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~Story Start~

Kyousuke grumble, walking into the woods. Why do their had to dance the stupid traditional dance. There's no way that he would! Even know it's information so that Shindou could Mixi Max with Nobugada BUT STILL NO WAY HELL!

"There's no way I'll dance tha-"


Kyousuke leaf up his head, ready to scolded the person that he just bumped into. He through it would be a random girl, but it stead …

… it was Taiyo …. Amemiya Taiyo …



Deadly silence passed through them, they were both staring at each other like statues. Kyousuke was stunned, no no no not about what the hell was Taiyo doing here … okay … maybe a part of that but the main reason was that ' what the heck are you wearing, Taiyo?'

He was wearing an orange/yellow girl-kimono, with a fancy flower hairpin on his head. Taiyo looked exactly like a girl.

Kyousuke blushed, oh he always like that when Taiyo was around.

'What-what the heck is this feeling?'

"What are you doing here Taiyo? And why are you wearing a girl's kimono?" Kyousuke grinned evilly, making Taiyo mad.

"Blame my sister for forcing me wear this, she's the one who bring me back to the past!" He pouted childishly.

"You have a sister?" The navy-blue hair boy raised an eyebrown.

"Long story Kyousuke, now tell me why are you in the woods?" Taiyo pointed out.

"Trying to get away from Japanese Traditional Dancing" Kyousuke face turned pale, the sun boy laughed. He loved teasing the blue hair boy!

"Hahaha I really want to see you dancing, too bad" Taiyo continued to laugh. Kyousuke looked at him, he smile sweetly. Maybe talking to Taiyo isn't that bad at all, Taiyo is a funny guy after all.

'I think I know why Tenma like to talk to this guy" Kyousuke through.


A loud explosion was created, as Taiyo and Kyousuke turned around, their saw Shindou and Fey running back to the old house that the team were staying.

"Kyousuke … I think my sister is in your place already …" Taiyo sweat dropped, he know who made that explosion.

"Ok, let's go" Kyousuke started to walked, Taiyo followed but he fell down. Looks like the kimono was bringing him some trouble.

"Ouch, stupid kimono" Taiyo grumbled, Kyousuke just laughed quietly.

"Oi are you alright?" The Ex-Seed pulled Taiyo up, making sure that he got his balance.

"Better now" He replied

As Taiyo and Kyousuke reached back to the house, open the door and stepped in, they saw the whole team chatting to a certain person but he/she was wearing a hat that cover the face so nobody would know who he/she is.

"Taiyo? What are you doing here?" Tenma exclaimed in stunned, but he wasn't the one to stunned the most. It was Taiyo in stead.

"Sis? You here already?" Taiyo said with an eye brown been raised.

"Oh Taiyo you here also, with Kyousuke" The woman said in cheer, taking her hat off. She was a woman with raven hair, greenish eyes and dark tanned-skin. Wearing a short kimono like Midori but it color was green and mango yellow.

"Guys this is my step-sister, Gouenji Zandera Aoi a.k.a Lily"


Did he just said …. Gouenji Zandera Aoi?

"It couldn't be …" Nishiki mumbled in shocked

"Gouenji-san twin sister …" Kyousuke said

"And the legendary Soccer Queen" The rest completed the sentence.





"Guys why so surprised? I just want to meet my brother cru-" Taiyo covered his sister mouth, not letting anything spit out from her. He glared at her deathly, Aoi raised her hands up in surrender.

"Anyway guys come outside, there's someone we need to pick up from the present" Taiyo exclaimed, dragging Kyousuke and Tenma out first. Then the rest of the team followed.

"Sis make there jaws drop!" Taiyo shouted out, Aoi nodded and grab a soccer ball.

"You guys may like it" That what she said before she kicked the ball up into the air and jumped up, stirring the ball.

"TIME TRAVELER!" She shouted, as the ball created a gate in the middle of the air. You could saw two people jumping out from it, their landed down to the ground safely. As you looked closer, the two people was ….

Hakuryuu and Shuu …

"Hey Lily-san, hey Taiyo" Shuu greeted, raising his hand for a high-five and he got greeted back from both of the siblings.

"Hakuryuu, why a sad face?" Taiyo smirked at the captain of Zero Team, Hakuryuu just huffed in embarrassing.

"Hakuryuu …."

"Hey Tsurugi!" Hakuryuu greeted his former-player

"Shuu …"

"Hi Tenma!"

The Fire Tornado duo stared at the Zero duo in shocked and 'WTF?' faces.

"Aoi-san, you got to explain for us what the fuckin hell is happening?" Kyousuke said.

"Ahahaha" The queen herself laughed nervously.

"So you telling us that you know everything about Beta and Alpha's mission?" Hikaru and Kariya said in the same time, with question marks on there faces.

"Yep no doubt, that lil' brat would do anything to complete the job" Hakuryuu said, Shuu nodded in agreed.

"Talking bout brats … Hakuryuu and Shuu had you change inot normal Japanese clothes yet?" Aoi asked with a demon smiled, as their heard the question. Both ran out of the room to change with lighting speed.

"OH just like old times" Taiyo sweat dropped, again he got butterflies in his stomach. He clenched his teeth, it wont go away whenever he's with Kyousuke.

'Damn it, why does this feeling always came up when Kyousuke is near me?'

Unknow to Taiyo, Kyousuke was feeling the same thing as him. Butterflies that wont go away.

'Shit, not again!'


"Yes dear?" Aoi said to the younger Aoi, let's called the old Aoi lily now kay?

"How long do you know Hakuryuu and Shuu?" She asked, Lily through for a while.

"I know them since they was young, I raised them up as a mother" She said casually "But they just trouble-makers like little brothers, especially you Taiyo" She glared at the sun boy.

"What?" Taiyo pouted

"The hospital trouble" She grinned evilly at Taiyo.

"HEY!" The Raimon Soccer Team watched the two siblings fighting with each other, running around. But then Taiyo slipped and fall down

"Oi Taiyo watch out!" Kyousuke said running towards the sun boy, he doesn't know why he did it. He just did. He caught Taiyo … but their both fall down. Kyousuke was on the top and Taiyo was on the bottom, they were only inches away from each other.

"Tsurugi?" Tenma and Shinsuke, the two were staring at the navy-hair boy.

"Taiyo?" Lily stunned.

"Taiy-Taiyo I-I'm sorry bout this!" Kyousuke quickly stand up and looked away, blushing red like tomato.

"No-no it's my-my fault! Not-not yours!" Taiyo quickly sat up and turned the other way, his heart raced to the point of no stop.

'They are in love with each other, there's no doubt bout' that!' Midori through, the match-maker is back!

"Taiyo … are you sure that you-"

"Sis I'll go outside for some fresh air!" Taiyo quickly cut Lily's words, stood up.

"Me too, let's go Taiyo!" Kyousuke said, grabbing Taiyo's hand and dash away, Leaving dust back.

"Those two …." Tenam sighed

"Are really in love …" Aoi mumbled with a sweat on her face.

"LOVE? DID SOMEONE SAID LOVE?" The orange choron stone jumped out of Aoi's sleeve, it was Endou Daisuke trapped inside.

"What's wrong Daisuke-san?" Shinsuke asked, the others came closer to the stone to listen to him.

"There's a myth about a Choron Stone that give powers to two people that are in love with each other. The Choron Stone of Love! Those two people must be forwards" Daisuke-san said, everyone looked at each other. Their were all thinking of the same thing, Taiyo and Kyousuke are both forwards!

"Taiyo and Tsurugi!" Kirino exclaimed

"They could had that power!" Shindou said!

"But where can we find the stone?" Tenma asked the soccer genius.

"They know where is it, you just have to wait until they realizes there feelings for each other and admit it"

To Be Continue …

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