Chapter 1


Hey guys. Here is my next story. It is called Dogs Lost. I hope you enjoy this story. I have it all planned out. This is going to be so much fun to write. Oh and just so you know when it's the dogs POV they talk. Not like people can understand them but they talk to each other. Here is the first chapter.

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James Diamond, Logan Mitchell, Carlos Garcia, and Kendall Knight were all backstage at one of their concerts in Maryland. It was an outdoor concert in Eastern Regional Park, Baltimore. James was holding the leash to his Alaskan Klee Kia pup, Fox and Carlos was holding the leash to his German Sheppard, Sydney.

"This will be fun!" Carlos exclaimed.

"I know, right?" James said. Their Manager walked in.

"Guys we're on in a minute. Give me the dogs." He commanded. He held out his hand. James and Carlos obeyed and gave the leashes to Scott. Scott put the dogs in 2 cages.

"I'll feed them later." Scott said. He handed the boys Microphones, "Go get em'!"

The boys ran out onto the stage and began to sing Windows Down. Te crowd went wild.

An hour later

Scott walked over to the cages holding the dogs. He had dog food in his hand.

"Here you go you 2." Scott said as he gave the 2 their food.

"Scott, come here!" His assistant yelled.

Scott got up and walked over to her. He was not aware he left the 2 cages open.

The 2 dogs caught whiff of a squirrel. They took off after it. No one saw them. Fox got his collar stuck on a broken tree branch. He yelped. Sydney turned around to look at Fox. She walked over to the puppy. She chewed and chewed before the collar was off. Blood was staining the collar. The tree branch had punctured the skin.

2 hours later. After the concert

After the 4 boys finished their last song All Over Again they ran off stage. They were sweaty and tired.

"OMG! That was fun!" Carlos yelled.

"I Thought it was funny when that one girl tried to get up on stage" Logan huffed. They walked towards the cages that were supposed to hold Fox and Sydney. James stopped suddenly.

"Hey, where are Fox and Sydney?" He asked.

Carlos looked at the empty cage.

"Maybe Scott took them out for a walk or something," Logan suggested.

"Maybe. Hey Scott!" James yelled for the manager. Scott walked over.

"Yes? He asked.

"Did you take the dogs?" Carlos asked.

Scott looked over at the empty cages.

"No." he answered, "No one else did either."

James and Carlos's hearts stopped. Their dogs were out in the wilderness. Vulnerable to anything.

"We have to look for them!" James exclaimed. The other 3 followed close behind him.

"Here is the plan; Logan, stay here in case they come back. Kendall, you ask people if they have seen them. Carlos and I will look in the woods." James explained the plan. They nodded before splitting up.

James and Carlos walked into the woods. The first thing James saw was a collar. He bent down to pick it up.

"Carlos..."His voice trailed off as he began to cry.

"What James?" Carlos walked over to James.

"It's F-Fox's collar," James stuttered.

Carlos was stunned. He looked at the bloody collar in James's hand. Fox was only 4 months old.

"Oh, god!" Carlos whispered. They began to walk again.

"Fox!" James called for his puppy.

"Sydney!" Carlos yelled for Sydney. She was young to. Only 7 months.

"Sydney… Fox!" James yelled for both dogs.

"They couldn't have gone far." Carlos assures James. James looked doubtful.

James was heartbroken. Anything could attack the 2 dogs. They were defenseless and vulnerable to anything out there. Carlos and James were crying by now.

After a 2 hour search they decided to give up. They would come back tomorrow and search.

"They walked out of the woods feeling very depressed. Logan saw them and ran to them.

"Anything?" He asked, sounding hopeful.

"No." Carlos muttered.

"We did find something though." James spoke up.

"What?" Logan asked.

James pulled out the bloody collar from his pocket. He showed it to Logan. Logan gasped.

"Fox's collar!" Logan whispered, "I'm sorry James. We can come back tomorrow and look."

James eyes were red. So were Carlos's eyes. Logan knew James loves his dog and would do anything for Fox. Logan knew they would have to find the dogs and soon.

"We've got to find them soon. We're only a few blocks away from Rocky Point and Miami Beach. And that's where the Chesapeake Bay is. Also we're a few minutes away from Marshy Point. And lot's of wild animals are there," James said.

"They are in trouble if they make it to Marshy Point," Logan added.

"If we don't find the dogs tomorrow we'll call the ASPCA." James said, "Fox is microchipped. We'll also put out lost dog signs. I'll put something out on Facebook and Twitter."

Kendall walked up behind Logan.

"Anything?" He asked. Logan jumped.

"No," all 3 replied in unison.

"I found Fox's collar." James told Kendall. Kendall looked disappointed.

"We have to find the dogs!" All 4 said together.

Well, here is the first chapter. I hope you liked it. Hopefully I can update everyday or every other day. There actually is an Eastern Regional Park in Baltimore, MD. Miami Beach, Marshy Point, and Rocky Point Parks are also real parks. I live in Baltimore so that's why I know. Did you like the chapter? R&R please.