Chapter 21

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(With the boys)

James and Carlos were standing their ground. They were trying not to pounce on Logan.

"I can't take Tumblr out of state!" Logan pointed out.

"We have to get Sydney and Fox!" Carlos snapped. Logan looked down at the little dog. He picked him up.

"Ok, let's just make a list of 4 suggestions and pick which one is most easy and reasonable." Kendall suggested. The other 3 nodded and James grabbed a piece of paper and pencil. Logan and James sat on the bright orange couch, Carlos sat on the edge of the swirly slide and Kendall remained standing.

"Sneak him out of California." James suggested. He wrote it down

"Ask one of our friends to watch him?" Logan asked. James wrote it down.

"Take him to a kennel!" Kendall said.

"Or have 2 stay back and 2 go to Maryland," Carlos said.

James wrote all 4 suggestions down. Then they all started thinking which one is the best decision.

"My sister will find out if we sneak her dog out of California!" Logan pointed out, "and Kennels are way too expensive!"

"Yeah so let's x those 2 out." James said. He scratched them out. "I think it would be best if we asked a couple of people to watch him!" James said.

The other 3 nodded. Just then there was a knock on the door. Carlos got up from the swirly slide to answer it. Jo, Stephanie, and Camille were standing there.

"Hey girls. What's up?" Carlos asked them. He stepped to the side to let the 3 girls in. They walked into the apartment.

"We were just wondering if you were ok. We haven't seen you in a while!" Stephanie said. The boys smiled at the girls concern.

"Thanks we're fine!" Kendall said. They all smiled.

"We do have a favor though," James said.

"What?" Jo asked.

"Well our dogs were found!" James told them. The ladies gasped.

"Really!? That's great!" Camille said.

"Just one problem…" Carlos trailed off, "we can't take Tumblr out of California."

Tumblr bounded over to Carlos at the sound of his name. Carlos looked down at the little puppy. He bent down and picked him up.

"Oh, so you're gonna ask us if we can watch him?" Jo asked.

The boys nodded. Camille, Jo, and Stephanie squealed in joy! They liked dog sitting! It was so fun.

"Sure we'll do it!" Stephanie said. The guys smiled. Those 3 girls were reliable when they were needed.

"Thank you so much!" James thanked them.

"It means a lot!" Logan added. The girls beamed then bounced out of apartment 2J. Logan closed the door.

"Now when are we leaving?" He asked.

"Well we could get 3 tickets for Southwest and the flight for Maryland leaves at 8:00 PM tonight." James read the information in the computer. No one noticed that he had already gotten the tickets.

"Alright! We leave for Maryland tonight!" Carlos said. He glanced at the clock. It read 6:00 PM, "Oh shoot! We have 2 hours our flight leaves!"

"Well we have to think of things we need." Logan suggested.

"First off, we need Fox and Sydney's cages and a couple of their toys. Are we gonna stay overnight?" Carlos said. The 3 others thought about that for a minute.

"I don't think so." Kendall concluded. Carlos looked disappointed.

(With the dogs)

Fox woke up to a yelping sound coming from Sydney's cage. He looked at the clock on the counter. It read 6:34 pm. (Remember that Maryland time is different from California time.) Fox sighed before he looked at Sydney's cage. The yelping and whining was coming from Sydney. She was lying against the wire. She was shaking.

"Sydney what is it?" Fox asked.

"I just had a dream that we were back with the boys and we were going down the swirly slide." Sydney told her little buddy.

"Oh but what happened to your side?" Fox asked.

Sydney looked down at her bloody side. There is a huge red spot there.

"I guess that I just rubbed it raw," Sydney answered.

Fox nodded his head. He wondered if Sydney really did have faith in their BTR boys.

"Do you still have true faith in our boys?" Fox asked. Sydney hesitated.

"Of course I do!" Sydney exclaimed. Fox looked down.

(With the Boys)

The guys were packing to go to Maryland. The time was 6:00 PM. They had just got back from putting the cages and some luggage in Logan's car. They were about to go when there was a knock on the door. Logan dropped his bag and went to open the door. Stephanie, Camille, and Jo were standing there.

"Hey girls." Logan said. He stepped aside to allow them into their apartment.

"Hi Logiebear!" Camille greeted her boy friend.

She wrapped her arms around Logan's neck and kissed him. Carlos and Stephanie did the same, as well as Jo and Kendall. A minute later the 3 boys let go of their girlfriends. Poor James didn't have a girlfriend to kiss besides Lucy who wasn't really his girlfriend. Tumblr sensed his grief and bounced over to him. He jumped up on the couch and into James's lap. James looked down at the pup and hugged him gently.

"Anyways here's the list of things you have to do with Tumblr while we're gone." Carlos said as he pulled out the list from his pocket and handed it to Camille.

"Ok, do you know when you'll be back?" Jo asked.

The BTR boys thought for a minute

"Were planning on being back around late afternoon of early evening." Kendall told them.

"Ok, GO! You don't want to be late for your flight!" Stephanie said.

The guys nodded. They picked up their luggage and ran out of the apartment. They piled into Logan's car and drove off to the airport.

The guys jumped out of the car 10 minutes later. They grabbed their luggage from the car and ran into the airport. They ran to the conveyor belt where they put their luggage.

"Names, destination, and flight!" an old lady running it said to them.

"Logan Mitchell, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, Kendall Knight. We're on flight 15 going to Baltimore Maryland," James told the lady.

The lady sighed. The guys put their luggage on the conveyor belt and walked to the security check. The line wasn't very long.

"Next!" the security guard called. Logan walked through the security gate. The security guard nodded.

"Next!" He called out again. This time Kendall walked through. The security guard nodded and Kendall left.

"Next!" he called again. James walked through. The security alarm went off. It startled the other 3 boys. Security guards came rushing out of nowhere and over to James. They had guns in hand.

"Put your hands up!" One demanded. James was too frightened. The security guard raised his gun towards James as a warning. James put his hands up.

"Wait stop! He's not carrying any weapons!" Carlos cried. He tried to run to James. He ran through the security gate. The alarm again went off. A security guard grabbed Carlos. Carlos put his hands up.

"He's not holding weapons either!" James cried.

"Stop! We're not dangerous people!" Carlos began to cry as the security guard began to search them.

"I'm not a bad person!" James and Carlos said together. The security guards patted around their chests.

"Logan, Kendall, HELP!" James yelled. Logan and Kendall came into sight in an instant

"Hey let them go!" Kendall screamed. He jumped on top of James's security guard. The security guard was able to knock Kendall off of him.

"I've gotta get new friends!" Logan told the lady next to him. She snickered. Logan ran towards James's security guard.

Then another Security guard came out. He blew his whistle. Everybody shut up and stopped fighting.

"You 2 off of them!" He yelled at Kendall and Logan. They obediently got off, "You 2 continue the search!"

The 2 security guards nodded. They finally checked Carlos and James's pockets. They pulled out the 2… dog collars!

"It was the tags!" James's security guard exclaimed. They gave the boys back the collars and let them go. The boys glared at them as they walked off. They came to the waiting area near the entrance gate to plane 15. They sat down and waited for their flight to be called. About 15 minutes later, their flight was called.

"Plane 15 going to Baltimore Maryland may now board!" The announcer said.

The guys stood up and walked towards the gate. They handed the lady their tickets before they boarded the plane. The boys took their seats in the back of the plane. It was James, Logan, and Carlos in one row and Kendall in the next. Poor Kendall had to sit with a fat dude and an annoying old lady. James was in the window seat, Logan in the middle, and Carlos on the end.

"Hey Logan, Carlos, Kendall, you want to get on DS download play and play Mario Kart?" James asked as he held up his DS.

"I'm in!"
"I'll beat you all!"

The 4 boys laughed at Carlos's comment. James inserted the game and the others got to DS download. They waited for James.

"I got…Heffrondrive, Logan#1, Carlos3corndogs, and…Swagger man?" James spoke the last pen name with confusion, "Who's that?"

"Maybe he's another kid," Carlos suggested.

Before James could cut off, another name appeared on the screen.

"I've got another one here named… BTRcrazy!" James announced.

"Another fan!" Logan said

James nodded then hit cut off. He then hit VS and picked his character.

"CPU Kart on or off?" He asked.
"Off!"The team announced.



Carlos, Logan, and me on blue team. Kendall and the other 2 on red?"


James picked the Moo Moo Farm course, then the race begun. They didn't even notice it when the plane took off! They even forgot about Fox and Sydney!

"Come on LOGAN! Get him! GET HIM!" James yelled. He was referring to BTRcrazy.

"I'm going! I'm in first- wait- BLUE SHELL!" Logan yelled!

"I see the finish line!" Kendall told the others. Logan allowed Kendall to get in front of him.

"What the heck are you doing?!" Carlos asked. The blue shell missed Logan and hit Kendall instead. Then Logan went and won the race! The boys cheered.

"Now what course?" James asked.

"Cheep Cheep Beach!" Kendall said. James hit that course and the race started.

"3…2…1… GO!" The boys yelled. They pressed the A button and the Arrow pad and they were off. Logan and Kendall were next to each other in 1st Swagger Man was in 2nd place, James was in 3rd until he hit Swagger Man with a Bomb-Bomb and He and Carlos passed him!

"I'm gonna get you Kendork!" James yelled at Kendall.

"BTR Crazy, use the blue shell!" Carlos yelled!

"Too late! I passed the finish line!" Kendall yelled.

"Yeah into the 2nd lap idiot!" Logan said with his 'Duh' voice. Kendall blushed. But he kept going.

"Use the blue shell BTRcrazy!" Logan yelled. The old lady next to Kendall looked annoyed.

The blue team sighed with defeat. Well, at least the blue and red team both had a win! The kids played about 15 more races before they decided to stop for a while with racing and just sleep!

"What should we do?" Carlos asked.

"Sleep! We have another 4 hours until we land." Logan told his older friend. Carlos rested his head on Logan's shoulder and fell asleep rather quickly. James did the same only he leaned against the window. Logan just fell asleep in the position he was in.

Kendall pulled out his phone and started playing some of the games.

"What is that?" The annoying old lady asked him.

"A phone," Kendall replied simply.

"Doesn't look like a phone to me!" the lady snapped.

"It's a new kind of phone called an iphone!" Kendall tried to keep his voice from sounding annoyed, but it was hard.

"Hey I've seen you somewhere…" The lady trailed off.

"Yeah, I'm in-" Kendall was cut off by the lady, "I know who you are! You're from that new band One Direction!"

"Do I sound British?" Kendall asked.

"They're British?" The clueless old lady asked. Kendall did a face palm.

"YES!" He yelled in annoyance.

3 hours and 55 minutes passed quickly to the boys! Kendall finally fell asleep. They woke up to the sound of the pilot's voice, "Attention all passengers, we'll be arriving in Maryland in about 5 minutes."

"Where are we and why are we on a plane?" Carlos asked sleepily.

"We're going to Baltimore to pick up Fox and Sydney from the ASPCA." Logan responded. James and Kendall yawned.

"What time is it?" James yawned again.

"Its 11:55 PM," James said as he glanced at his watch.

"It's almost midnight!" Logan exclaimed. They felt a jolt. James looked out the window.

"Were landing!"

(With the dogs)

Well while the boys were landing, the dogs were sitting in their cages, crying for their boys. All they wanted was freedom! Was that too much to ask! All of the pain in their bodies made it worse!

"This place sucks!" Sydney exclaimed.

"Yeah! I want to be home right now! If I had to change history I would go back to the time of the concert and go against the instinct and stay in my cage!" Fox added.

"I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day. I listen to my heart and I obey! How can I see it any other way? I'm lookin' at a life through my own eyes!" Sydney started singing the Liberty's Kids theme song. Fox smiled.

"Hopefully we'll see a brighter day soon!"

(With the boys)

The boys had just gotten out of the airport. They picked up their luggage and got out of there. The called a cab.

"Well since its 12:30 we'll need to check into a hotel," Kendall said. The boys drove over to the closest hotel. They checked in, put their luggage in their room, and sat down on the couch.

"Should we unpack?" Carlos asked.

"No, because tomorrow when the ASPCA opens, we'll check out and go right to the ASPCA then to the airport." Logan grunted.

The boys put their stuff down and fell right to sleep! Considering that they slept on the plane, they were still tired. Logan was on top of James and Carlos was resting his head on James's shoulder while Kendall was lying on Carlos's chest.

The next morning, the boys were up at 12:00 PM! Logan stirred before his eyelids started to flutter open, exposing those beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He glanced at the clock on the stand below the TV. His eyes Widened when he saw the time.

"Oh crap! Guys wake up! It's 12:00!" Logan yelled. He reached for a pillow and he hit his friends with it!

"Wake up! The ASPCA opened 4 hours ago!" Logan screamed. James popped up quickly which caused Carlos and Kendall to fall off the couch! They jumped!

"What the heck?" Carlos asked.

"It's 12:00! The ASPCA opened 4 hours ago!" James exclaimed. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan jumped up. Kendall rolled his eyes. They had already established that. He hurried anyways. They got dressed, ate breakfast, called a cab, checked out, put their luggage in the cab, and drove to the ASPCA! On the way Logan called the ASPCA to let them know they were coming.

(With The Dogs)

The dogs in the shelter were asleep. Yes, they were still all asleep. Accept for a few dogs. Sydney lay in the right corner of her cage, watching Fox pick at the bandages as he paced his cage.

"Fox please stop." Sydney whimpered as she lifted her head.

"I can't! I have a feeling that something is going to happen!" Fox whined. Sydney sighed before she laid her head on her paws.

The back door swung open. A young lady and a middle aged man walked in, each holding an adjustable leash. Now all the dogs barked and jumped on their cages. The woman stopped in front of Fox's cage. She unlatched it and slipped the leash around his neck. This was when Sydney went crazy. She wasn't going to let anyone take Fox. She started barking and pawing at her cage. The pain was excruciating but she continued. The man stopped in front of Sydney's cage. Sydney stopped.

"It's ok girl." He soothed. Sydney allowed him to slip the leash on and lead her out. They were taken back to the doors that lead to the examination room. But to the dogs' surprise, they did not go in. They just stood there. Fox sat. Sydney did as well. Suddenly the door leading to the entrance of the shelter swung open.

"Fox, Sydney!"

(With the Boys)

The guys practically jumped out of the car when they reached the animal shelter. They ran in. The same lady that Logan and James had met when they were searching was sitting behind the front desk. She looked up from the computer.

"Oh boys you're back!" she exclaimed! Kendall and Carlos looked confused. They had never met this woman before in their lives.

"We'll explain later," James told them. Carlos and Kendall nodded.

"What can I do for my daughter's favorite band?" The lady asked.

"You know those 2 puppies we were looking for?" Logan asked her. She nodded, "They were found and they're here,"

"Fox and Sydney?" The lady asked. The 4 nodded, "Right this way guys!" She stood up and the guys followed her.

(With the boys)

"Fox, Sydney!" James and Carlos yelled with glee.

Fox and Sydney yipped with glee! The people holding the leashes let go and the dogs went running down the isle of cages and into their owners' arms. James and Carlos had gotten down on their knees. Despite the pain, Fox and Sydney loved that moment of triumph. James and Carlos hugged their dog Fox licked James' face and Sydney nosed Carlos under the chin. James and Carlos pulled out the collars and put them back on the dogs. Carlos kissed Sydney's head.

Suddenly Fox and Sydney backed out of their owners' embrace. James and Carlos stared in shock. But the dogs switched sides. Fox ran to Carlos and Sydney ran to James. Not even hesitating, Sydney pranced into James' arms and gave him a slobbery kiss.

"Oh my god I missed you so much! I'll never let you go again! Never ever." James said once Fox returned to him and Sydney returned to Carlos. They stood up. Fox in James' arms. He was held lightly. James tried not to press down to hard. Nervous of hurting Fox. Sydney walked close by Carlos' side.

The vets explained the injuries and how and where they found them. The boys gasped at the story. Carlos pulled Sydney closer to him and James hugged Fox a little tighter.

"Just take them to your local vet every week." The Vet said. The boys nodded. They signed their dogs out of the ASPCA records and went home.

Logan caught the reunion on his iPhone. He took the video and posted it on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Millions of Rushers watched. He captioned the video 'Even Dogs have Guardian Angeles!'

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