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The Devil's Revenge

by: mycrimsonhazel

Chapter 1 : The Betrayal

The cheering from the crowd resonated in his head as he was tossed in the air by his team mates – no -his friends, his second family. They smiled happily up at him and he, Echizen Ryoma, felt like he was floating on a cloud. These people had supported him; treated him like he was one of their own. Gave him a chance to be happy; to love playing tennis again. He felt like he was going to burst from the inside out with happiness. He couldn't help it, couldn't hold it in any longer.

He laughed. "Yatta!"

Ryoma couldn't stop smiling happily as he zipped up his bag. After all their effort these past few months, they finally got to make their dream of winning the National Tournament came true.

"Echizen," Ryoma looked up just to see Oishi smiling at him. He knew Oishi had dreamed of winning the National for three years, so he must be extremely happy just like Ryoma. "Why don't you go home and rest? That nasty fall you had and the resulting amnesia might have had an effect on you. We'll just postpone the celebration party a few days after you'd rested. Like maybe 3 days or so in Kawamura Shushi?" The others turned their heads to look at their vice captain agreeing with him.

"Yeah, you should rest Echizen. You don't look too good actually...", said Momo.

"Well, just go home and rest... I'll text you later about the time of the celebration.", said Oishi with a smile.

"Okay then, I'll go first... Bye senpai-tachi...", after they said their goodbye, Ryoma walked out of the stadium.

Soon as he was out of their sight, he smiled again. Man, he really smile a lot today. Ryoma pulled out his cell phone and call the number in his number one speed-dial. It took two second for the person in the other line to pick up.

"What is it fucking princess?", said the person.

"Ah Youichi, where are you?", Ryoma was so sure that the person in the other line could sense her wide smile eventhough he couldn't see it.

"In a good mood, are we?", said Youichi with a chuckle. "I'm in the parking lot near the west gate. Don't take too long fucking princess."

"Kay kay... got it.", said Ryoma and then he hung up the phone.

Yes, Echizen Ryoma, the Prince of Tennis was actually a she. Ryoma had kept this a secret ever since she entered her tournament back when she's still in America. She intended to tell her senpai about her secret later at the celebration.

Ryoma continued to smile as she imagined how her senpai might look like when they hear her confession. Just then did she realized that she had lost her cap. Shit! Must have fallen when they lift me up, she thought. That cap was something really precious to her so she decided to go back and retrieve her cap.

She was almost there when she heard her name was mentioned and slowed down, her smile was replaced by a little frown. She didn't like the cold tone she heard. She walked a little more so that she could see and hear them clearly.

"... little brat. He's really annoying, using our moves and all.", said Oishi.

"It's really hard for me you know, pretending to be his best friend and arguing with my real best friend. Ne, Kaoru?", Momo groaned and put his arm arround the said person shoulder.

Ryoma could feel her head started spinning. She must have heard it wrong. There's no way her bestest friend in Seigaku would ever said something like that.

"Saa... Now we can get rid of him, right?", said Fuji opening her blue eyes and smile his sadistic smile.

"Echizen did a great job in bringing us to the Nationals. After this, we'll kick him off our team.", said Tezuka

"It's 60% better if we do it after the celebration, 34% before the celebration, 15.5% in the celebration, and 0.5% when we graduate.", said Inui.

"Aa... We'll be doing it sometime after the celebration. We can just tell him to get a higher aim like Grand Slams or something.", said Tezuka.

"I feel bad for him. But he's just too arrogant. He suddenly show up and took away everything from us.", said Oishi.

"Wait... wait... aren't you guys being too harsh?", said Eiji seriously. "What had Ochibi done to you?"

"I think so too... He hasn't done something bad, did he?", said Taka who stood beside Eiji.

"Geh... that brat just show up out of nowhere and beat everyone up.", said Momo.

"Fsssshh... He stole our moves", said Kaidoh.

"He took everything we've finally achieved after so many struggling", said Fuji.

"But still...", Eiji tried to argue.

"You two do understand, don't you? We have no room for Echizen after this.", said Tezuka.

"Hai", the two softly said, Eiji hung his head low while Taka looked away from everyone.

Ryoma felt her heart had just shattered into pieces. How could they? After all this time. After Ryoma finally opened her heart for them. Now, she felt like a real fool. What was in her mind when she called these jerks her friends. Ryoma braced herself as she took a step forward.

"Ara... if you want to use me, you should do better than that, senpai.", she sneered at the word.


"You... how long...?"

Ryoma smirked at them, even if she felt like her last barrier could collapsed anytime soon. She took a few more step closer to her so-called senpai. "Well, long enough to hear everything, actually."

"But really, if you were going to use me, you could do a better job. Like keeping it quiet and let me win the National for the next several years. Or aimed higher than just the National." She scanned the area and spotted her precious cap. She reached down to take it and dusted it from the dirt.

"Actually, I don't really care about title anymore, but don't you want to get the Junior Grand Slam title or something like that? Wasn't that your dream, Tezuka? As you can see, I have many connections in the tennis circuits.", said Ryoma as she put her cap back to her head. She started to walk away a little but then she turned arround again.

"Ah, and you're not the only one with secret. Good thing I haven't told you anything. Mada mada dane, senpai-tachi.", she smirked and then walked away.

Ryoma ran towards the west gate. She could feel her tears threatening to fall. But Ryoma refused to cry. They're not worth your tears, Ryoma, she kept telling herself. She continued to run until he collided into someone.

The both of them were sent tumbling to the ground, groaning from the pain when they landed on their butt.

"Sorry, are you okay?", asked the other person. Ryoma looked up a little to see Yukimura beautiful face. She imidiately looked away from him.

"Ara, Ryoma-kun, are you going home too?", he asked her. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed the tears threatening to fall from Ryoma's eyes. "Are you okay, Ryoma-kun? Did you get hurt?"

Ryoma who didn't want to answer Yukimura's question only grab her tennis bag and began running again. Yukimura who was shocked from Ryoma's reaction only stand there for a moment before started to walk to the dirrection Ryoma just went off.

Yukimura looked arround searching for Ryoma. Just when he spotted her, he heard someone talking to her.

"Took you long enough, fucking princess. Did you get lost?", said someone with a hint of mockery in his voice. There stood a boy arround his age, he has spiky blond hair and was leaning against a red sport car. Ryoma looked at him with mixed emotion before finally tackled him and caused the both of the stumbled.

From his position Yukimura could see Ryoma was burrying her face into the stranger chest. He swear he saw Ryoma's crying. The cockiest and most arrogant brat that was even brattier than Akaya, the one who had defeated him was crying. What kind of demonic person could make Echizen Ryoma cry? Then again, who was the stranger who was holding Ryoma? Why did he call Ryoma, princess? Well, maybe it's because that boy's feminine feature, Yukimura thought. Look like Ryoma was in the right hand already, that boy must be his friend or relative that Ryoma could cry like that in front of them. Yukimura made a note in his head to ask Seigaku later. And with that thought, he left the scene.

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