more liquid to dissolve the pepper nyeh. The other ones were grape juice and limeade, although I did add cinnamon to it too nyeh… as a result it turned black!" She explained as Inui jotted everything Aiji said down.

"We will now begin the judging!" Inui and Aiji waited patiently (their group was last) as the judge had tasted the other team's juice. It felt like an eternity but finally, the judge reached their group.

"What do you call this juice?" The judge asked as Inui looked at Aiji and back at the judge. He replied, "I call it… Inui Power Aiji Juice Platinum Remix!" The judge nodded and stared at the pitcher as Inui poured the man a cup. "Please try our experiment," So, the judge gulped it down.

"We have a winner, Inui and Kikumaru!" Aiji received a charm that had a cup that seems to be filled with red liquid and they both received a gift card.

"Did you have fun Kikumaru-san?" Inui asked as he placed the juice charm on Aiji's charm bracelet. "Yeah, since ours was the winner I want the team to try it nyeh! The judge must've passed out from how delicious it was!" Aiji replied with a large smile. Inui returned it and thought, 'I should use our recipe on the team…'


"Did she have fun, Inui-san?" Fuji asked as Inui handed Aiji off to Fuji. "She seemed to have very much fun, take care of her Fuji." He nodded and when Inui left to find the rest of the team, Fuji bent down to look at Aiji who was smiling brightly. "Inui-senpai and I won a juice competition nyeh! One day, I want the team to taste it!" Aiji declared as Fuji chuckled. "Is that so?"

"Fuji-senpai, what are you looking at nyeh?" Aiji asked Fuji who was looking at a certain stand. She looked up to where his gaze was directed at, "Billiards?" Fuji glanced down at her and grinned. "Let's go see how it works." Aiji nodded and followed Fuji.

"If you can make all the balls drop into the holes in one shot you'll gain the grand prize." The man at the stand explained to Fuji who had already grabbed a billiard stick. "Good luck, Fuji-senpai!" Aiji, who was right next to him, cheered softly yet energetically. As Fuji was aiming, Aiji noticed that he had opened his eyes to aim. 'Fuji-senpai looks really focused nyeh.'

"C-Congratulations, you've just w-won the grand prize!" The man had stammered as he handed Fuji a hat that resembled a head of a fox but only the ears and the eyes. "Ah, it's so cute nyeh!" Aiji exclaimed with a smile as Fuji glanced at her and thought. "Aiji-chan would look cute in it." Fuji commented as they were walking. "Really?" Aiji looked up at Fuji who was smiling and kneeled down to place the fox hat on her head. "It suits you, Aiji-chan." He patted her covered head as she smiled. "I'll take good care of it, Fuji-senpai!" Both shared a smile as Fuji just remembered something, "Ah, I almost forgot… this charm should go on your bracelet." Fuji grasped a billiard stick charm and placed it onto Aiji's charm bracelet.

"Thank you, Fuji-senpai!"


"Ei-chan!" Aiji ran to Eiji who had his arms outstretched. "Mah, I guess I can't win against you." Fuji chuckled to Eiji as Aiji was picked up by Eiji. "Did anything bad happen while I was gone?" Eiji asked as Fuji went off on his merry way. "Nope, and I had a lot of fun so far nyeh!" Aiji and Eiji smiled together as they went off somewhere.

"Nyah Ai-chan, look it's a tennis stand!" Eiji pointed as Aiji ran towards it. "Let's check it out!" It was a simple game where you had to hit the ball where the part of the field lights up. "Do you want to play, Ai-chan?" Eiji asked as the man heartily chuckled. "You both can play if you want."

"Nyah, are you really going to do this Ai-chan?" Eiji asked as Aiji took her own racquet out of her bag. "Yep, let's play Ei-chan!" She joyfully chirped as Eiji grinned. Both siblings had started the game with Eiji at the net and Aiji at the baseline. "Kikumaru Beam!" Eiji shouted as Aiji saw a ball from the tennis machine launch the way she wanted it to.

"I call this… Usagi Drop!" Aiji yelled as she hit a drop shot that barely went over the net and suddenly jumped up and down… like a bunny. "Ai-chan, when did you learn that nyah?" Eiji shouted in excitement as the game stopped with them gaining a perfect score. "Nyeh… just on the courts," Aiji vaguely replied as they walk up to the man of the stand. "Which prize do you want little lady?" He asked as Eiji picked her up so she can view the selection a little wider.

"Hmm… the cat ribbons nyeh." Aiji pointed to the two matching ribbons that had a cat design. "Ah, don't forget your charm." The man dropped a charm onto Eiji's palm before they left. "Thank you, Ei-chan!" Aiji smiled as Eiji was putting a cat charm onto her charm bracelet. "For what nyah?"

"Without you, I wouldn't be able to have this much fun with everyone nyeh!"


"Doctor, this man had consumed the following all at once: corn starch, sugar, salt, milk, cinnamon, daikon, rhubarb, citrus and melon boiled extracts, cranberry juice, blackberry juice, black pepper, unknown vegetables and even more cinnamon. What should we do?"

"We… we can't save him… it all has already entered his digestive system! We can't do anything to stop it; this man lived a good life."

"Wait, but-!"

"There's nothing we can do! Hopefully, no one else digests this all at once…"


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"There stars are really pretty, nyeh Ryoma-kun?"

"Thank you, Ryoma-kun!"