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Plot:Son Goku who isn't the most confident boy has a problem, he is scared of people, especially boys. But what if Genjyo Sanzo comes and makes a racket in Goku's school and falls for our innocent saru? How will Goku cope up with companionship? What is Sanzo willing to do to win Goku's heart? And what are these dreams that have been bothering Goku for a while now?


Chapter 25: How Did You Make Me Fall For You?

Sanzo growled at the offensive weapon, "Homura you bastard."

Homura smirked in amusement, looked at Goku, and aimed the gun at him. Indescribable fear was shown in the boy's face as he tried to get away, and as Homura fired the bullet ran through his leg. "GAH!" the boy yelped as he fell to the ground wincing in pain.

Fuck! There wasn't any sound, did he use a silencer?! "GOKU!" Sanzo screamed as he attempted to move. Goku needed him right now! Desperately right now!

"Not so fast," Homura said with a hiss as he pointed the gun at the blonde's forehead. "Make one move, and I'll make sure your brains scatter the ground."

Sanzo glared back at the man making sure he didn't move a single muscle. If he wanted save Goku, he had to get out of there alive first. But one thing he seriously wanted to do was cut this guy's fucking balls off and shove it up his fucking ass. The only thing that makes this fucker think is his fucking dick.

"But wouldn't this be fun? Now you'll get to join Goku there! I don't want to sound like some cliched villain you see in movies but," the man pulled the safety trigger, "I guess you'll have to," Sanzo closed his eyes. "Die!"
"GAT! GET HIM!" a voice screamed from the side.

Homura was surprised. "Who?!" Suddenly there was a high schooler, who had a humungous body, and was running at him with a metal pipe in his hands, "WHAT THE F-"


The man named Gat leapt in the air, and with his body suspended high above him he whacked Homura on the head with tremendous force. So much so that it sent the man flying across the grounds.

"Damn... brats," Homura hissed as he tried to get up.

Gat breathed heavily as his grip on the metal pipe tightened and his glare focused on the man.

"GAT! ARE YOU OKAY?!" the same voice from earlier screamed, and this time the owner of the voice was running toward the group.

Goku's eyes widened, when the running figure was finally visible to him. This was last the person he expected to come to their rescue. Ha-Hazel?! What-what is he doing here?!

"DAMMIT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!" Hazel screamed in a strain at Sanzo. He was furious and was panicking. This is the last contribution he can do for them.

Sanzo looked at Hazel, and mouthed a word. Picking Goku up, he slung him over his shoulder, and ran away from Homura.


But before the two even got far away, Hazel suddenly fell backwards, and his mouth spewed blood. Hazel was shot. Gat's eyes widened as he saw the junior drop, but before Hazel fell to the ground, he quickly took the boy in his arms. "Hazel!"

"HAZEL!" Goku screamed as tears flowed from his eyes. Wh-why?! Why are you even helping us?!

"Tch," Homura said in a low tone as he aimed for Gat's head this time. "I missed him because he moved, but that's okay, hell die sooner or later anyways."

"You are going to pay for this," another voice said from the sidelines.

Homura smirked, he knew this voice a little too well, "Ah, Taisei, what a pleasant surprise! You just saw how I just shot Grouse, do you want to follow him next?"

Taisei's eyes narrowed as he glared at Homura like a bug. "I am not interested in dying."

"I raised you to be such a fine man. I never touched you."

"You didn't touch me, but you definitely touched my brother." Taisei glared at Homura before he faced Hazel who was slowly dying in Gat's arms, the teen's features were contorted in a pained look. You've done so much to help me Hazel, I think it's time I repay you back, "Well then, as long as you have that fucking toy, I guess you're still considered lethal," Taisei exclaimed as he cracked his knuckles and smirked down at Homura.

"Heh, I didn't consider surrendering yet," the man spat back.

"Is that so?"

"SANZO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" Goku screamed, wailed, and kicked on Sanzo's shoulders. "HAZEL! HE'S DYING AND-AND!"

Sanzo had enough of Goku's unbearable attitude. He placed the lad down and without any warning, slapped him square on the face. Goku held his swelling cheek as new tears brimmed in his eyes not that he wasn't already crying. "CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE IN DANGER HERE?! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANNA DIE?!" Sanzo screamed at the boy.

Goku had to shut up. If he wanted to save Goku from this living hell hole, he had to make the boy calm down first. Panicking wasn't the answer to their problems, then again, he wasn't really calm himself either. He was just trying to keep his cool facade since Goku was already shaken enough.

Sanzo's words weren't convincing enough to the teen's ears. "I'd rather get shot than see people die in front of me," the boy said with a blunt voice and with Goku's uninjured leg, he spun his legs around as he tripped Sanzo with his foot. The blonde fell on his back harshly, hissing and cursing. The boy stood up shakily as he brushed the dust off his hands. "I may have never told you this, but I have a vicious, hyper-active PE teacher for a father, a father who teaches history and chemistry but knows kendo like a pro, and a father who throws tables at his students every single day." Goku looked at Sanzo with cold murdering eyes, "And if you think a mere gun shot in a leg is going to stop me from killing a criminal then I think you are seriously mistaken."

Sanzo glared at Goku. The blonde didn't say a single word but his eyes were telling Goku more than his mouth will ever would: (Why are you doing this?!)

Goku looked away.

Why are you refusing to let me help you?!

Goku started to walk back the direction they had just come from.

"Why can't you trust me... Goku?"

"I never wanted to show you this side of me Sanzo," Goku released a shaky breath as he ran away and began to cry.

The blonde was then left alone on the hard concrete. "Hmph, what do you mean 'this side of me'? You're still the same cry baby I know," Sanzo exclaimed as he ran a hand through his hair. "Though, he does know how to fight, I shouldn't have underestimated him." He then grabbed his phone. "110? Yeah, there's an armed man in our school who has already shot two students."

Taisei glared viciously at Homura. The bastard has 8 shots he's already fired two, one at Goku and another one at Hazel. Taisei then gripped his chest and released a shaky breath as blood slowly trailed from his lips and down to his chin. "And he shot three at me." Taisei fell face first to the concrete. His body had already given up. His arm, leg, and lung were shot by Homura which was definitely not a good sign. "Damn, I wasn't as cool as I thought,"

Homura smiled in victory as he saw the teen fall down, he didn't even have to move to kill the guy. "He wasn't even putting up a fight."

"You're forgetting about me Homura," Goku said as he came back his tears all dried up.

"Is it just me or are you all ganging up on me?" Homura said in a sad, innocent tone.

Goku gritted his teeth at the despicable man.

"IDIOT! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!" Hazel screamed, yet he placed too much strain on his chest, and he began wincing in pain on the ground.

Taisei simply smirked at Goku's stubbornness. He really is my brother.

Goku didn't say anything, but glared at Homura and with a battle cry lunged at the man. Homura didn't have any time to get away from the boy and they both fell to the ground. "YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!" Goku screamed as he rode on top of Homura. "YOU SICK TWISTED FUCKER! DID YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME FUCKING ME, ASSHOLE?!" The boy screamed as he hit the man in the jaw. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU! I'M GOING TO DRAG YOU TO HELL!" Blood was covering Goku's knuckles, accompanied by blood splattering to his face and clothes.

Suddenly, Taisei and Hazel were starting to notice something about Goku's movements. His anger was consuming him, and they realized it was slowly swallowing him. Goku was getting more and more brutal by the moment. Goku might have never said it to the others, but ever since the incident in the shed, he had remembered a few fragments of his memory.

But ever since Homura came:

His memory came rushing at him full force.

"TH-THIS IS FOR KOUGAIJI!" The boy screamed as he bashed the man's cheek.

Hazel panicked. Homura's face is bashed and bleeding, if Goku lands anymore hits, he'll kill him!

"THIS IS FOR NATAKU YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Goku again hit Homura's face, and with a twisted smirk he grabbed the man's collar and was about to attack with his final blow. "And this is for me."

"GOKU STOP!" Hazel and Taisei screamed.

Suddenly a hand yanked Goku's hand away from Homura's collar. Goku growled at the person who was interrupting his "murdering session", but it only revealed Sanzo's concerned face accompanied by Konzen's black folder that slapped him straight back to consciousness.

Pictures flew all over the place, pictures that came from Konzen's black folder. SHIT! THE PICTURES! Konzen screamed mentally.

Goku was knocked back to his senses. "S-Sanzo wh-what was I trying to do?!" Tears began falling again falling from the boy's eyes.

Sanzo didn't say anything but embraced the boy tight in his arms. "You don't have to say anything. J-just calm down."

"Sanzo I'm sorry!" the boy wailed.

Sanzo pushed Goku away from him and held the boy's cheeks. "Shh, you've been crying too much tonight. Shh," the blonde cooed as he wiped the boy's tears.

Goku noticed the pictures and picked up one of them. It was a picture of Taisei with ice cream smeared on his face by Goku, while Hazel and Nataku were laughing behind them. Goku's eyes widened and he picked up another one. Goku was hugging Hazel and Taisei with Nataku beside him.

Goku looked at Konzen with eyes filled with shock. The blonde didn't say anything but turned his head. This was one thing Konzen was hiding from Goku all these years and he didn't want him to see them. Hazel had warned him to never ever show him these pictures, but it looked like he couldn't hide them forever.

Homura then cocked a gun behind Goku's head. "Fucking shit, I should have killed you when I had the-"




"Shit. Second fucking time."

Paramedics then took Goku to the hospital, along with Nataku, Hazel and, Taisei. Homura was arrested and brought to prison. And after a few days, he committed suicide and Nataku didn't shed a single tear. Taisei and Hazel were in unstable conditions until 4 hours after their operation when they stabled out. And Goku was in a much better condition.

When Goku was being interrogated by the police, Nataku was about to turn himself in when he heard his father was arrested, but Taisei, who was right beside him in the waiting room, stopped him. "I'm sure Goku needs you more than the prison does."

Konzen, Tenpou, Kenren, Gojyo, and Hakkai were more than relieved to figure out that Goku was safe.

A few days later in the hospital,

"Goku! We brought you your favorite cake!" Hakkai said in a cheery voice while everyone was behind him: Konzen, Tenpou, Kenren, Gojyo, Kougaiji, and Nataku.

And what they saw, wasn't really pleasant to their eyes. SPLAT! The cake fell to the floor. They caught Sanzo kissing Goku.

"EEK!" Goku squeaked as he hid in his blanket.

"Damnit! Knock before you enter!" Sanzo screamed.

"IM GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!" Nataku and Kougaiji screamed in unison as Hakkai and Gojyo held them back.

Konzen rubbed his temples. "Now look at what you've done!" he screamed at Tenpou and Kenren.

"Hey, dude it's not our fault out little Goku's gay!" Kenren exclaimed as he raised his hands in a surrendering motion.

Goku exploded a whole steam of embarrassments under his blanket at the statement Kenren made. Konzen's eyes darkened. "Your luck has finally ran out, you good-for-nothing-who-has-a-dick-for a-brain," the blonde exclaimed with a sick twisted smirk.

"You just had to say that," Tenpou said in a devastated voice as he himself rubbing his temples while Kenren then screamed bloody murder as Konzen slowly and painfully maimed him.

"SANZO YOU CHEATER! YOU CHEATER!" Kougaiji wailed and cried.

"FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Nataku screamed.

Goku looked at Sanzo with a confused look "Why is Kougaiji calling you a cheater Sanzo?"

Sanzo smirked, "It's nothing, they're just jealous."

Goku laughed.

Not smiled.


The whole room became silent and stared at Goku. The boy never noticed the silence and continued to laugh. Sanzo smirked and started snickering, followed by Hakkai who giggled, and Gojyo who laughed heartily. Soon the whole room was laughing with Goku. Not that they got what Goku was laughing about. They were happy. They were happy because,

That was the first time in their whole life, they heard Goku laugh freely like that. No weights. No burdens. Just a pure hearty laugh.

On the rooftop of the hospital,

Taisei smiled as he listened to Goku's MP3 player. "Sanzo placed real good songs on Goku's MP3 player. I like his song, 'Trigger'."

Hazel paid no attention to the brunette's words. "Hey Taisei, do you think Goku's remembered us now?" he asked as he drank the milk the hospital gave him.

"Yeah, why?" Taisei asked as he took off the earphones and looked at him.

"No, it's nothing," the lad said as he released a small relieved smile. "So what's going to happen to us now?" he asked again.

"I don't know, I'm just waiting," Taisei said as he took Hazel's milk from his hands and drank it.

"Ugh, that's second-hand kissing! You do know how extremely jealous Gat can get," Hazel exclaimed as he looked at Taisei with an utterly disgusted face. "Do you want him to bash your face in?!"

Taisei just smiled. We did our job and watched over him for years as Goku's brother. I watched over him like a stalker and Hazel took care of hacking his records. I wonder what's going to happen to us next?

"Hey Hazel, you got that new 'Saiyuki' manga that just got released?" the brunette asked as he finished the carton of milk.

"You know I don't read manga's," Hazel said as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Liar! I saw you reading my collection with Gat while I wasn't around!" Taisei said with a grin.

"No I did not!" the white haired man protested.

"Yes you did!" Taisei continued to tease.

"No I didn't!" Hazel screamed as his face turned red.


"Hey Jiroushin, do you know why I forced Sanzo to enter Chang'an academy?" a lady with long elegant wavy ebony hair asked.

A man with white hair answered, "Actually no madam, you never told me the reason."

The lady simply smirked at her secretary's naivety, well she never told her thoughts to her secretary anyways. "Because ever since Sanzo came home when he was twelve, he never stopped searching for this boy who had brown hair and golden eyes. Of course he never told me about it, but he kept on looking for him."

"Was that the reason why you asked Gat to look for the boy?" the man asked.

"Yes, and it looks like he found him, that's why I transferred Sanzo to Chang'An Academy. He desperately wanted to meet this boy again."

"And you never told him about this?" Jiroushin asked.

"Yes. Oh and I heard Gat found his love interest and refused to come back. How true is this rumor?" the woman questioned as she leaned her chin on her hand.

"100 percent purely accurate ma'am," the man answered.

"That's good," the woman said as she let her sentence hang.

"Why?" the man asked in all curiosity.

"SO I CAN ADD MORE VIDEOS TO MY YAOI COLLECTION!" the woman laughed hysterically as she danced around with her DVD's as if they were gods. "NOW THAT I ADDED MY NEPHEW ANG GOKU IN MY COLLECTION, I CAN ADD HAZEL AND GAT'S NEXT!"

"SO IT WAS FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH PURPOSES AFTERALL!" the man screamed in outrage.

"Maybe I can have Kougaiji and Nataku next?"


Kanzeon smirked, "Hmm, I think a Taisei and Kougaiji sound nice."


"Or better yet! Taisei and Nataku!" Kanzeon said with a wide grin, she was having so much fun teasing her secretary.


A few years later,

Nataku yawned as he placed his pen down. I just finished chapter 14 of this manga.

Kougaiji grumbled and glared. "You sick twisted fucker, you turned Goku's story in to a book and a manga no less!"

Nataku looked at Kougaiji with blank eyes. "Just shut up and take the manuscript Mr. Editor! I still have to call Goku while he's free from his job! And another thing, I already asked Goku if I can use his story and he very much agreed."

Kougaiji twitched in anger, "Why you-"

"Hey Sanzo?" Goku asked as he entwined his hand with his lover's. "I have a question."

"What a coincidence, I have a question myself," Sanzo said as he smoked out his cancer stick.

The two locked lips, and in a few seconds pulled away, inhaled, looked at each other's eyes, and in unison said: "You were unusual, weird, hostile, and strange but... but... HOW DID YOU MAKE ME FALL FOR YOU?!"




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