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It was a cavern; a room carved out of ancient stone, perfectly square and flooded with water. In the center of each wall was a circular crystal that glowed with azure light. The water was unfathomably deep in all places but a stone path leading from stairs on one end of the room to a ringed platform at the other. Here, in the center of that platform stood a cloaked figure holding a gray-white staff. The Guardian whose name was long since abandoned... whose name never really existed.

It was a field; a desolate wasteland bereft of life, parched and empty – a land of the dead. In the distance one could just make out the towering form of Mt. Etherea. The sky was a harsh white-blue, unforgivingly cold and monotonous save for a single rift. A great black line. A scar. This world was empty and barren as the twin moons standing vigil over it. Here, beneath the solemn gaze of the moons and sky, on the field of the dead... stood a figure dressed in a ragged cloak, holding a bleach-white staff. The one others called 'the flower of death,' who truly did not have a name at all.

One had given up on repairing the world and instead set out to preserve it; staring into the face of eternity and watching as tragedy after tragedy occurred, only stepping in to turn back time when the world is about to end... to watch it all again.

One had tried to repair it. To fix the flaws in its design – to create a utopia, of sorts, and defy the destiny she had been given... only to break it even more. To be forced to purge it of life and watch the endless march of time pass on in silence.

Both had come to the same conclusion; "This world is hollow."

"I hereby propose.

My will shall create thy body

And thy sword shall create my fate."

It was a holy place – a cathedral. Unused for centuries. As a single rotting door was swung with an eery creak to the side, dust lifted itself up into the air in a visible cloud. The traveler took a step in, and then another after a moment of hesitation... and then several in rapid succession before collapsing and sliding down the side of a column until they were simply leaning upon it, legs spread limply across the ancient floor.

From beneath a broken mask, dull green eyes stared up into the sky through the cathedral's collapsing roof.

'All of this... and I still don't know...'

"Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail

If thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me!"

It was limbo. Manifest eternity itself... the stream of reincarnation. To all souls within it, the stream took on a different appearance and atmosphere. To this one... it was hell. An endless wash of ash and fire beneath a broken sky – the baleful glare of a red sun weighing upon her. All around, countless skeletal hands reached out from the earth – dead hands grasping for aid that would never come. The echoes of screams and desperate pleas still hung in the air as the world ravaged itself before her...

She was bound in thick obsidian chains, unable to do anything but watch the scenery as the chains pulled her along the stream. She was a warrior, of sorts; always a fighter – the fire of determination made manifest, many had said... but even she had her limits. Time and again she had tried to break the cycle of destruction that she was forced to partake in... and time and again she had failed.

With the distant memories of happier times always hanging just outside her reach, she is drug on. At this point, she has only one wish;

"Why can it not simply end?"

"I hereby swear;

I will be all that is good in the eternal world.

I will be the disposer of evil in the eternal world."

It was a battle – or the end of one. Countless bodies lay spread across a mammoth fortress. Some were whole; most had already decomposed significantly. Atop the fortress, surrounded by bodies, was a knight – ebony hair obscuring her face. In one hand to the side was a broken blade, and in the other was the throat of a robed man that looked less man and more bone. She lifted the corpse, staring at it almost thoughtfully as blood poured from the many wounds that had broken through her tormented armor.

"Indestructible... timeless... those heroes so long ago..." she trailed off, tilting the neck so that the head lolled to the side, "they were just too weak to kill you, ne?"

Raising the sword, which was almost as long as her upper half, even broken, the knight dropped the corpse and impaled it into the stone. Leaning on the sword, her hands clasped over it as if in prayer, she wondered idly if this was truly the end. Already her vision blurred, and she could no longer feel pain from the wounds she had suffered...

"Perhaps I will see you soon then... mother? I killed him... just like you said I could, after all."

The blade was released and the knight fell onto her back, violet eyes staring up at the sky orange-red sky. "Twilight..."

"Thou clad with the great trinity come forth from the circle of constraint –

Guardian of the Heavenly Scales!"

The voice called out through the gloom, [ May thy prayers be answered. ]