Hello my wonderful readers. Long time no write right? See what I did there xD. Anyway I have recently become addicted to Winx Club. Its so don BD *Shades Dude* Anyway... I still love Kickin It, so here I am doing my first Crossover with Kickin It and Winx club. Now heres a few details you need to know...


-Lauren (Jack and ?'s twin)

-Alex (?'s twin)

-Maybe Brandon and Bradley... depends on how I feel. Oh btw they're twins xD


-Lauren: Jack and ?

-Alex: ?

-Kim: ?

Disclaimer! I don't own Winx Club or Kickin It or any songs that I use in this story. I don't own anything!

Lauren: Uuheem! What about meee!

Me: Oh yeah... And her

Alex: Hey! What about me as well!

Me: Oh... and him to...

Lauren: Whats wrong with us? I don't get why your not proud of us? YOU CREATED US!

Me: I'm proud of Alex... Just not of you

Lauren: *Face Palm* I'M BASED OFF OF YOU! *Mutters under her breath* Stupid person...

Me: I can deleted you anytime I want you know right?

Lauren: But if you delete me... Then you will have no story because I'm the main charecter

Me: Just... Just shut up!

Jack: Right, before this goes any futher... ENJOY THE STORY!

Laurens POV

"LILLY GET UP! SCHOOL!" I hear my Aunty shout. See, I'm Jacks twin, but was kidnapped when I was 2... Found about 4 months ago but only to find out my Mom and Dad was gone and me and Jack are living with are very rich Aunt and Uncle. But its okay, because they're nice, kind and gives me money all the time. Oh yeah, if you didn't know, my name is Lauren. Not Lilly, its just what they call me. And somtimes Lol...

"LILLY! ARE YOU UP YET?" Uncle Mike shouts

"YES! I'm up..." I say growling slightly.

Getting up and going to my walk in closet, I pick out black skinny jeans, a black vest top and a black of the shoulder top with a rose on the front. Grabbing skull socks and other items I need I go into my bathroom to get dressed and brush my teeth.

Emerging out of the huge room, I go over to my vanity and put on black mascara, black eye linner and a light red lip gloss. I bursh my dyed black hair and start to straightern it. Putting on my lavender smelling purfum I go downstairs to my large kitchen. Smiling when I see all my friends and crush there.

"Hey guys... What ya doin' here so early?" I question while taking a bit out of a apple.

"Thought we take a ride in your new car yo" Jerry said

I raise a eye brow "In my NEW car? You have got to be kidding me! The reason why I had to get a new car is cause you made me crash my last 2!" Hey, what can I say? We are rich.

"Anyway, I'm taking my skate board today. I've been abandaning it for to long!" (A/N: BTW there 16 in this!)

"Oh common! Pwees Lilly!" Jack begs me

"You should get a license Jackie" I smile grabbing my helmet and skate board and black back pack while heading out the front door.

Placing it on the floor, I push off the ground and make my way towards school. 2 more days of school then its summer! I can't wait.

Skating into the doors of Seaford I head towards my locker. Getting out the book that I need for the lesson I had first, I sit down on the stairs and wait for my Kim or one of the guys to get to school.

Just then Kim walks in with her cheerleading uniform on. I would have worn mine but... I don't own one. I did try out, they said I would have made the team if I wasn't so 'gothic'. I'm unique and I like being this way. Well... I'm not gothic. Lets just say me and a few friends back in england( I made after the whole incident) had a bet. If I lost I had to dress up like a goth for 5 months, unlucky for me the 5 months end in 2 days... When everyone is on summer vacation. Oh well! More time to shop for new clothes. Yes I am VERY girly just people don't know that about me. Yet.

Kim walks up to me and sits down she stared at me and smiled

"Umm... Why are you smiling while staring at me?" I asked

"I know your secret!" she exclaimed

"I...I don't have a secret hun" I said back

"About a boy" she said rasing a eyebrow

"Nope, I don't like a boy Kimmy, unlike you whos gonna date my twin soon" I said grinning. I'm gonna plan their wedding one day!

"Lollie, don't lie to me it will never get you anywhere in life. Now some shaggy brown haired guy is waiting for you to admit your feelings to him so that you can start dating and live happily ever after!" she said jumping up and down

"Kim... I'm NOT a princess. I won't get a happily ever after, because even though the guy your talking about is the sweetest guy I ever met and would never do anything to hurt me... I just can't risk out friendship. I care to much about him to loose him." I said with glossy eyes

Suddnly I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

"Soo... Finally admited that you have a crush on me?" That sweet, caring voice wispers in my ear.

"Oh Alex! Your so full of yourself" I said trying to cover up my tinted red cheeks(A/N-Speeling?)

"Please just tell me that you love me! My heart really longs for you..." he teased. Even though he was saying it as a joke... It hurt. Getting out of his grasp I run off to my secret room. Yes I have a secret room and I'm proud! I go there to write songs. My only place that no one knew of.

From what Jack tells me about my parents, I don't really wanna know any more about them. They're alive, not dead but they're devoirced. They left us and I don't wanna ever meet them. How could they do that? Don't they love us!

I have a great idea for a song! And I already have the music for them.

Ashley Tisdale 'How do you love someone'

Mama never told me how to love
Daddy never told me how to feel
Mama never told me how to touch
Daddy never showed me how to heal

Mama never set a good example
Daddy never held mama's hands
Mama found everything hard to handle
Daddy never stood up like a man

I've walked around broken
Emotionally frozen
Getting it on, getting it wrong

How do you love someone without getting hurt?
How do you love someone without crawling in the dirt?
So far in my life, clouds have blocked the sun
How do you love, how do you love someone?
How do you love, how do you love someone?

I was always the chosen child
Their biggest scandal I became
They told me I'd never survive
But survival's my middle name

I've walked around hoping
Just barely coping
Getting it on, getting it wrong

How do you love someone without getting hurt?
How do you love someone without crawling in the dirt?
So far in my life, clouds have blocked the sun
How do you love, how do you love someone?
How do you love, how do you love someone?

It's hard to talk, to say what's deep inside
It's hard to tell the truth when you've always lied

How do you love someone without getting hurt?
How do you love someone without crawling in the dirt?
So far in my life, clouds have blocked the sun
How do you love, how do you love someone?

How do you love someone and make it last?
How do you love someone without tripping on the past?
So far in my life, clouds have blocked the sun
How do you love, how do you love someone?
How do you love, how do you love someone? Someone

The lyrics kinda relate to what I feel inside... I guess. I just don't want what happened to my Mother and Father to happen to me and Alex...

In Magix

"Stella, its your birthday coming up right?" The Speicalist and rest of Winx club asked the blonde haired girl.

"Hmm... Oh yeah I guess it is. Must have slipped my mind..."

A gasp was heard around the table.

"Is it true? Stella achally forgetting a imporant event! Someone pinch me I must be dreaming" Bloom, one of Stella's best friends exclaimed.

"Yeah... Well my birthday isn't a really great day each year" Stella said frowning

Brandon, being the only one who was really focusing on his beautiful girlfriend felt that someone really heartbreaking has happened on her birthday.

"Spill girlie!" Musa the fairy of music said to the normally bubbly girl.

Sighing Stella thought 'well they were bound to find out the truth one day'

"Ok, I've been keeping somthing from you lot. I'm... Not an only child" Stella said getting teary eyes.

"Your not?" and "Why didn't you tell us" and other stuff like that was going on.

"Look! I didn't tell you because, its really hard to explain ok?" Stella said while standing up only to be grabbed by the wrist and sat back down.

"Were here for you girl... Please just open up to us?" Layla said.

"Ok! I have a brother and a sister... Well did have a sister." It took a short bit of time to relise what the 'did' meant.

Stella was suddenly attaked by a group hug from the one and only Winx Club.

"What about your brother?" Bloom asked resting a hand ontop of heres

"Well... Daddy sent him to earth. To find her"

"But isn't she...?" The question trailed off.

"Urg! I don't know. We were 4 at the time, playing in the royal gardens... tghe sky turned gray and there was lightning. The gards tried to protect us but didn't make it in time to help her..." Brandon was right by her side the minuet he saw the tears trailing down her face.

"So she was kidnapped? By why earth..."

"They thought they found a trail to her but it was in a un known place called 'England, London'. Some kind of sick joke"

"No Stell. London is the capital of England! Its a real place. She might not be dead! And you know what... Lets go to earth and get your brother and sister back before your birthday!" Bloom shouted.

I smiled through my tears.

One things for sure... My life was either gonna get alot more better or even worse when we uncover the truth about this situation...

Right! There you have it. The first chapter to: What The Truth Tells