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Noticing and curiosity

It was an ordinary day in the echizen house hold Nanjiro was down stairs on the back porch reading his "newspaper" Rinko was making breakfast along with nanako and Ryoma was…well being Ryoma he was still asleep though not for long.

"Ring" "ring" "ring" "SMASH"

"Gah stupid alarm clock who set it" Ryoma grumbled


Ryoma reluctantly got up out of bed and began his normal routine. He got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast.

"Ryoma honey" Rinko Ryomas mother said

Ryoma looked up from the grilled fish he was eating and said "yeah mom"

Rinko look at Ryoma took a deep breath and said "Ryoma honey um well you know what tomorrow is right" not waiting for an answer she continued "well sweet heart me and your father are going to head back to America tonight to you know go visit them "

Ryoma looked a little stunned but said "oh ok kaa san I- I understand excuse me I'm going to be late" and Ryoma left without another word. "do you think he's going to be ok Nanjiro" Rinko asked her husband "we'll know in time Rinko you forget he was there that day and he's strong he's our son after all" Nanjiro replied with a sad smile on his face "I guess your right dear I just hope your right" Rinko said and walked back to do the dishes.

Time skip at school during afternoon practice

The regulars were doing the usual practice the 3rd years were place on courts c –e second years were practicing hits 1st years were working on their swings and picking up balls and the regulars were having practice matches right now it was taka vs. Ryoma as the other regulars watched on and had their own little conversations

"Oi momo don't you think ochibi's acting weird today nya" commented kikumaru

"Hmm I noticed that too sempai he's been more anti-social than usual today don't ya think" replied momo

"Fsss baka momoshiri he's always antisocial but yah he's more out of it today" commented kayo

"What was that mamushi "yelled momo

"Maa maa what's going on here" said Fuji

"Nya fujiko something's wrong with ochibi he's acting weird today nya" cried kikumaru

"Maa eijiko I'm sure he's fine but why don't we ask him ok" stated Fuji calmly

"Nya ok fujiko "said kikumaru

Time skip to after practice gets out

Everyone had about finished changing the ones that were left were Ryoma kikumaru and Fuji momo had to go home to babysit his sisters and kaidou had to go do his training and the others just didn't know what was going on.

"Nya oi ochibi" kikumaru said as he walks over to where Ryoma was changing

Ryoma raises his head from tying his shoes and said "hai sempai what's up"

"We were just wondering if you were ok" Fuji said as he joined the two

Ryoma cocked his head to the side in confusing "hai sempai I'm fine why"

Fuji just shook his head and waved his hands "oh no reason Ryoma we were just making sure but if something was wrong you know you could talk to us right"

Ryoma nodded his head "hai" he said uninterested

"Nya fujiko right ochibi you can come to us for anything" kikumaru yelled as he glomped the poor first year

"Hai sempai now if you'll excuse me ja ne sempai- tachi" Ryoma said as he made his was out the clubroom door.

"Nya fujiko do you think everything's really ok with him" kikumaru said seriously

"No eijiko I don't think he's a good actor but something's definitely wrong" Fuji said with is eyes open

"Nya I thought so "kikumaru said sadly

"Maa dajoubu eiji we just have to help him anyways we can ok it will be fine" Fuji reassured

"Hai" kikumaru replied

"Well then let's get going ok eijiko" Fuji said as he steered eiji out the room

"Hai fujiko we should go and make a plan of how to cheer up ochibi lets go" yells kikumaru as he drags a chuckling Fuji with him.

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