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The people sitting around the table all looked up when Gibbs and Tony walked onto the back patio.

"About time." Anna grinned. "Just what were you doing?"

Tony rolled his eyes, ignoring the comment.

"Come sit. We saved you two seats." Another woman patted a chair next to her. "Jethro I've been waiting patiently to meet you.

"Jethro, my cousin Sasha." Tony introduced them as they sat down. He took the seat away from Sasha, forcing Gibbs sit between them.

"So did you two meet at work?"

"No." Gibbs shook his head. "Baltimore."

"That's right. Tony left Baltimore and went to NCIS." She grinned at Gibbs. "Did you have something to do with that?"


Tony was eating, keeping his mouth occupied, not wanting to have to talk.

"Wanted him for yourself?"

"I did." Gibbs glanced at Tony. "He's good."

Several people snickered.

"At his job." Gibbs picked up his glass. "And other things."

Tony jerked his head sideways, a look of surprise on his face at Gibbs' comment. Gibbs ignored the look as he took a drink.

Chuckles rang up.

"You must like movies then?" Anna asked from across the table.

"No." Gibbs shook his head.

"Really?" Anna paused. "I mean, that's such a huge thing to Tony."

"It is and I respect that." Gibbs leaned back. "Like all couples, we have our own interests as well as things we like to do together."

"Gibbs builds amazing boats." Tony, for some reason, felt he needed to interject.

"Gibbs?" Anna laughed.

"Habit." Gibbs' arm went around the back of Tony's chair. "Work."

"Right." Anna nodded. "Isn't that hard. Working together and dating?"

"Not really." Gibbs shrugged.

Again Tony looked at Gibbs, surprised by how easily he was dealing with this.

"But you're his boss." Conor leaned forward on the table. "I would think that could be complicated."

"Believe me, work and personal are completely separate for G-Jethro." Tony cleared his throat.

"And are you as good at keeping it separate Tony?" Sasha asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.

"Not as good as Jethro." Tony forced a smile.

"Knowing you, you're probably dragging him into a conference room or office for a quickie." Anna wiggled her eyebrows. "Or the elevator."

Gibbs' eyebrow went up.

Anna pointed at Gibbs and laughed. "See I knew it. That look says it all."

This time Tony glared at Gibbs only to have the glare ignored.

"Oh come on Tony." Conor shook his head. "We know how you are."

"Alright, moving on." Tony barked.

"Relax." Sasha chuckled. "We're only kidding. Something wrong Anthony? You normally give as good as you get."

Tony took a deep breath. "Must just be tired from the drive."

"You should have let me drive." Gibbs said.

"I wanted to survive the trip, didn't need a double funeral."

Gibbs smirked.

"Bad driver?" Conor chuckled, glancing between Tony and Gibbs.

"Fast driver." Tony took a drink and smiled at Gibbs. "If you had driven we'd have been here in two hours, if we survived."

"Does he leave his clothes on the floor too?" Conor's wife, Rachael asked with a chuckle.

"No." Tony pushed a piece of meat around his plate with his fork. "Although he doesn't know how to throw a takeout carton away."

The group chuckled.

"How terrible." Rachael groaned sarcastically. "I'd be thrilled if Conor brought a takeout meal home once in awhile. It would mean I didn't have to cook."

"Jethro's a great cook." Tony chimed.

"Really?" Anna looked surprised.

Gibbs shook his head. "Not really."

"He makes the best steak ever." Tony put down his fork and spoke with his hands. "Cowboy style, in the fireplace. The best steak you'll ever have. And his chili. Amazing." He paused then quickly added. "Oh, and something he does with his hamburgers, but he won't tell me." Realizing everyone was smiling at him, he sensed the one pair of eyes on him that matter. He turned towards Gibbs and saw the older man staring at him intently.

"Didn't realize my cooking impressed you so much."

Tony swallowed the lump in his throat. "Yeah."

Leaning towards Tony, Gibbs whispered but loud enough for the others to hear. "I'll tell you about the burgers one day... when I think you're ready."

Ooohhhs echoed around the table.

"And just what do I have to do to be ready?"

There was a seductive tone to Tony's voice that surprised Gibbs and he grinned. "I'll let you know."

Tony felt his mouth go dry as Gibbs continued to stare at him intensely.

"Get a room." Conor groaned.

Finally tearing his eyes away, Tony picked up his glass and emptied it, then stood up. "I need another drink."

Gibbs watched as Tony walked away.

"Is he okay?" Anna asked. "He's usually not this touchy."

"We just had a long week, then the drive." Looking over, Gibbs saw Tony standing at the other end of the balcony staring out over the grounds. "Excuse me a minute." Gibbs pushed his chair out and made his way across the balcony.

"So sweet." Anna watched Gibbs heading towards Tony. "Checking on his man."

"Didn't mean to upset you." Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear, his hand brushing the small of Tony's back.

Tony jumped both from the voice and the touch.

"I'm not upset." Tony sighed. "It's just strange."

"Yeah." Gibbs looked out over the landscape, leaning his hip against the balcony rail and looking at Tony.

"You're a convincing boyfriend." Tony continued to stare out at the grounds.

"I have been a boyfriend before." Gibbs chuckled.

"To a man?" Tony asked.

"And I've met plenty of questioning families." Gibbs ignored Tony's question. "This one is pretty tame."

"Just wait." Tony paused. "They're not drunk yet."

Gibbs laughed. "I think I can handle it."

"I'm sure you can."

"Relax." Gibbs' hand again touched the small of Tony's back, this time staying there. "You're tense and uneasy."

Tony nodded.

"That bad pretending I'm your boyfriend?"

"No." Smiling over at Gibbs, Tony shook his head. "Just weird. Gonna take some time to get used to."

"Okay." Giving Tony a nod, Gibbs took his hand away.

"We're heading in to get ready." Anna said walking towards them "You two coming?"

"Yeah, right behind you." Tony said taking a deep breath trying to forget the warmth on his back from Gibbs' touch.

"Here's your room." Conor stopped in front of a door. "Have fun. We gave you two the master."

Tony rolled his eyes as he walked in, Gibbs following. Closing the door behind him, Gibbs saw the concerned look on Tony's face.

"I could get us separate rooms." Tony knew there were plenty of empty rooms available. "I can get with the staff, no one will know."

"We've shared a room before Tony."

"But not a bed." God, we really cannot share a bed. "There is the difference."

Gibbs leaned forward. "We're adults, I think we can deal with it."


"I'll change in the bathroom." Gibbs grabbed his bag and disappeared.

Falling back onto the bed Tony groaned. This was some bizarre dream, it had to be, because the Gibbs he knew would never agree to pretend to be his boyfriend. Tony should end this, just tell everyone the truth, because there was no way he could take this for another three days. The bathroom door opened and Tony sat up. His lips parting slightly and his eyes dilated as he stared at the vision before him.

Gibbs was standing there with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Forgot the suit's in the garment bag."

Tony nodded, his eyes following Gibbs every movement as he picked up the garment bag then made his way back to the bathroom. The bathroom door closed and again Tony flopped back down onto the bed staring up at the ceiling. Seriously, is this some kinda test or torture?

The casket had been lowered into the ground as the graveside service came to an end. Tony was still staring at the open ground transfixed.

"You okay?" Gibbs asked standing beside Tony.

Tony nodded. "It wasn't a surprise, she was eighty-six, but I'll miss her."

For the third time today, Gibbs' hand touched the small of Tony's back.

"She'd have loved you." Tony chuckled.

"Is that so?"

"Oh yeah." Tony looked at Gibbs. "So polite, handsome, debonair, and suave."

Gibbs laughed. "I don't know about that."

"Come on." Tony took Gibbs' hand and pulled him towards the car.

"Back to the house?"

"Yeah, booze and whatever else that'll make us forget." Tony gave a smile that was laced with a sadness. "Tradition."

"I'm all for tradition."

Laughter and the clinking of glasses filled the large sitting room they were in. Endless members of Tony's family coming in and out of the room, while other small groups were out on the balcony and in other rooms in the estate.

"This is the last one, I swear." Rachael said rubbing her pregnant stomach.

"You said that two kids ago." Tony snickered.

"And she'll say it again with the next one." Conor kissed his wife's cheek as he patted her belly.

"NO!" Rachael shook her head vigorously. "Six is more than enough."

"Come on, there's eight in my family, we have to at least tie that!" There was pride in Conor's statement.

Tony laughed shaking his head.

"Do you want kids Jethro?" Rachael asked seeing the faraway look in Gibbs' eyes.

Gibbs took a deep breath. "Maybe."

She cocked her head slightly, women's intuition. "You had children."

"Yeah." Gibbs nodded.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"It's okay." Taking a swig of his drink, Gibbs felt the brush of Tony's fingers against his hand, and smiled at the younger man.

"Okay happier questions." Anna glared at Tony. "Over ten years together, why didn't you tell us sooner?"

"Um, well." Tony wasn't sure how to answer that question. "I, it's-"

"My fault." Gibbs cut in. "I tend to like to keep my personal life, personal."

"Why do I not believe that?" Anna balked, again glaring at Tony. "Tony can be very guarded when it comes to relationships, especially ones that mean a great deal to him."

"Really?" There was a surprise in Gibbs voice.

"I really didn't wanna deal with all the questions. Like this one." Tony looked at her. "Or put Jethro through it, at least not until we were ready."

"Good." Anna grinned. "Then this means you both are ready."

Tony groaned, his head dropping down on the back of the couch. Damn it! She set him up for this.

"You always did fall for my set-ups." Anna rubbed her hands together.

"Anna come on, this really isn't the time for-"

"Tony." Gibbs winked at the younger man. "I told you, I can handle it."

"I don't think you're the one Tony's worried about." Conor laughed. "The questions aren't just for you. They're about how well you know each other."

"We've all been through it." Rachael remembered her induction to the family as if it was yesterday. "I'll try to be more tactful." She glared back and forth between Ian and Anna. "Than they were with me."

Gibbs' eyes travelled around the group of six people sitting around them; Conor and his wife Rachael, Anna, Ian and his wife Michelle, Sasha, and another of Tony's cousin's Becca.

"Have at it." Gibbs leaned forward and took off his jacket laying it across the back of the couch.

"Oh, he's serious now." Conor snickered.

"Jethro." Wide eyed, Tony stared at Gibbs.

"Tony first." Anna grinned. "Jethro a boxer, briefs or commando guy."

Tony shook his head. "Are you kidding me that's your question?"

"Inquiring minds wanna know." Anna winked at Rachael.

"Boxers." Tony sighed.

Anna wagged her finger at Rachael. "You owe me five bucks."

Rachael stuck her tongue out at Anna.

Gibbs looked at Rachael eyebrow raised.

"Pegged you for a brief guy."

"Pajamas or nothing at all?" Rachael asked Tony.


"Favorite movie?" Conor asked.

Tony smiled. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Gibbs had quoted it when he brought Tony to NCIS for a job.

"Best bodily feature?"

"His eyes." The questions came at a quick pace now, with Tony not even taking more than a second to answer.

"Right or left side of the bed?"

"Side closest to the door."

"Money or happiness?"


"Most used swear word?"

"Son of a bitch."

"Vanilla or chocolate?"


"Sex or love."


"Missionary or Doggy position."

Tony paused a moment, then guessed. "Doggy."

"Spit or swallow."

"Not answering that!" Tony snapped and glared at Conor.

"Hard and fast, or slow and steady?"


"Lights on or off?"


"Too much or not enough?" Anna held up her pinky and wiggled it causing everyone to laugh.

Tony stole a glance at Gibbs and saw Gibbs had pulled his leg up and was sitting sideways watching him.

Gibbs raised his eyebrows waiting for Tony to answer.

Turning back to Anna, Tony smiled. "Can it ever be too much?"

"Ohhh!" Rachael clapped her hands. "So true."

"Can we stop this now?" Tony ran his hands down his face.

"Maybe." Conor looked over at Gibbs. "How'd he do?"

"Missed one."

Tony jerked his head sideway. "Which one?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Gibbs smirked.

"You can tell me." Anna leaned across the coffee table towards Gibbs. Meeting her half way Gibbs whispered in her ear. Her eyes went wide. "Really? How could he miss that?"

Gibbs shrugged.

"Your turn." Conor nodded to Gibbs.

"Okay." Settling back into the couch, Gibbs asked. "Same questions?"

"Not necessarily, just whatever anyone wants to ask."

"Well, everyone knows Tony goes commando and sleeps naked so we don't have to ask that one."

Gibbs chuckled. "True."

Without thinking, Tony smacked Gibbs' arm.

"Jethro." Rachael asked. "Tony's favorite movie?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes. "James Bond, Goldfinger."

Tony drew his head back surprised that Gibbs knew that.

"Best bodily feature?"

"His ass." Gibbs saw Tony's shocked look out of the corner of his eye.

"Money or happiness?"

Gibbs snickered. "Happiness." As much as Tony liked the good things in life, the truth was Tony just wanted to be happy.

"Vanilla or chocolate?"


"Sex or love?"

"Love." Again, Tony might have the reputation but it wasn't what Tony truly wanted.

"Missionary or Doggy position?"


"Spit or swallow?"

Gibbs looked directly at Conor as he answered the question Tony wouldn't. "Swallow."

"I knew it!" Conor clapped his hands.

Tony ran his hands down his face.

"Too much or not enough?" Anna asked again.

"Perfect." Gibbs winked at her.

"Top or bottom?"

"ENOUGH!" Tony shouted standing up. "You people need a hobby."

"This is our hobby." Conor laughed.

"How did he do Tony?" Sasha asked.

"Just-fine." Tony mumbled.

"He's upset." Michelle grinned. "You must have gotten them all right."

"Interrogation is over." Rachael slowly stood up. "I'm going to bed."

"I could use some sleep too." Gibbs glanced at Tony.

"I'll be up in a little bit." Tony smiled. "I'm gonna catch up with Conor for awhile."

"Good night." Gibbs stood up

"Night." Tony smiled. "See you in a bit."

"Sure." Nodding his goodbyes, Gibbs left a few steps behind Rachael.

As the others followed suit, Tony slumped down on the couch across from Conor and dropped his head back.

"Reason you don't want to go to bed?" Conor grinned.

Jerking his head up, Tony stared at the man across from him. "No."

"That wasn't very convincing." Conor chuckled then took a sip of his drink.

"Just not tired."

"Jethro really didn't seem tired either." Conor smirked. "He seemed like he had other ideas than sleeping."

"He was tired, I'm sure."

"Is he no good in bed?"

"What?" Tony looked shocked.

"That why you don't want to go to bed?"

"No. God no." Tony shook his head. "I mean no. That's not it."

"Then what?" Conor stared at Tony. "Something's bothering you."

Tony sighed. "Just a long day."

"Tony. Jethro's a good guy everyone likes him."

"Yeah." Tony chuckled. "Everyone likes Jethro, I get it."

"Did you not want us to like him?" There was a concerned look on Conor's face.

"I knew everyone would like him." That was the problem. "He's charming when he wants to be."

Conor's eyebrow went up. "Is he not treating you right? I'll kick his ass for you."

Tony laughed. "No. He treats me fine and if he didn't I'd kick his ass."

"Okay. You want another drink?"

"That would be great." Truth was if Tony thought for one moment Gibbs wanted to go to bed for more than sleep, he would have run up the stairs two at a time.

Slowly opening the door, Tony saw Gibbs lying on his back, he looked to be asleep. He silently walked into the room and slipped off his shirt and went to take off his pants and stopped. Damn! His head dropped back. Sleeping naked was not a good idea, especially sleeping naked next to Gibbs. Walking over to his bags, he found the emergency pair of boxers he always took wherever he went. Slipping off his shoes and socks, he stepped out of his jeans, and pulled on the boxers. Trying not to move the bed, he slipped under the covers and curled up onto his side near the edge of the bed.

"Never realized you knew me so well."

Damn it. Tony was so sure Gibbs was asleep. He should have known better. "I guessed a lot."

"You only guessed at one question."

Why the hell do I even try to lie? Gibbs always knows.

"And that's the one you missed." Rolling over, Gibbs sighed. "Night."

"Night." Tony lay there, eyes open. Gibbs was a missionary position man that surprised him. Then again, maybe Gibbs preferred missionary because his answers were those of a straight man.