I am going to post this note on all my story with the hope to spread the news

A guy named Kane is adding more and more fics from ffn every minute through his 'bot' onto fictionhunt . com

WITHOUT even attempting to get permission from any of the authors.

This is plain theft!

I ask every one of you who posts on here to check the site regularly if your works got stolen as well and, if so, to write a DMCA at: kane fictionhunt . com with a cc at: abuse enom . com

Update! Server email address is: abuse fryazino . com

You will have to file a DMCA for every single story.

Thank you for helping us doing something against the theft of our work.

If you want to help and you're not an author, there is also a petition on Aavaz . org to remove all the stories until they are gicen full permission from each is the link:

: / / secure . avaaz en/petition/Fictionhuntcom _ To _ remove _all _ stories _ until _ they _ are _ given _ full _ permission _ by _ each _ author

My story 'Love of Legend' is one of the stories that had been copied without my knowledge or permission. I have to say this kind of behaviour is just hurtful. As authors we put hard work in this stories and to see them being stolen like that..

For me had been really difficult to post, mostly because of low self esteem, I never thought so many people would like my work. Being proven wrong had been wonderful for me but now this.. it just makes me sick.

I have tried entering the site to see if the owner had the decency to at least put the author's names with the stories or not, but it is now down and I can't see. Truthfully, this just makes me want to stop writing and posting anything if people like this one is going to steal it and take merit for himself...