Fool X Rosetta

ok i wrote this a long time ago , and consisting how bad my first fic was I didn't know if i should publish but lets see how it goes.

the story basically fool remember his pass and he miss a special person that he can never see and wishes he could be with them. ( How make sense ) ONE SHOT

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character soooo do not sue me

Fool Pov

I know Rosetta is not my princess, she only looks like her or at least the younger versing of the princess I fell in love with.

But … can … I... just pretend...that Rosetta... is her.

Because I, Because I, Because I wish I could spend more time with my lovely princess. I know, I know she is not, but could it... hurt to pretend that Rosetta is her.

When Rosetta smile can I not pretend , that my maneuver I die for is the reason why, because she knows I love her that much to die, so she can freely smile .

When Rosetta is sacred can I pretend to hold her lovingly in my arms, that I wish I can done with her.

When Rosetta is sleeping can I pretend that she is my princess having a beautiful slumber.

Can I pretend when Rosetta is blushes , its because of me.

AND can I imaging that this place is the kingdom and Kaleido stage is the castle, were I am helping Rosetta to become the princess(of the stage)that she is.

Can...I … pretend
Can.. I..Pretend.

I know she is not my princess and its not of what I say or do that makes act in that way.

But … can … I... just pretend..
can … I... just pretend or at least for the sake of my heart .

"That Rosetta is my princess."