Title: Traffic, TNG version
Summary: A holodeck malfunction leaves several characters stuck in
Character(s): Data, William Riker, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Deanna Troi
Pairings: None
Genre(s): Humor
Word Count: 163
Rating: K
Warnings: I'm terrible at characterization. I want honest feedback regarding it.
Other notes: I was traveling this summer, and wrote this while stuck in traffic in Cairo. Not the most fun experience. Hey, at least I had time to write two drabbles! Speaking of which, if you look, there's a reference to my Avengers drabble in which the characters are faced with the same situation.

"This is a fascinating simulation," Data declared.

He and the rest of the senior officers had been forced by yet another holodeck malfunction to be in an early 21st century car on a highway in what would at the time be known as bumper-to-bumper traffic in New York City of the early 21st century.

"We are getting to experience a totally obsolete ritual of transportation," Data continued. "This was considered a major annoyance during the 21st century."

"I can see why," Riker groaned from the back seat, where he watched a Honda Pilot crawl by.

"This is something we could not experience in our normal lives," Data was still prattling on.

"Mr. Data," Picard snapped. "That will be quite enough."

"Captain, you appear to be under a great deal of stress," Deanna piped up from another back seat.

"Who wouldn't be?" Riker asked her with a sigh. "This is torture."

"A dishonorable form of torture," growled Worf. "Then again, all torture is dishonorable."

Author's note: Bad as it sounded? Hopefully not. Let me know in a review!