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Clove's POV

Cato's arm rests snug around my shoulders, and I sigh contentedly.

"Clove!" A jeering voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Huh?" I ask. Everyone laughs and I turn my head, glancing at my friends faces.

"Truth or dare?" Annie asks. I glance at Katniss who shrugs her shoulders.

"Dare." I growl, causing Cato to laugh beside me. I smile, knowing that I am living up to his standards.

"Okay ummm.." Annie says, letting her eyes wander to the clearing around us. "I dare you to go skinny dipping." Annie says, her green eyes twinkling with delight.


"But what? I thought you were the brave one." Gale spits, giving me a maniac grin. Katniss shoots him a glare and I roll my eyes.

"Fine." I say, making my way over to the beach. I quickly slip in between a couple of trees and gently throw my long dress off and gently walk into the water, letting my toes sink into the cold sand. I can hear giggling and shuffling across the beach and I sink deeper into the water, concealing my naked body. I yelp as my feet brushes and unknown object on the ground. Calm down, you're the brave one. I say, repeating a small mantra.

"Okay Clovey, you can come out know." Katniss shouts, then I can see her thin frame scamper off into the woods. I grunt and pull myself out of the water, towards the spot where I had previously laid them. I grasp in the darkness for the slik of my dress but come out with a mens jacket. I mentally kick myself for not hiding my clothes; of course they would come and steal it. I shrug the men's jacket over my wet body and gently tie my brown hair up into a knot. Quickly pulling the jacket to conceal my bare body, I make my way back to the clearing, my chin lifted in the air.

"I can't believe you guys." I say coming into the clearing. Anni laughs tossing my underwear.

"Can I have my dress?" I ask. Cato shakes his head and points to the giant tree, big enough for me to hide myself behind. I shake my head and clamber over to the tree, slipping my silky underwear on. Giving a final huff, I saunter over to Cato's side and plop down, pulling the jacket tighter around myself.

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