This is more an experiment in Happy!Elphie than anything else. Well. Actually, more than anything else, this is a drabble that I've been working on and off on for about a year now, and decided I should quit editing to death and just post :) but it does feature some vaguely Happy!Victorious!Elphie, which makes a change from my normal style of writing her.

Inspired partly by some cut dialogue from the San Fransisco tryouts of the musical. Just a little piece - enjoy!

"I hope you're happy…my friend."

"There she is, that's one of them!"

They dived for her, guns raised. Glinda squealed, tottering on two-inch heels as they swamped her. I almost choked out loud with rage – how dare they, how dare they go for her, Oz, I had to help, but if I was caught, and she had chosen her path, her path without me, and what could I do –

"Let go of me, please, let go of me -!"

No use. They weren't listening. But the broomstick was tugging me into the air, my feet paddling the ground, toes skimming, up, up, up –

"- let go of me, do you hear, let go of me -!"

- Glinda –

I twisted; toppled; whirled to face them, to help, to shout –

"- it's not her!"

A crash. One of the guards had dropped his weapon. My hands flailed for the broomstick handle, trying to steady myself – cursed Oz, what had I been thinking, levitating half a strip of mouldy wood as my escape route! - but inside my heart was leaping, crying out as the ground dropped away beneath me, oh, oh –

"- she has nothing to do with it -!"

"Where is she?" one soldier's voice bellowed, and I could see them running about like frightened mice – great, meaty, gun-bearing mice – eyes darting everywhere but up…they couldn't find me. They didn't know where to look! They were lost, stumbling, fumbling whilst I was flying, sweet Oz, I was flying!

"- up here!" I shouted, feeling the hugest, silliest grin break across my face, and I shouted again, louder, recklessly waving my arms, feeling my stomach drop away as the broomstick swooped and oh Oz, I was free, I was free -!

"Up here, you fools, I'm up here!"

They froze, heads throwing back one by one, jaws dropped to the floor. I felt a laugh splutter out from my lips – the sight was so ridiculous! – and waved, beamed, tossed my hair back – they didn't know what to do with themselves! Oz, they were hopeless, gawping moronically at me twenty feet above them…!

So I let myself laugh. I imagined them telling him, telling their beloved so-called wizard how I'd slipped through their fingers, how I'd escaped them all, how I'd escaped him

"Shoot her!" a solider yelled from the very back of the squad. I stopped laughing. Next second, the air was clustered with bullets; whistling past my ear, biting at the twigs of the broomstick, Oz, real live bullets. I ducked down, flattening myself against the handle. My heart seemed to jump right into my mouth as we hurtled downwards, upwards, downwards again – dodging the crumbling wood beams, the bullets swirling like some bizarre slate-grey blizzard around us –

"- leave her alone! No! Please – Elphie -!"

Don't Glinda, don't! I moaned inwardly, keeping my head down and trying, trying to concentrate, to summon the right words, the right spell, think, Elphaba, think…!

"Reinforcements – we need reinforcements -!"

"- someone fetch the Madam, we need a sorceress -!"


Three feet above me, the cavernous attic ceiling shuddered. Yes. Hand flailing, I gritted my teeth and dragged the wood, the feeling, the solid power towards me, cutting a cleft as wide and long as I could make it, then pushing, crunching and splintering the ceiling up and out – I couldn't risk hurting Glinda with any stray debris – till it wasn't the imprisoning, windowless attic cocooned above me…but the open night sky. Silken indigo and stretching as far as the eye could see; endless, unlimited, unlimited…

"Stop her!" a familiar woman's voice screeched from below as I pelted upwards. "Stop her…!"

…just you try, I thought, closing my eyes. Stupid, reckless thing to do with the bullets snapping at you from every direction, but I didn't care. I didn't care. The night air was cool, lapping at my face and hair and cloak as though it too was hoping to catch me, restrain me, hold me down. Ha.

I was passed all that, now.

"Elphie -!"

me, you idiots, not Glinda, not Glinda…

"I'm the one you want!"

The doors burst open; more guards cascading into the room, losing Glinda in their midst. She cried out. I strained my voice to yell, to scream, to make them hear every word;

"It's me! It's me!"

"- Elphie - !" Glinda's voice rang out from the mob, a cry in the dark, but I hardly heard her over my own laughter, laughter, I'm flying, look at me, just look…!

"…it's ME…!"