Special Chapter: WATER NERF GUNS!

"Shuu, where the hell did you get those water guns?" Taiyo raised an eye brown staring at the Ancient Dark captain. Who was opening a suitcase that was filled with Water Nerf Guns, some of them had paint bullets with many colors. Shuu was called the Water Nerf Gun Mater; he had every kind to shoot. People would asked to buy the collections, but they got the same answer all the time …'no'.

"I brought them with me, beside we need sometimes to relax down don't we?" Taiyo was about to open his mouth to spoke, but he got shot by someone using a Water Nerf Gun from behind.

"WHO THE FUCK DID THAT!" Taiyo got mad; as he turned around he saw Hakuryuu and Tenma rolling on the ground laughing.

"Oops my bad Taiyo-Chan~" Tenma joked, but what he didn't expected was that …

Taiyo was holding an X-2 Water Nerf Gun, that looks like a Bazooka!

"What did you just said?" Taiyo glared at the boy deathly.

"No-nothing" Tenma nervously replied, and there the bullets went …




"RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Taiyo chased Tenma and Hakuryuu as there were running around. The Nerf Gun was massively huge with Paints inside. Who would dared to stay one placed if the bullets were targeting you?

"Do you have another Water Nerf Gun Shuu?" Tsurugi asked the Ancient Dark boy, he nodded and hand him one. It was a F-5 Nerf Special that could only used by Pro. Tsurugi smirked, Shuu would always gave him this little fella.

"Takuto-kun what's that?" Okastu asked the captain of Raimon Eleven, he just sweat dropped.

"Something that is fun" He took one from Shuu, it was a small Water Nerf Gun. But it had paint bullet inside to shoot, and it hurts.

"Tasuke don't touch them, you don't know how to used them!" Kirino pointed as the poor boy was about to take the F-15 Nerf Gun, he pouted and climbed up on a tree to watch the whole thing.

"TAIYO STOP!" Tsurugi shouted, making the sun boy paused for a while glaring deathly at him.

"How about we work as a team? I got tons of things to revenge on Hakuryuu!" Taiyo grinned he liked the idea. Hakuryuu and Tenma looked at each other and started to run towards Shuu to asked for another gun.

"Sure" Shuu handed Tenma a BRS White Nerf Gun (make that up), Hakuryuu shot him a 'Are you sure?' looked.

"I'm sure Hakuryuu" Shuu replied, but inside he wasn't that sure.

"TENMA AND HAKURYUU COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE MAN!" Taiyo shouted, he wasn't wearing a kimono anymore. He was wearing an orange boy's Yukata like Tsurugi, and the sleeves were tucked up high.

"Hakuryuu, get ready" Tenma put some bullets into the Nerf Gun, as Hakuryuu pulled out two guns that he already had before into his hand.

"Texas Old Town~" Hakuryuu sang.

"Tsurugi lets win this" Taiyo put some more paitn bullets in his Nerf Bazooka.

"Never bored~" Tsurugi smirked.

And there's goes the battle of Tigers and Lions~

"Get This!" Tenma shoot out the first bullet.

"SRIQUAL SHOT!" The bullet was flying in the lightning speed that no one could catch up.

"Hell No!" Tsurugi called up his Keshin.

"Demon Shield!" The used the Keshin to blocked the bullet.

It seems like there could used Keshin in the shooting battle.

"Let's get crackin, Wind Punch" Tenma shot more bullets to Taiyo and Tsurugi, the sun and moon duo got a hard time dodging all of them.

"Lightning Kick" Hakuryuu shot this first pair of bullets out, towards Tsurugi.

"Vampire Cut" Tsurugi used the gun to cut the bullets away. Hakuryuu just grumbled, he was so close to hit the navy-blue hair boy.

"Apollo's Arrow!" Taiyo shoot here bullets at a time, flying directed to Hakuryuu and Tenma. While Tsurugi shoot a bullet out from his F-5 Nerf Special, something that he loved so much.

The first bullet from Tsurugi hit Tenma, and he was out. Tenma was sitting in an emo corner, while Hikaru comforted his friend.

"Only you left Hakuryuu!" Taiyo said as he and Tsurugi pointed their guns at him. Hakuryuu clenched his teeth; he was in the dead end.

"Not yet!" The shinning boy shoots out a special shot.

"LIGHT HURRICANE" Taiyo dodged it; put a little paint was on his face. Taiyo laughed quietly, but Tsurugi knew that Taiyo was getting madder. The sun boy was laughing harder and louder, like a maniac.

"Taiyo … are you ok?" Tsurugi asked the other boy, dark aura was surrounding around him. Unlikely for Tsurugi, Taiyo had never been this devilish before. If you looked closer to the orange-blond, you could saw the pair of Satan horns.

"Better than ever, Tsurugi" Taiyo jumped up into the air, holkding the gun and looking for his prey. Which it's Hakuryuu, shooting bullets at him in seconds.

"SUN SWORDS X2!" I swear that I saw Apollo throwing the swords (which it's the bullets) at Hakuryuu, Tsurugi just walked away from the shinning boy and hide somewhere safe.

"Good Luck Hakuryuu" Shuu and Tenma waved the Unlimited Shinning captain goodbye. Hakuryuu got nowhere to go left, he was in the dead end.



"Hakuryuu next time don't prank Taiyo, or else this will happen again" Tsurugi grinned in cheer; it was sssssoooooooo FUN watching Hakuryuu got hitted by the bullets with nowhere to go.

"Mmmmmrtmmrmtmrm" Hakuryuu swore under the bandages that were covering his face. The bullets got him injured from top to toe. The others just sighed; Hakuryuu would never learn his lesson. Even know it could take his life.

"Want some more Hakuryuu?" Taiyo pointed the gun at him, the boy shook his head several times. Tenma calmed his friend down, while Tsurugi and Shuu quietly laughed at the shinning boy.

"Guys, how about another Water Gun battle tomorrow?" Shuu asked cheerfully.

"We don't think so" The rest replied, except for Taiyo. There couldn't imagine what would happen to Hakuryuu if they were actually agreed for another battle. Or they don't dare to imagine.

"AW comes on guys, another tiny battle please?" Taiyo whinned, but Tenma shook his head. Making the sun boy pouted, because he loved to torture the shinning boy.

"No is no Amemiya Taiyo" Shindou spoke, leaving the Sun boy sitting in the emo corner. Cleaning his X-2 Bazooka, waiting for the right time to shoot the bullets again.

"Shuu, you shouldn't let him borrow the gun!" Kirino whispered

"The gun's not mine, it's his own! I just keep it for him" Shuu responded happily, but he could hear wailing and screams outside of the house.

"WHY!? WHY SHUU!" Hamano and Hayami shouted, but their got hold back by Nishiki and Hikaru.

"What about the FO5 one?" Shindou asked

"Its Tsurugi's"




Tenma and Shinsuke could felt the dark aura from both the sun and moon duo, there were laughing evilly a each other. After knowing that their will had another time to kill Hakuryuu.




"Guys … lets just put the guns back to the suitcase and locked it up before their could touch it!"

Special Chapter = DONE!

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