"You really should calm down, Inuyasha," Miroku nonchalantly stated as he leaned against a tree with his two girls and boys tugging at his robes, chanting nonsense.

"Humph." The half demon continued to pace in his attempt to keep from running to his wife's aid. Even at this distance from the village, he could still hear Kagome's screams of labor. The half demon growled again, upset he was of no help to her. "Damn…damn, damn, damn!" he mumbled under his breath.

"Now push, dear," instructed Lady Kaede. Kagome screamed again. "Rin, get me some more cold water!"

"Of course," said the girl as she rose to run out to the river.

"You're doing great, Kagome," praised Sango. Kagome looked up at the woman who kindly volunteered to support her head with her lap.

Another contraction racked her body. "I'm gonna die!" Kagome sobbed.

"No ye shant. Just breathe deeply and push."

"I'm back!" Rin rushed in with a bowl filled with cold water.

With a piercing scream, the night itself seemed to freeze in time. Then the faint sound of baby's crying echoed through the sky.

Inuyasha stopped midstep and pitched his ears backwards. He gasped and spun around.

"What? What's wrong?" Miroku asked. But Inuyasha was lost in his focus to hear anything other than the continuous cries of a distant infant. He took off. "Inuyasha!"

The sliding door was slammed open and Inuyasha stood at its entrance, unsure whether it was okay to enter. Kagome looked up at him, now lying alone in the cabin, a red bundle of cloth in her arms. "Inuyasha." Inuyasha slowly approached. Once he had kneeled next to her, Kagome looked down into her arms and gently unfolded the top of the bundle to reveal a beautiful baby girl's face. Kagome's face brightened with a smile as she waited to see her husband's reaction to the pair of black ears that poked from the top of her little head.

Inuyasha let out a breath. She has ears like me. He unconsciously reached for the infant and Kagome obliged. His bright yellow eyes stared incredulously at the little life he held in his arms while his mind tried to rap itself around the fact that this little thing belonged to him…was a part of him. The little girl stirred and opened her eyes, revealing two orbs just as striking as those of the man whom held her. She strained against her blanket and Inuyasha felt something moving under her. Curiosity got the best of him and he unwound the bottom half of the cloth as well. And there, swinging from side to side, was the black tail of a dog.

"She must have traded in her fangs and claws for a tail," Kagome jested, prompting a light chuckle out of him. There was a pause. Then she spoke again, "I was thinking…maybe…we could call her Kikyo."

Inuyasha froze, then looked Kagome in the eye. Then he looked back to the baby. "I'd like that," he smiled. He sat up straighter to really take in her image as the moonlight cast down on her little body. "Little Kikyo."