Title: Traffic
Summary: Being stuck in traffic absolutely sucks, and even superheroes have to deal with it sometimes.
Character(s): All Avengers, Pepper Potts
Pairings: None
Genre(s): Humor
Word Count: 230
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Other notes: I was traveling this summer, and wrote this while stuck in traffic in Cairo. Not the most fun experience.

"I hate driving in New York," grumbled Clint.

The Avengers had had to drive to the movie theater, seeing as walking was "out of the question" according to Tony and Bruce was extremely uncomfortable with the subway system after a run-in with his fan club there. Steve had pointed out that driving offered them anonymity anyways.

As a result, Earth's mightiest heroes were currently crammed into a Honda Pilot with tinted windows. Thor, being quite curious about Midgardian vehicles, was currently sitting in the front passenger seat looking intently out the window. Behind them in the first row, Bruce was sitting on the left, Steve was sitting on the right, and Natasha was sitting between them. Meanwhile, Tony was in the back row on the left and Pepper was sitting next to him, leaving Clint to drive.

Not that he was doing much. The Avengers (and Pepper) were currently stuck in traffic. Traffic so bad that their car was not moving.

"Traffic sucks," agreed Bruce from behind him.

"I pity you humans. There is nothing remotely like this on Asgard," Thor declared sympathetically.

"Well, we're not there right now, are we?" snapped Clint. "Seriously, I don't care what any of you say, we're walking next time."

"They didn't have anything like this in New York when I was younger," Steve commented. "I'm not sure that modern times have improved everything."

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