As everyone was practicing, they were lucky enough to escape without a scratch due of the fail Mixi-Max between Shindou and Nobugada. Shindou had been training hard to Keshin Armed, but he failed several times already.

"Shindou, take a rest or else you'll make it worst" Taiyo patted the captain's shoulder, Shindou nodded. Maybe a little rest would be fine, since calling out his Keshin had been taking his energy out already.

"Okay then …" Shindou replied, but he didn't notice the super cold glared from Kyousuke behind him. He had been jealous since Taiyo had been helping Shindou out with his Keshin Armed.

"Oi Tenma, can I ask you something …" Kyousuke asked the brunette who was practicing with Taisuke and the others, he nodded.

"Okay no problem" He said cheerfully

"Could you keep it as a secret … please" Tenma stunned, did the cold Ex-Seed just begged him. That's a chance in life he would had!

"I'll seal my lips, now tell me!" Kyousuke took a deep breathe and starting to opened his mouth and whispered to Tenma.

"I'm kinda … in love … with …" He paused, still thinking if he should tell him or not. Who knows what the soccer-freak would do, jumping around to shouted it out to the world.

"Who?" Tenma whispered back, but I swear you could see a puppy tail waving. He was so excited to know the secret, but he won't dare to tell anyone since …. You know how it would be if you made Kyousuke mad.

"Taiyo" Kyousuke turned away blushing red as a tomato, if felt so light that he could tell the secret to his best friend. It took a lot of sleepless nights for him to get this courage to tell someone. Tenma just stand there, eyes widen.

"Tsurugi wait!" Tenma ran catching up with the navy-blue hair boy, but he could felt a dark aura beside him (or 3 meters away from him) glaring at him like he was some kind of victim.

'Don't be mad, you don't know what they were talking about. Don't be mad'

Taiyo felt like punching something, or someone as hard as he can, but he couldn't. He can't be jumping on conclusion right away, who's know what there were talking about.

Shuu and Hakuryuu stared at Taiyo, feeling sorry for him. Shuu just wished that Kyuousuke could talk to the orange-blond more, Taiyo felt lonely with the navy-blue. Or even rejected for some point if I was you.

"Do you think we should …" Hakuryuu pointed to Kyousuke and Tenma, Shuu nodded because he knows what Hakuryuu was thinking of. He smirked evilly, with dark aura around him.

"Yeah, lets do it"

~Time Skip~

"Tsurugi, we need to talk!" Hakuryuu said to the Ex-Seed.

"Bout' what?" Kyuosuke snorted

"Bout' you and Taiyo"


Kyousuke felt like he just got several heart attacks in a time, of all the people Hakuryuu would ask him bout' them.

"Aw don't lie Mr. Cold Glares, I know you like him" Hakuryuu grinned, but then he surrender after Kyousuke give out his famous cold glare. Only this one is more scary and dark.

"Or maybe you actually love him, Tsurugi" It gave the navy-blue hair boy another heart attack, he wanted to die. If Hakuryuu knows then Shuu must know, and he would tell Tenma (which it's ok now) but Tenma could … OH WHATEVER!

"So you actually do ha?" Hakuryuu smirked, he was relieve at the same time. Since now he got something to protest back to Kyousuke, he won't have to obeyed the blue hair boy anymore!

"You got me …" Kyousuke trailed off, hiding his blushing face. He was swearing under his breathe, making sure that he had enough bad words to said to the Shinning boy.

"Don't try to swear, it don't work here" How the hell did Hakuryuu know? How the hell he read Kyousuke's mind, maybe some trick in his sleeves?

"Then What!" Kyousuke was getting angry but, he was stopped by Hakuryuu when he pointed to another direction.

"Look over there and watch" As the Navy-boy turned to the direction; veins were popping on his head. He is now more mad, he could punch something away.


Oh it's nothing, it just Shuu and Taiyo chatting with each other eating some tofu at some random pond. Unfortunately, the younger Tsurugi didn't know that Shuu and Taiyo was talking bout' him.

"OH I swear I'm gonne kick his sorry ass!" Kyousuke groaned, making Hakuryuu sweat dropped a little and patted the other boy shoulder.

"So you admit it"

"Yeah …" He had to admit, because right now he wanted to beat Shuu up badly. He doesn't had time to protested with Hakuryuu anymore.

"Don't beat him up, kust listen to what they're saying" Kyousuke nodded and both listen carefully to there crushes talking to each other (yep).

~Where Shuu and Taiyo was chatting~

"Seriously Hakuryuu blush usually when you around?" Taiyo laughed, he had heard so many funny stories bout' Hakuryuu already. Some had made him rolled on the ground holding his breathe.

"Yea, and I see that you and Tsurugi had been like that already" Shuu pointed out, popping another tofu in his mouth. The tofu was so delicious he couldn't stop eating.

"Yep, but why do Hakuryuu and you take like … 4 years to get to that point?" Taiyo asked with a smirked on his face.

"He is SO NOT romantic like Tsurugi you have there!" Shuu sighed, but he didn't know that Hakuryuu was sitting in a emo corner with Kyousuke patting his back to comfort.

"Well Tsurugi like to joke around, it's seems like he had two different sides. But I like it!" Taiyo smiled, which made Kyousuke blushed again.

'Dude calm down' Hakuryuu whispered, but he received a punch.

'You should calming down!' he shot back.

"Hey do you think that the guys would like us back?" Shuu asked, Taiyo just sighed and though for a while.

"Let's just hope so" He replied

'I don't like you, I love you' Both the shinning boy and the navy-blue Ex-Seed through, with a sad smile on there faces.

To Be continue…

I know that it's short and rush, but I got a week left before school starts! MUST GET READY!