This is for Bade Prompts.
My Prompt is: Jade West.

A/N: Oh my gosh, guys I really apologize for this. Like I know it's awful, and short, and doesn't even deserve to get posted. But -sigh-...This is a small headcanon of mine, which you may have seen on my Beck account " .com". But I dunno, it's really sucky, I apologize.

Jade West.

He knew her name, of course, I mean who wasn't familiar with the scissor-obsessed multicolored haired girl? He was familiar with her, or at least her reputation. The long haired boy hadn't actually said two words to her, actually he hadn't said any words to her, in fact. Not that he hadn't wanted to, he was dying for the opportunity actually. One did not simply go and introduce themselves to Jade West, not unless you wanted a pair of sharp scissors stuck in your arm. No, he had to wait for the perfect moment to introduce himself, to Jade West.

Stuffing things into his locker, he spotted the brown and red haired girl sitting in the hallway, spilling on a cup of coffee while she browsed through her textbook. Her red headed friend Cat was sitting next to her, and Jade was blocking her out. Cat got up suddenly bouncing on one foot, and Beck vaguely heard her mention something about having to get to class, because if she was late Sikowitz would make her sit in a play pin. Jade rolled her eyes, and set her coffee next to her, and continued to look through her book. Beck could have gone up, but it still didn't feel like the right moment. He took a sip of his own coffee, and shrugged it off. When the time appeared, and the opportunity presented itself, he would take it, until then he wouldn't worry about it.

Turning his head at the sound of shouting, he saw none other, than Jade West glaring daggers at some boy who had just knocked over her coffee. She was angrily spitting out insults at him, obviously still having wanted the dark liquid. The boy was terrified and ran off, and Jade frowned down at her precious spilled coffee. Beck looked at the cup in his hands, and the look on her face. This was his opportunity.

Beck walked right up to her, and she looked up at him raising an eyebrow. At risk of getting his head torn off, he thrust his hand out towards her. "Want mine?" Jade stared at the cup for a moment, and took it right out of his hand. Taking a large sip, she got up and walked away without a word. Beck watched after her, leaning forward as she turned the corner and he slipped on the coffee on the ground.

Laying next to the puddle, he nodded softly to himself. When opportunity knocks, you have to open the door. And the door he just opened had resulted in him smelling like coffee. But you know... He didn't regret a thing.