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The first time I watched Legend of The Seeker, I was so attracted to Cara Mason and Kahlan Amnell. Well, I love Richard too, but not as much as the girls. I have decided to type a fanfiction on both of these girls. Cara has a rough character while Kahlan has a gentle and refined character. Maybe they would look cute together. I don't know. But please review cos I appreciate them a lot. Tell me whether you like it or not, will you?

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"Love makes someone weak," Cara remarked. Cara, as usual, was in her tight, leather costume. Her hair was gently blown by the cold wind. It has been days since Richard left for the Palace of the Prophets. He left the Sword of Truth behind, in case he didn't come back, so that Zedd could name a new seeker. Richard left Kahlan in the safety of Cara, for he knew that Cara would protect her with all her might as she would protect him.

"Love doesn't make you weak, Cara," Kahlan laughed. She grabbed the sword tighter. "Then, why are you weeping over a sword?" Cara spat. She just couldn't see Kahlan cry. For some reason, it hurt her to see Kahlan sad or hurt. However, when she asked her true heart, she just could not dig out the answer on why she was still fighting on side of Richard despite the love of her true family, the Mord-Sith. Half of her missed her sisters, but there was something in her new family that made her stay.

Cara bent down to her companion. "Anger, hatred and rage makes one stronger," she said, placing a hand on Kahlan's shoulder. Smiling, Kahlan wiped away her tears. "Those are the feelings that makes you weak, Cara. It weakens you on the inside, and therefore, you make the wrong decisions in life. You will regret it sooner or later," Kahlan giggled.

The rustlings of leaves were suddenly heard and Cara got ready her agiels. Backing Kahlan behind her, she hollered her agiels at the direction of the intruder. "It's just me," a familiar voice admitted. Zedd stepped out of the shadows with a smirk on his face. "I found some persimmons and some fresh water from a lake," he handed Kahlan a bag of goods. Kahlan hugged him and took the bag.

"Where did you go, wizard?" Cara asked, giving him a smile which was too small, Zedd did not even realize it. "I went to a small village in Brennidon and got those supplies for us. Guess who I met?" he asked. Kahlan shrugged while Cara made a guess, "Darken Rahl? The Sisters of the Dark? The Mord-Sith?" Zedd laughed at her negative thoughts. "I met Shota," he admitted, "She told me that we would meet with the new Seeker of Truth soon."

"Zedd, Richard is the Seeker of Truth," Kahlan argued.

"Kahlan, we don't know when Richard is coming back. But this mission has to be resumed. We need to find the Stone of Tears and seal the rift. We cannot risk the life of others just so that we can wait for Richard."

A frown formed on Kahlan's face. Once again, Cara felt sad when she saw Kahlan's face. She felt the same pain in Kahlan's heart. "Look what you've done, Zedd. Now, you've made her angry," Cara scolded him and glanced at Kahlan. Zedd shot her a smirk. "I sense a change in you, Cara," he remarked. Cara avoided all eye contact with him and Kahlan. Somehow, she felt embarrassed. "What do you mean, Zedd? I'm just concerned about my family," she muttered.

"Family? You treat us as family? You've indeed changed, Cara…"

Cara put her head down and walked away, eating the persimmon Zedd bought. There's more to Cara than meets the eye. Somehow, she pays more attention to Kahlan nowadays, Zedd thought.

Damn it! Why do I feel embarrassed about this? Why am I feeling this way towards Kahlan? Cara scolds herself quietly. Kahlan silently stares at Cara who was blushing away. She, too, sensed some changes in Cara since a few days back. Why has she been concerned about me? She asked herself.

None of them knew what Cara felt deep inside her dark heart, not even Cara herself. But, maybe Zedd has some thoughts about it. Cara felt different since she joined Richard and his quest. She felt secure. Although she once had to protect Darken Rahl, it was different from protecting Richard. It was as if she was sincere in everything she did. EvAnd this has to do with Kahlan. Everytime she glanced at Kahlan, her heart would beat faster each moment. Whenever Kahlan spoke to her, those words made a great impact in her life. When they were fighting against Banelings, she would be more concerned in protecting Kahlan than Richard. There was something that she was feeling, she was sure of it. That was when she thought of it. This can't be happening, can it? I can't simply be falling for the Mother Confessor?

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