Paper Planes, chapter 1

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Narrator P.O.V

Pale, warm light shone through little cracks in the cloudy sky, escaping towards the ground and shining onto the face of our protagonist for this story, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

That light also shone on his two fellow classmates; the baseball star Yamamoto Takeshi, and Tsuna's self-proclaimed right hand man, Gokudera Hayato. Now you're probably wondering, why is this light so important?

Well, to tell the truth, its not. I'm simply a narrator, so I have to narrate everything that happens, so the light creates more of a, erm, dramatic appeal. You're probably wondering who I am, by now.

If you aren't, you should be. …You still aren't? ALL I'M ASKING YOU TO DO IS BE INTERESTED GEEZ I COMMAND YOU TO- Oh… I'm sorry, I got a bit… Uh… Carried away. Anyways, my name is Ishikawa Cecilia. That's my pen name, just to let you know.

Now you're probably going to ask, "WHY ARE YOU STALKING TSUNA?" or something along those lines. Well, I'm not. This is not stalking. Not in my book. This is information gathering.

Sawada Tsunayoshi is the muse for my book. Yes, that's why I have a pen name. My book, Super Hot Erotica- oh wait. No, wrong book. … You didn't hear anything just now, alright?

My book, Paper Planes is based off of Sawada Tsunayoshi's life. I had Nana-sans approval for it, and as long as I don't tell Tsuna a thing, he probably won't notice the book is about him.

I recently got this idea, because I have always watched Tsuna from afar, and I must say, his life is comedy gold! Er, I mean, novel gold. I just passed by his house, and it seems to me that there's a paper plane on his window sill. Labeled: 'To: Tsuna', with hundreds of hearts doodled onto it, in this super cute sparkly pink ink.

So now, I watch. Tsuna and his friends are right in front of his house, and now with a "Goodbye, juudaime!" Gokudera is off. Same with Yamamoto, with a quick, "Bye, Tsuna." and a smile. I jump into a random tree, in which I have a clear view of Tsuna's room.

Time to write~

Tsuna's P.O.V

After saying goodbye to Gokudera and Yamamoto, I walk up the stairs, only to see that Reborn has left a note written on ripped journal paper on my bed.

Dame-Tsuna, I'm leaving for a few days. You already know who this is, so goodbye.

I smiled and put down the piece of paper, no training for a few days…? I could finally relax without the feeling that I was going die lingering in the back of my mind?

Then I noticed a paper plane on my windowsill. How'd that get there? I put down my bag and walked over, staring with wide eyes at its decorative sparkly pink hearts. Those hearts only put one thing into my mind. Kyoko…chan?

My heart skipped a beat as I reached out to pick it up, what if it was actually from Kyoko-chan? A love letter from Kyoko-chan?

The pink ink was mainly used for hearts, but on one of the wings, it had written: 'To:Tsuna' with a heart for the 'a'. I guess it is… a love letter. My face turned a bright red at that thought. But why would anyone send someone like me, Dame-Tsuna, a love letter….?