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The Devil's Revenge

by: mycrimsonhazel

Chapter 2 : Her Feeling

Right in front of her now was none other than Hiruma Youichi, her childhood friend and boyfriend. Upon seeing Hiruma's face, Ryoma can't hold her feelings anymore. She tackled Hiruma and hug him tightly. Hiruma stumbled a bit but he managed to steadied them both.

"What the hell princess! Have you lost your mind alrea...", Hiruma couldn't finish his sentence when he felt Ryoma tremble in his arm. She hug him tighter and he felt a little wetness in his front shirt. Ryoma was crying! If Hiruma was shocked by the state Ryoma's in, he didn't show it. Instead, he hug her back.

"Oi oi... what the fuck is wrong with you?", he asked her, but Ryoma just keep burying her face further into Hiruma's chest, her body shaking uncontrolably. This only made Hiruma worried even more. This surely wasn't tears of joy. What the fuck happened to Ryoma right after she won the competition?

"Hey, Ryo... Tell me what's wrong...", he said softly while rubbing Ryoma's back in a soothing manner. Ryoma started mumbling something into Hiruma's chest.

"Th..they... used... me... don't... need... kick... me... out... the team...", she said incoherently. Hiruma's ears perked up at her words, realization hit him, his teeth gritted in anger. How dare they do that to his princess. He hold Ryoma closer to him if that's even possible. Ryoma keep on crying her heart out.

" that... they had achieved... the National... they dont need me... anymore", she said between her hiccups.

"Ssshhh... it's okay Ryo... you have me, you don't need them...", Hiruma kept on saying comforting words on her ears. He could feel his shirt getting wetter and wetter but he knew Ryoma needed this. Needed to let out her stress. Needed to know that someone is there for her. Needed Hiruma to hold her.

"I hate them... I don't wanna be here anymore...", she said gripping Hiruma's shirt tightly. By this time, Hiruma realized that they're still in a public area.

"Okay... but for now we need to go home first...", Hiruma said patting Ryoma's head. But Ryoma still didn't want to let go of Hiruma.

"Ryo... as much as I like it when you're clinging into me... we need to take you home first now...", Hiruma said again trying to get Ryoma off him. But Ryoma was too stubborn to let him go, she even hug him tighter now.

"Geez... I have no other choice then...", Hiruma then pick his phone with one hand and dial a certain number.

"Hey fucking old man... pick me up at tennis court now!", he commanded and cut the connection immidiately.

"Your mouth is as foul as ever.", Ryoma who had calmed down abit commented, still burying her face in Hiruma's chest. Hiruma, however, just smirked at the comment. If Ryoma started to make a bratty comment again thats mean she's okay.

"Shut the fuck up, fucking princess!", Hiruma said while running his right hand through Ryoma's silky emerald hair. And Ryoma did shut up. The feeling oh Hiruma's hand at her hair was really soothing to her. She relaxed into Hiruma's touch and close her eyes eventually.

Takekura Gen or widely known as Musashi had gotten used to Hiruma's attitude since a long time ago. So, when Hiruma called him just a while ago, he immidiately come to the designated place. What the hell could Hiruma be doing in this kind of place anyway.

What he saw next was really got him dumbstruck. Hiruma sat under a tree with a someone in his arm. Musashi can't tell wether its a girl or a boy though. This kid had a slender built and short emerald hair. Hiruma had one arm arround the kid and his other hand was playing with his phone. When he felt someone was looking at him, he looked up to see Musashi looking at him.

"About time you got here, fucking old man.", Hiruma said smirking. He shut his phone and put it in his pocket. He then got up carefully lifting the kid and carried the kid bridal style. Musashi could see the kid hands gripped Hiruma's shirt tightly.

"Didn't you bring a car yourself? Who's that anyway?", asked Musashi.

"Yeah, I did. And this kid... she's just a bratty princess who has passed a fucking doomed day.", Hiruma answered. Musashi smiled slightly when he saw a fond expression in his friend's face when he was looking at the said princess.

"Why did you call me, then?", asked Musashi.

"You see... the princess wont let go of me. How could I drive in this situation!", answered Hiruma motioning to the sleeping figure in his arm.

"Aa...", Musashi nodded in acknowledgement. They walked to Hiruma's car in silent. Musashi got onto the driver seat while Hiruma on the passenger seat beside Musashi with a sleeping Ryoma in his lap. Then Musashi started the engine and drove to Ryoma's home.

"Do you want me to wait for you?", Musashi asked Hiruma when he got off in front of Ryoma's house.

"No. This will take a while. Just go homa already, fucking old man.", said Hiruma grinning from ear to ear.

"Okay then... Just take your car back at my house.", said Musashi before he drove away.

Hiruma carried Ryoma to the front door and ring the bell. Not too long after that, Rinko came out.

"Ara, Youichi-kun... long time no see... what happened to Ryoma?", asked Rinko while giving a way for Hiruma to come in.

"Something really bad had just happened to her today...", he said while carrying Ryoma to her room with Rinko trailing behind him.

"What do you mean by something bad?", Rinko got really worried over her daughter now. If Youichi said it's bad, it might be something really really bad. Nanjiroh who was reading his perverted magazine in the living room hear this and came along trailing behind his wife.

"Her senpai in the tennis club betrayed her, they kicked her out of the team after they won the National.", Hiruma said placing Ryoma in her bed.

"What? How dare they!", Nanjiroh was fuming. Rinko tried to calm him down even though she herself was really angry with Seigaku's Regular.

Meanwhile, Hiruma got a problem putting Ryoma in her bed. She still didn't want to let go of Hiruma. Finally, Hiruma decided to wake her up.

"Ryo... Ryo... we are home... open your eyes please...", he said softly patting Ryoma's cheeks. Not too long Ryoma opened her eyes. She blinked a bit adjusting the sudden light. The first thing she saw is her boyfriend's smiling face.

"Ryoma! Are you okay?", Nanjiroh and Rinko were rushing to her side. Hiruma stepped aside so they got enough room. Upon seeing her parents concerned face, the horrible memories came rushing to her brain again and in a second Ryoma burst into tears again. Her mother hug her tightly and her father was patting her head.

"Mom, I hate them... I want to leave Seigaku...", she wailed in her mother arms. Rinko and Nanjiroh look at Ryoma's state in concern. How could that Seigaku jerks do this to their only daugther.

"Do you want to go to America?", asked Hiruma. The trio look at him with questioning eyes. Hiruma just shruged.

"Well, we both have a lot of family there, right?", said Hiruma.

"Ryoma?", Rinko asked Ryoma reluctantly. Ryoma nodded.

"I wanna go, mom.", said Ryoma with pleading eyes. Rinko look at Nanjiroh who only sighed.

"Are you sure you wanna go?", asked Nanjiroh. Ryoma nodded again.

"Okay then...", said Nanjiroh. Rinko just nodded in agreement.

"I wanna go tonight...", said Ryoma wiping her tear stained cheeks. Her parents look at her with a shocked face. How would they prepare everything just in a few hours.

"Don't worry... I've prepared everything.", said Hiruma waving his cell phone.

"A private jet at ten. Just start packing.", said Hiruma. Upon hearing this Ryoma smiled widely at Hiruma and once again she tackled him.

"I love you, Youichi!", she said wrapping her arms arround Hiruma's neck and kissed both his cheeks. Hiruma smiled a little bit at Ryoma childish antics and wraped his own arms arround Ryoma's petite body. Ryoma's parents just smiled at their behaviour.

And so, that night Ryoma Echizen left Japan for America.

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