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Feeling the light on his eyelids, he put his hand over his eyes and felt the throbbing start in his head. "Shit." Tony groaned. God, he should know better by now. Taking a deep breath he instantly smelt the coffee. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

"Morning, barely." Gibbs smiled down at him.

Pushing himself up, Tony leaned back against the head board and accepted the coffee cup from Gibbs. "Why are you up and dressed?" Tony asked grabbing Gibbs' hand and pulling him towards the bed.

"Because you said you wanted to leave at a decent time." Gibbs answered, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"What time is it?" Tony took a sip of coffee.

"Almost eleven."

"Were you drunk at all last night?" Tony asked putting his coffee down on the night stand.

"Not really." Gibbs grinned.

Chewing at his bottom lip, Tony hissed.

Gibbs' brow furrowed. "What?"

Grabbing the middle of Gibbs' shirt, Tony sighed. "Makes last night even sexier, knowing you were sober." He shoved Gibbs down on the bed.

"Right." Gibbs chuckled, letting Tony crawl onto his body. "I was a completely willing captive."

Tony nodded comfortably straddling Gibbs' hips.

Letting his hand snake around Tony's neck, Gibbs gently brought Tony's lips to his. "I will always be willing with you." Crushing their lips together, Gibbs wanted to make sure Tony knew exactly how willing he was, but Tony pulled back.

"Don't." Tony sighed breathlessly. "If you start that we'll never get out of this bed."

"And you have a problem with that?"

Tony laughed. "No, but I'd rather get out of this bed and get into your bed."

Gibbs hummed.

"Us, alone. No one else in the house."

"Right." Gibbs nodded. "Okay, up. You need to get dressed, packed, and I'm sure it will take at least an hour for you to say goodbye to your family."

"So true!" Tony went to get up then stopped and looked down at Gibbs. "Why didn't you tell me you talked to Sasha?"

Gibbs shrugged. "It was a personal conversation"

"Personal? Sasha tells you she knows we are lying about our relationship and you don't feel I should know about that?"

"I figured if she wanted you to know she would tell you, and she did."

"You told her you loved me... more than I can ever imagine." Tony looked at Gibbs for a reply.

"I did." Gibbs nodded.

"I can only imagine what she told you." Tony rolled his eyes.

"She loves you, worries about you, that's all." Gibbs fingers brushed against Tony's cheek. "She wanted to make sure, about me, about us."

"And you convinced her?"

Gibbs chuckled. "Not sure."

"She's a tough cookie." Tony grinned.

"I got that." Gibbs rolled them over, draping his body over Tony's. "And I have no doubt her and Anna will hunt me down if I hurt you."

"Probably." Tony laughed. "Or they'd probably send Conor and Ian."

"No." Gibbs snickered. "I think Sasha would want to do it herself."


Gibbs shook his head. "I love you and plan to do everything in my power never to hurt you."

Tony nodded and smiled.

"Although you realize we're going to argue and fight right?"

"Oh yeah, I know." Tony chuckled.

Gibbs smirked. "Making up is always fun though."

"True." Tony's fingers were playing with the button of Gibbs' jeans.

"Tony." Gibbs raised an eyebrow, seeing the look in Tony's eyes. "We need to get ready. Remember? Us alone, the house."

"Right." Tony sighed.

Giving Tony a quick kiss, Gibbs winked. "Come on, sooner we leave, sooner we get home."

"You two are going to come here for Thanksgiving, promise?" Anna said as she hugged Tony.

"We are." Tony smile as he hugged her tightly.

"Good." She smiled looking up at him. "I love you."

"I love you too." He kissed her forehead.

"And you!" She grinned at Gibbs as she stepped before him. "Take care of him."

"Will do." Gibbs smiled.

She embraced him, then stepped back.

"Jethro good to meet you." Ian nodded and the two men shook hands.

Gibbs nodded. "You too."

"Come here." Conor hugged Tony one armed. "It's been fun!"

"Yeah." Tony returned the hug.

"I like this guy." Conor nodded towards Gibbs. "Don't fuck it up."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Thanks."

"And don't put up with any shit from him." Conor smirked at Gibbs.

"Never do." Gibbs chuckled.

The goodbye's continued until finally Sasha stepped forward and stood in front of Gibbs.

"Sasha, it was a pleasure." Gibbs extended his hand.

She slapped his hand aside and hugged him.

Surprised, Gibbs hugged her back.

"You're a good man Jethro." She whispered in his ear.

"I'll do everything I can to always make him feel loved." Gibbs whispered back.

She drew back and looked into his blue eyes. "I know you will." She patted his cheek.

Moving over to Tony, Sasha put her finger against his chest. "You! No more hiding, no more doubt. He loves you, flaws and all."

Tony swallowed the lump of emotion in his throat and nodded.

"And don't let him stew, make him talk it out."

"I will." Tony grabbed her crushing her against him. "Love you."

"Love you too." She kissed his cheek and pulled herself from his arms. "Now get out of here."

"Why did I let you drive?" Tony sighed climbing out of the car.

"Because you slept the first two hours." Gibbs smirked, closing the driver's side door.

"How fast were you going while I was asleep?" Tony shook his head. "It's a four and a half hour drive not a three hour drive."

"We're here aren't we?" Gibbs balked, grabbing his bags from the back.

Retrieving his own bags, Tony followed Gibbs towards the house. He shook his head when Gibbs opened the door without a key. "We were gone four days and you didn't lock the door?"

Gibbs glared back at Tony.

"Whatever." Tony shrugged as he dropped his bags inside the door and pushed the door shut. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and let it out. "Alone, no family to annoy us." When he opened his eyes, Gibbs was standing before him. It didn't even surprise him when he was pushed against the door and Gibbs' lips descended to his neck. Letting out a need filled moan, Tony's hand clutched at the back of Gibbs' head demanding more.

Reaching around, Gibbs' hands squeezed Tony's ass, he drew back looking into the dilated green eyes. "I want you in every room of this house."

"Then start here." Tony's begged and Gibbs' hand was instantly tugging at his belt.

"Holy crap!"

Both men froze at the sound of the familiar female voice.

"Total twilight zone moment!" Abby's hands were up, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. "This is like Whoa!"

"Shit." Gibbs grumbled then looked at Abby. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was worried. I stopped over a couple times and you weren't here. I thought maybe something happened." She grinned as she looked at Gibbs, then Tony. "Although, the thought that you were off burying the bone in your Senior Field Agent never crossed my mind."

Gibbs rolled his eyes and Tony tried to hide a smile.

"And where's your car?" Tony asked.

"I had McGee drop me off." Abby glared at Tony. "I thought you were going to a funeral?"

"That's where we were."

"Why didn't you just call?" Gibbs barked.

Abby's eyebrows went up. "I didn't want you to think I was a worry wart."

"And this is so much better." Gibbs stepped back from Tony and rubbed his forehead.

"I was waiting to make sure you were okay." Abby grinned. "How was I supposed to know you two would walk in and start bumping uglies against the front door!" Her brow furrowed as she questioned Tony. "What the hell kinda funeral was this that you go away for a weekend and come back all Brokeback Mountain?

"Enough." Gibbs snapped. "I'll take you home."

"I'll take her."

"No!" Gibbs glared at Tony.

"It's my car." Tony tried not to grin. "I'll take her. I'll be back in twenty minutes."

Gibbs dropped his head back.

"Afraid Tony's gonna tell me all the nastiness that went on?" Abby smirked.

Picking his head up, Gibbs glared at her.

Her gaze faltered and she chewed her bottom lip. "Right, no talking about the nastiness."

"Go." Gibbs pointed towards the living room. "Grab your stuff."

Abby shuffled into the living room like a scolded child.

Gibbs' glare now focused on Tony.

Tony held up his hands. "Mindless chatter, that's all we'll talk about."

"Like I believe that." Gibbs rolled his eyes.

Tony grinned. "Okay, I'll tell her how hot and sexy it was, but I won't give her details."

Gibbs stepped up to Tony a hungry look in his eyes. He sighed. "Get back here quickly...I'd hate to have to start without you."

Tony's eyes went wide. "You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?"

"Evil!" Tony groaned. "ABBY! Let's go."

"Jeez, okay." Abby saw the closeness of the two men and smirked. "You sure you don't want me to just take a cab or call McGee?"

"GO!" Gibbs growled.

"Right, going." She said hurrying out the door and down the steps towards the car.

Pointing a finger at Gibbs, Tony gave him a harsh look. "Don't even think about it!"

Gibbs smirked, his hand squeezing his cock. "Think about what? All the ways I'm going to have you when you get back."

"Damn you!" Tony groaned storming out and slamming the door behind him. He made his way to the car, Abby standing by the passenger door. He glared at her.

"What? This is partly your fault!" She punched his arm. "You couldn't take two seconds a to call me and tell me you finally hit the sheets with the man of your dreams?"

Quietly walking into the house, Tony tossed his keys on the stand by the door and kicked off his shoes. He smiled when he walked into the living room and saw Gibbs asleep on the couch, well probably faking sleep. Climbing onto Gibbs' body, Tony's hands drifted under Gibbs' shirt and skimmed up Gibbs' chest.

Gibbs sighed. "Abby happy with all the nasty details?"


Opening his eyes, Gibbs looked at Tony.

"I was discrete." Tony smirked.

"Right." Gibbs chuckled.

"I was." Reaching down, Tony rubbed Gibbs' denim covered cock. "I just told her you had a big cock and I couldn't get enough of it. No other details."

Gibbs rolled his eyes, then pushed Tony off his body and down beside him on the couch. On their sides facing each other, Gibbs wrapped an arm around Tony.

"She'll keep it to herself until we tell everyone."

"I know." Gibbs' pulled Tony closer.

"Are you tired?" Tony smiled. It had been a late night and a long drive home. "We could go up to bed, take a little nap."

"Roll over." Gibbs ordered.

"Or we can nap here." Tony rolled over, his back pressed against Gibbs' chest. He smiled when he felt Gibbs' hard cock rock against his ass. "Okay. Thinking a nap is not what you want."

Gibbs' hand easily unbuckled Tony's belt and undid the button and zipper on the jeans. "I want you." Gibbs growled into Tony's ear as his hand slipped into Tony's jeans and rubbed Tony's hardening cock.

"Jethro." Tony moaned. "Wouldn't this be better naked?"

"No." Gibbs rubbed his cock against Tony's ass. "It's sexy like this."

"What are you going to do to me?" Reaching back, Tony clawed at Gibbs' hips forcing Gibbs' cock harder against him.

"Give you what you can't get enough of." Gibbs used Tony's words as he let go of Tony's cock and tugged Tony's jeans down over his hips exposing Tony's bare ass. Undoing his own pants, Gibbs pulled out his hard cock and grabbed the bottle of lube he'd shoved in the cushion. He put some on his hand and quickly slipped two fingers inside Tony.

Tony purred pushing back against the fingers taking them deeper.

"God, I love when you do that." Gibbs groaned. He never expected to enjoy this part so much, but it turned him on, Tony showing his eagerness for so much more. The purring continued as Gibbs worked his fingers in and out of Tony.

"I want your cock." Tony begged.

"You'll get it." Gibbs sighed, adding a third finger.

"Jethro. Please." Tony whimpered again, eagerly pushing back on the fingers. He groaned when Gibbs' fingers instantly left him.

Generously rubbing lube over his cock, Gibbs pressed the head against Tony, then lunged in embedding his cock all the way into Tony.

"Oh fuck." Tony gasped, clutching at the cushion in front of him.

"You wanted my cock." Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear plunging in and out of Tony at a frantic pace.

"Yes." Tony let go of the cushion and reached back clutching at Gibbs' neck. "Fuck me."

"All those times you slept here on the couch." Gibbs panted. "This is what I wanted to happen."

"God, I wish you would have fucked me then." Tony grunted as his body was thrust forward with the force of Gibbs attack.

"So do I." Enveloping Tony's cock, Gibbs stroked hard and fast.

"Jethro." Tony hissed, the feel of Gibbs' calloused hand on his cock intensifying the pleasure.

Gibbs pressed his mouth against Tony's jugular. He could feel the strong rapid pulse that surged through Tony's aroused body. He inhaled deeply taking in the strong scent of almond soap and the hint of Tony's natural musk. All of it creating an intoxicating combination that drove Gibbs mad with desire. Long before this, he knew Tony's scent, knew when Tony was close, but never thought he'd smell it so close or taste it against his lips. And now after just a few days, he never wanted to be without it again.

"Tony." Gibbs growled against the pulse feeling the need rising.

Releasing some unearthly cry, Tony came, his body trembling against Gibbs.

Letting Tony's cock fall from his hand, Gibbs arm tightened around Tony, crushing their bodies together. His teeth sank into Tony's neck as he came, screaming into the flesh.

"That's it." Tony grunted, thrusting up into Gibbs' mouth. "I'm gonna come. Oh fuck!"

Gibbs swallowed hard, drinking down Tony's release, staying wrapped around Tony's cock until it went flaccid. Crawling up Tony's body, Gibbs dropped down on the bed next to Tony.

"We can't go on like this." Tony panted.

"Like what?" Gibbs asked.

"This." Tony chuckled. "I don't think I've ever come so many times in one day."

"Can't keep up?"

Tony shook his head. "Fine, I give! I need a break, food, sleep, please."

Gibbs laughed. "Okay." He rolled over on his side and gave Tony a quick kiss. "I'll order some food you sleep."

"Thank you." Tony sighed touching Gibbs' cheek."

Leaning back on the couch, Tony sighed contently.


"Yes." Tony smiled. "Although, I could use a little more sleep."

"Sleep next, I promise." Gibbs smirked.

Pushing Gibbs down on the couch, Tony grinned down at him. "Are you always going to be like this?"

"Like what?" Gibbs asked wrapping his arms around Tony and pulling him down against his chest.

"Insatiable, looking at me like you want to devour me."

"Yes." Gibbs smiled, his hands caressing up Tony's back. "Are you always going to be so eager and willing?"

"Absolutely." Tony grinned. "You gonna let me tie you up again, well one hand?"

"Maybe." Gibbs winked. "This weekend?"

"I have to wait till the weekend to tie you up?"

"No, this weekend." Gibbs paused. "I want you to start moving in, sooner if you want."

Tony pulled back, staring down at Gibbs. "Afraid I'm gonna back out?"

"No, I want you here."

Tony snickered. "I am here."

"I want you and your things here, with me." Gibbs sighed.

A questioning look fell over Tony's face.

"I'm not waiting anymore. I'm happy and I'm doing everything to continue that."

Tony smiled. When Leroy Jethro Gibbs set his mind to do something, it got done. "Okay, then tomorrow night I'll bring clothes over and some things I need...and I'll stay. Then-" Tony kissed Gibbs gently. "This weekend, we start moving."

Gibbs nodded. "Good."

"I love you and you make me happier than I ever thought possible." Tony's voice quivered.

"Then why do you sound so scared?"

Tony shrugged. "I guess I just didn't expect all this to happen over a four day weekend."

"So it's the time frame that scares you?"


"Tony." Gibbs sighed. "If I could go back years to when I first fell in love with you and tell you, I would, but I can't."

Tony nodded.

"All I can do is love you now and not waste any more time." Gibbs paused. "So if it feels like I'm moving fast...it's because I remember now, how amazing happiness is and how short life can be. And I don't want to be without that again."

Warm lips crashed down on Gibbs', a kiss full of passion and love, expressing everything that Tony couldn't seem to say with words. Gradually, Tony's lips drifted away from Gibbs, holding on as long as possible.

"We start moving stuff tomorrow." Tony sighed.

Laughing, Gibbs rolled them onto their sides. "Tomorrow then."


Slowly, he turned the hand drill creating a small hole in the wood. He smiled to himself when he smelled the familiar almond scent, then heard the creak of the stairs. Continuing his task, he watched out of the corner of his eye as Tony picked up the sander and silently started to sand the small section that still needed to be finished. They worked in silence for awhile, finally he put down the drill and made his way to the tool bench.

Tony grinned when he felt the arms circle his waist and the soft lips press a kiss to his neck.

"You in those jeans, your t-shirt covered in sawdust." Gibbs growled. "So sexy."

"You say that all the time." Tony laughed.

"It's sexy every time." Gibbs sighed.

"Just a month and already you turned me into a get dirty, sawdust kinda guy." Tony chuckled remembering Gibbs words from the observatory that night at the funeral.

"Imagine what you'll be like in a couple years." Gibbs whispered, his hands brushing across Tony's stomach.

"Jethro we have friends coming over." Tony knew the touch, knew where Gibbs wanted to take it.

"We have at least an hour." Gibbs said before attacking Tony's neck.

"You know someone is going to show up early." Tony sighed, his eyes closing, his head involuntarily tipping sideways to give Gibbs more access to his neck.

Gibbs' fingers popped the button on Tony's jeans. "Then I guess I'll make this quick and just suck you off."

"Damn it." Tony groaned. Why did the man's voice have to be so damn sexy? His cock was instantly hard as the zipper on his pants slid down. A second later he was spun around and pushed against the hull of the boat.

Gibbs dropped to his knees, his hands tugging Tony's jeans down just enough to let Tony's hard cock burst free. Gibbs smirked as he grabbed the base of Tony's cock and licked across the head.

Tony's body instantly relaxed, his head leaning back against the boat as he moaned with need. This was going to be quick and intense. Over the last month Tony had learned the cues to the different ways Gibbs made love. Slow and tender, fast and furious, hard and animalistic, or soft and calm. Didn't matter, Gibbs drove him crazy with desire every time they made love.

Wrapping his lips around the head of Tony's cock, Gibbs sucked and licked, then unceremoniously slid down the length of Tony's cock.

"Jethro!" Tony gasped as Gibbs worked over his cock at a furious pace. His hand dropped to Gibbs' shoulder for support, his eyes closed, and he forced himself to take a deep breath. He had to close his eyes, if he watched, he'd come within seconds. Gibbs on his knees, his cock in his mouth always pushed Tony over the edge.

Gibbs knew the reason Tony closed his eyes, had realized it early on, but there were so many other ways to push Tony over the edge, and Gibbs had been learning them all. Reaching the head of Tony's cock, he slid down slowly letting his teeth gently graze over the underside of Tony's cock.

"Fuck yes!" Clutching at Gibbs shoulder, Tony growled. Damn Gibbs for knowing just what to do to make him want to come! He couldn't last if Gibbs kept this up.

A lick across the head of Tony's cock, then another graze of teeth, and when he reached the base Gibbs sucked hard.

"Damn it Jethro!" Tony hissed. "God, you're gonna make me come already!"

Tony wasn't lying. Gibbs tasted Tony's release before he heard his lover cry out and felt fingertips claw into his shoulder.

Panting for breath, Tony groaned as his cock slipped from Gibbs' lips and he let go of Gibbs' shoulder.

Gibbs' body leaned against Tony's, his arm snaking around Tony's waist, his lips pressing a kiss to Tony's neck. "That should hold me over, until everyone leaves."

Laughing, Tony shook his head. "I really thought your sexual appetite would let up... wrong."

"Very wrong." Gibbs snickered as he pulled up Tony's jeans, tucking Tony's cock inside. "Go shower and get ready, I'll be up in a little bit."

Grabbing Gibbs face, Tony kissed the older man showing him the passion that still burned in his body. Pulling back, Tony sighed. "Oh, you better be ready when everyone leaves."

Gibbs wiggled his eyebrows. "I will be."

A quick kiss and Tony did up his jeans, then pushed Gibbs away. "Okay, I'm going."

They both heard the knock on the wall just outside the basement door.

Gibbs chuckled. "Yeah."

Fornell poked his head in.

"Tobias." Tony smiled.

"Tony." Fornell smiled back, slowly descending the stairs.

"Knocking, really?" Tony snickered.

"Hey." Fornell balked throwing his hands up as he reached the last step. "I learned my lesson the last time."

Gibbs smirked.

"Don't smirk." Fornell glared at Gibbs. "That image is still ingrained in my brain and believe me I've tried everything to get rid of it!"

"I'm sure you've seen worse." Tony grinned.

Fornell's face fell. "Worse than my best friend naked, plowing his boy toy on the tool bench? What the hell is worse than that?"

Tony's eyebrow went up. "Your best friends boy toy, plowing him across-"

"ENOUGH!" Gibbs yelled, smacking Tony's ass. "Go!"

Fornell's eyes went wide as he looked at Gibbs.

"Fine." Tony shrugged, heading up the stairs.

Watching and waiting until Tony disappeared out the door, Fornell then turned to Gibbs.

"Tobias, don't even start!"

"What?" Fornell smirked. "I didn't say anything!"

Gibbs shot him a glare. "You're early."

"Thank God I had to stop for gas or I'd have walked in on you sucking his cock."

"HEY!" Gibbs snapped. "What the hell is with you two today?"

"Come on, Tony's got that after blowjob glazed over look." Fornell chortled. "And you have that smug, I know how to satisfy my man look."

Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you just lock the damn door?"

"I do." Gibbs grinned. "But when the moment strikes, I'm not going to stop and go lock the door."

"Just keep the damn door locked all the time!" Fornell shook his head. "Seriously, how hard is that to comprehend?"

Gibbs shrugged.

"I'm just glad you two finally got a damn clue!" Fornell smiled.

"Who knew all it would take were four days and a funeral." Gibbs grinned.