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Bad day and worrying

Ryoma got home later than usual even though he left practice the normal time and he walked into his house to see his mom and dad rushing around like lunatics.

"Tadaima" Ryoma quietly said "ano kaa san what are you guys doing" he questioned

"Oh Ryoma dear welcome home" Rinko stopped rushing around and went over to Ryoma "don't tell me you forgot we were leaving tonight our flights in 50 minutes"

"Oh yah no I didn't forget kaa san "Ryoma replied sadly

"Oh dear I'm sorry but you know we must leave tonight and we will be back as soon as we possibly can alright" Rinko tried to reassure Ryoma

"Hai well kaa sans have a nice trip and t-tell them I said hi and I'm s-still sorry" Ryoma stuttered out

"Oh honey there's nothing to be sorry for but as you wish now be a good boy and we will see you soon ok bye "Rinko said as she shoved her husband out the door.

Sigh " guess that leave me home for a week or so might as well eat then sleep ne karupin" Ryoma said as he bend down to pet his beloved cat karupin.

Time skip next morning

No alarm clock went off that morning for Ryoma was already up at 6 am very unusual for him and was already downstairs eating a Japanese breakfast.

No more than 30 minutes later Ryoma decided to head to school early and so he made his way to school.

Time skip morning practice

"Nya good morning oishi" the hyper active red head kikumaru yelled as he glomped his doubles partner

"Morning eiji where's Fuji" oishi asked kikumaru

"saa right here oishi good morning" replied the sadist who popped out from behind kikumaru

"Nya don't do that it's too much like Inui fujiko" complained kikumaru

"Ii data 65% chance Fuji has learned that from me" stated Inui who also popped out of no where

"Nya see I was right ne oishi" cried kikumaru

"Hai hai" oishi agreed

"Ohaiyou minna san" chirped a shy but happy taka

"Ohaiyou taka" said oishi

"Fsss ohaiyou" kaidou hissed

"Kaidou" oishi said

"Oi minna ohaiyou has anyone seen echizen yet" yell momo as he ran into the tennis courts

"Nya ochibi why" kikumaru chirped

"He wasn't home no one was so I was wondering if he came early" momo said

"Him and early yeah right" hiss kaidou

"Nya so true" kikumaru agreed

"QUEIT EVERYONE LINE UP" boomed the voice of tezuka

"Hai buchou" they all coursed

"where's echizen" tezuka asked everyone shook the heads until they heard a hearty laugh behind them and turned to see ryuzaki-sensei headed over towards them with a grin on her face.

"Ryuzaki sensei" tezuka greeted

"tezuka" she greeted back "alright about echizen none of you have to worry he's fine he's just somewhere sleeping and I suggest you leave him be today unless you want to be missing you head or limbs" ryuzaki sensei said seriously.

"h-hai" they all stuttered out

"Alright then get to practice and no dilly dallying you hear" ryuzaki yelled as she walked off towards her office.

"nya fujiko I wonder what she meant by leave ochibi alone today I wonder if he's in a bad mood" kikumaru asked

"Maa eijiko lets just leave him alone today just to be safe ok we can cheer him up tomorrow" Fuji said

"Hai fujiko I just hope ochibi ok" kikumaru said sadly

"Me too eiji me too" Fuji agreed.

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