A/N: Another quick fill. Usual statements apply. As for back story as to why this happened, I'll leave that for you to imagine. Or just simply enjoy this as a pwp.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?"

Silence. Tsuna grins, unaffected by the lack of response. That impish smile makes him look so much more seductive. The hand hidden behind his back brings out a lollipop, which he proceeds to unwrap.

Maintaining eye contact, he flicks out his cherry-red tongue, darting all over the surface of the candy. Apparently tired of the teasing touches, the brunet drags the slick organ over the sweet, then engulfs the whole thing in his mouth. He swallows, the sound seeming to echo in the closed room.

The other person, restricted in the chair, sighs softly.

Tsuna takes notice of this. He saunters over, eyes smouldering, lips set back in that damnable smirk around the stick in this mouth with hips swaying. Coming to a stop beside the bound male, he bends down and removes the lollipop, giving a breathy moan as he does so.

Right beside the other's ear. The quick puff of air tickles hair and skin.

"I think you want to. I think that's not a phone in your pocket, and you want to shove your dick down my throat. I think you want to fuck my mouth, pour your hot stinky cum down my throat and abuse my hole so hard that I can't speak for days."

The sensuous purr causes him to shiver, just slightly. Satisfied, Tsuna backs away, putting the candy back between his lips, a knowing look in his eyes. He juts out a hip, standing there and running his empty hands down his torso.

Ever so carefully, slender fingers unbutton his shirt, pulling the white fabric off his body. Expressive brown eyes fall to half-mast as he touches himself, head tilting back and offering a generous view of unblemished skin along the column of his neck. Slowly, he stalks over, removing the lollipop once again.

Tsuna opens his mouth as if to speak.

The mixture of melted sugar and saliva drips off his tongue, splattering over a fair face. The recipient closes his eyes and holds his breath. It's the first time he's experiencing this sort of treatment.

He finds that it's more arousing than disgusting, but can't quite figure out why. A childish giggle permeates his thoughts, signalling that he can breath safely now.

"So sorry, I forgot to swallow," Tsuna chirps. He doesn't sound sorry at all. "But you'd probably hold me down until I choke on your cum so that accidents like this won't happen."

Tha sultry tone of voice, coupled with the imagined visual and warm air against his lips, push him to the brink. He ejaculates into his pants with a quiet hiss. Tsuna hurriedly retreats.

"See, I can make you cum without touching you," his tone is smug and full of pride.

Slate grey eyes narrow at him.

"Yes," Hibari grudgingly concedes. "You should now report to the infant that you're passable at seduction."

He feels grim satisfaction from seeing the brunet blanch.