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Disclaimer: I am not the author of The Hunger Games :( I wish I were but I'm not and if yall don't know that then please, pretty please go dunk ur self in oreo milk.

Peeta's POV

The cool wind brushes my skin sending chills down my back. Training my blue eyes on a spot in the distance I lose myself in my thoughts.

As my car advances in to the parking lot of the pier, I slip out my phone sending my best-friend Cato a quick text.

Theboywiththebread: u here yet?

Spearthrowingsexyman: No u?

Theboywiththebread: just got here…..

Spearthrowingsexyman: pulling in C u in a sec…

I push the black car door open, getting out of the cramped car. My friends and I have all decided to go on a cruise together, we thought it would be entertaining.

"Hey Peeta!" Someone yells. Swiveling around as to seeing her face I smile, finding none other then Katniss Everdeen. I can feel my stomach flip-flop as Katniss walks towards me, her little sister Prim and her friend Rue trailing a few inches behind.

"Hi." I say.

"Are we the first ones here?" Katniss asks stopping to let Prim and Rue catch up. "Sorry about bringing them…..Mom couldn't take care of them for a week, I mean geeze." Katniss rambles.

"Oh, look there's Gale and Miranda," I say pointing to the cute couple advancing towards us. The small red-head smiles when she sees its us.

"Hi guys!" She smiles her amber eyes lighting up. I can see Rory eyeing Prim from behind Gale's back.

"I see you had to bring him as well," Katniss says slightly waving to Rory.

"What about Posy?" I ask.

"She had to stay…" Gale says winking at Katniss. Besides being Katniss's best-friend, Gale is also Miranda's boyfriend. Cato appears with Clove and Annie coming next then Finnick.

"So whats up peeps?" Finnick asks, throwing a muscular arm over Annie's shoulder.

"The sky," Annie says. Finnick looks at her smirking.

"Besides that Annie, you know what I mean…" Finnick says after a minute of silence.

"We should get on and get our room's." Clove says taking her time in climbing the steps the boat dock. Finnick playfully shoves her forward and clambers up himself then helps the rest of us on.

"Welcome kids!" A man says walking with difficultly towards us. "I am Captain Haymitch," We greet him and he is claiming that the rooms are all on the second floor. The top floor includes an inside pool and an outside pool, a gym and all sporty stuff. The second floor has cabins and stuff and the bottom floor has restaurants and shops.

"Hey guys! Look there is the room list!" Rue says jumping up and down in front of the list. Miranda and Annie laugh and envelop Rue in a quick hug.

Rooming list

Room 202: Clove, Katniss, Miranda, and Annie
Room 205: Rue, and Prim
Room 210: Finnick, Gale, Peeta, Cato, and Rory

I smile and turn to Gale.

"Let's go roomie," I say leading the group to the three rooms.