Sadie and Anubis

Chapter 1 Sadie

I woke up feeling more miserable than yesterday. It was August 27, also known as, the first day of high school. But before I go on to that, my name is Sadie Kane. I am 14 years old. I live in Houston, Texas with my mother and father, Maria and Cristian Kane. I have an older brother named Jacob. He's 15 and a sophomore at my school, which is lame by the way. We moved in to town a few months ago. My dad got a job here as a doctor, while my mom got a job as a baby-sitter to 3 years old kid named Gabriel. I think its lame, but hey, it brings food to the table.

Me, well there's not much to say. I'm 5'4, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, fun amazing, and the best person to hang around with. I like to read and write. Also I hate going shopping and makeup and all that, it's just not me. You know. Anyway, I'm smart, but I don't like to show it, especially if in a couple of minute's I'm going to be the new kid. Nobody likes a nerd, right?

I got up and dressed up casually in my purple blouse, black jeans, combat boots, and a black jacket. (No, I'm not an emo or gothic.) I went to the bathroom and did my business and went running downstairs for breakfast.

My brother had already finished his breakfast, so it only left me. My dad had left to work at 6, 50 minutes ago. He had left a note saying good luck at school and everything. (Yeah, I'll need it.) My mother had made us PB and J sandwiches and a glass of OJ for breakfast.

Between bites she asked us, "Are yall excited sweeties?"

"No", I responded honestly.

"Whatever", my brother responded.

"But it's your first day of school", She said to me

I looked up to her and said "Exactly, I'm new and I don't know anyone".

"That doesn't matter", said Jacob bored.

"You'll be fine! Now off you go, the bus will be here any minute!" She exclaimed excitedly, "Yall don't want to be late".

She kissed Jacob and me on the forehead, then handed us our lunches. We ran as fast as we could to the bus stop in the corner of out street. A few seconds later the bus showed up and we went inside. As I passed by, the kids kept murmuring about me being emo or something, but I just ignored them. I sat as far as I could from my brother and the rest of the kids, all the way on the back. My brother sat in the front not caring about anyone.

I looked out the window and said quietly, "Great, just great."