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Plot: Son Goku is new in Chang An Highschool. He isn't the most confident boy in school either since he has a teeny tiny problem, he is scared of people, especially boys. But what if Genjyo Sanzo, most popular boy in Japan comes to Goku's school and falls for our innocent saru? How will Goku cope up with companionship? What will Sanzo do to win Goku's heart? Get ready cause this will be a crazy love story!

Chapter 1: Gojyo the molester, Goku the victim, Hakkai the visitor


"Ugh... G... Gojyo... Make that thing shut up!" A voice shrieked from a blanket that started stirring...Irritation and frustration tinted it's voice.

"You do it monkey! It's your turn today..." Another voice came from a blanket across the room... This time a much lower octave. Irritation also clear in his voice.

"I don't wanna..." The voice grumbled... Tucking the blanket closer to its body.

"Don't make me come over there monkey..." The other voice said seductively. Now the person whoever was inside the blanket twitched and started shaking.

"One..." A footstep creaked on the floorboard... And as the blanket was forgotten on the bed it revealed a teenager with long flowing fiery hair ... Let's assume he is 18.

"Two..." The person hidden still refused to move...


"Fine I'll do it! I'll do it! So please! Just keep your distance from me!" Then the blanket flew as it was shed from the owners body. A click was then heard and the infernal noise finally stopped, revealing a boy around 16.

"What the hell are you talking about monkey? I'm already up anyway so why bother?" The lad with red hair asked as he lighted a cigarette.

The boy twitched... "B... But you said! Y... You'll..."

The boy was cut off as a hand was slammed to the wall. Wincing in fear he closed his eyes. That's when a hand shot out and grabbed his wrist forcing him to gaze at the glowering redhead. "Really monkey you should get used to it! I mean yeah I know you just came here but seriously you don't have to act so hostile..." The red head leaned on the younger boy trapping him... The hand grabbing the boy's arm disappeared and was now bringing the boys chin up..." If you don't stop that I might not be able to resist kissing you..." He said as he traced his jawline... A devilish smirk curled on his face.

The young boy was shaking on his sweat pants... Tears on the edge of his eye lashes... Fear and panic tinted on his eyes.

"Gojyo... I think you should really stop molesting Goku this early in the morning..."

A voice, exclaimed from the doorway.

The said Gojyo apologized with a smile, " Ah! Sorry sorry! I just got carried away! I was just giving Goku a wake up call, Hakkai."

The person named Hakkai fixed his askew glasses since it was starting to fall down, with a sigh, he looked at Gojyo his emerald eyes piercing through His confidence. "Really... I know you are just joking but that isn't really a reason to go and start cornering boys... Threatening to kiss them. If you weren't my friend I would immediately assume you were a pervert."

"Hakkai that really hurts, you know I'm no molester. Look at Goku, he is doing just fi...eeehhhh?"

The Goku they were talking about, well the sixteen year old boy, has already collapsed on the floor like his soul has left him for good.

"G...Goku!" Hakkai panicked.

"P... Poor boy already passed out..." Gojyo mumbled as he tries to wake up Goku.


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