At last, they landed on Ryloth with Homki. The trip there had taken longer than it should have, because the ship they'd traveled in had experienced a few technical difficulties, although Anakin and Homki fixed them easily. Exactly how Anakin had gotten Homki to help fix the problem instead of tweaking the ship so it did something other than what it was supposed to do was a mystery to the others. Obi-Wan decided to ask Anakin about it later. By the time they'd landed on Ryloth, Homki wasn't quite as shy around Anakin anymore. As they walked towards Numa's house, Homki looked around, happy to be back. His body seemed to radiate with excitement. He started to stim a little as he walked.

When they got there, there was a loud cry of "HOOOOOMMMMMKIIIIIIIII!" as Numa rushed out and ran to hug her brother. Homki laughed and went to meet her. Numa grabbed Homki in a hug and spun him around; Homki giggled but did not hug her back. Then, flapping his hands as he went, Homki followed his twin sister into the house. Inside, he got hugged by his other family members, but didn't laugh when they did it. He seemed to reserve his laughs for Numa.

The five people who'd gone to find Homki watched the reunion from outside the house. Numa suddenly looked up at them (although she was mainly looking at Waxer, whom she knew the best) and said in Twi'lek "Thank you for finding my brother." , although only Obi-Wan understood it. "It was rather enjoyable except for a giant battle in the end." Obi-Wan responded, and Numa giggled before questioning "There was a battle?" Obi-Wan's answer to that was simply nodding.

Unfortunately they couldn't spend too much time on Ryloth. Fale, the incompetent warrior who'd flown them from Tuyepov to Ryloth turned out to be really annoying and rude. Fale had told them as they left the ship that he'd leave in half an hour, and if they weren't back by then that he'd just leave them there.

The five guests started saying bye to Homki, who was holding Numa's hand. He completely ignored Ahsoka's and Waxer's farewells, which didn't surprise them, seeing as he'd ignored those two the entire trip. Numa said bye for her brother, though. Homki glanced at Anakin's chest, but not his face when Anakin said bye. He looked at Obi-Wan's beard when the Jedi master bid him farewell by saying "I think we can expect great things from you, Homki", even giving him the slightest hint of a smile. When it was Rex's turn, Homki let go of Numa's hand and ran up to the Captain. Rex knelt down and said said his farewell to the kid.

Not much was actually said during Homki and Rex's parting. Rex had simply said "Bye, Homki." and gave his hand a slight squeeze. Homki grinned at Rex, again looking at where Rex's eyes would be had he not been wearing the helmet, and Rex gave Homki a small smile, which was unseen by anyone. The Captain told the boy "Until we meet again" and, since he was still holding Homki's hand, formally shook it. Then Rex stood up and went back to the others.

Numa and Homki watched them walk off towards their ship. Once, the Jedi and Clones turned around and saw Numa waving one of Homki's hands and one of her own.

Once Fale had dropped them off on Coruscant with a couple of last rude remarks (for he seemed to have forgotten already that they had saved his home from destruction) instead of going to the Jedi temple, Obi-Wan treated the other four to lunch at Dexter's Diner.

After being served by a waitress droid, Obi-Wan asked Anakin how he had gotten Homki to help him with repairs. Anakin said that he had communicated with the boy through the Force, which was, according to Anakin, strong but hidden in Homki. "He has a high number of Medi-Chlorians, though not quite high enough that he could become a Jedi." Anakin informed the others.

"Still, he can communicate with animals, which takes a lot of Force power." Ahsoka pointed out "He probably told the Nelesinari to leave him alone when he was in the forest by himself."

"I wonder why Master Yoda sent all of us on this mission." said Waxer. "Actually, I convinced him this mission was worthwhile." Obi-Wan admitted "When Homki's family gave a description of him, and said he was good with technology and he had autism, I knew we had to go get him. I did some research in the archives and discovered that there have actually been five Jedi who have had autism."

Obi-Wan paused for a bit and then went on "That information somehow helped convince Yoda that we should get Homki- don't ask me why it did, I don't know." They all pondered this for about a minute and then decided that Yoda was rather mysterious, so they would probably never find the answer to that. "But why did he send all of us?" Ahsoka asked, and Anakin gave his opinion "Well, Yoda seems to know a lot that others don't, right. Well, maybe he sensed that he'd need to send a lot of people-he might have even sent too few. We almost lost that battle, and we were all needed there."

"As for the part where I said he was good with technology, we can never have too many technicians, can we?" Obi-Wan smiled a bit and continued "Anyway, you've seen what Homki's done already. So just imagine what he'll be making in a couple years. Maybe when he's older, he can work at the Tech Center in the Jedi Temple." he added as an afterthought. They all thought that, whatever Homki would make would actually turn out to be quite useful- his tracking devices in the tooka dolls and animal communicators had already been quite useful.

They spent two more hours in Dexter's Diner, talking about the mission, along with other stuff like how the reporter on HoloNet, which was being shown on screens at the diner, wasn't doing a very good job as he kept laughing at random points and saying "like", "um" and "and so, uh, yeah". It really was nice, Rex thought as they did this, to get some time off and just enjoy themselves.

They all wished they could have more time off, but they paid the waitress and left, too soon for anyone's liking. As they walked into the Coruscant sunset, Obi-Wan wondered what the future had to hold.

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