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First off, sorry for my Haitus.. it's just been a rough summer. Where I'm from and go to school, 5 teenagers were in a car accident and 4 were killed. I knew all of them, but one of them happened to be like a sister to me - we had the same name and everything, she was my best friend. So although this has nothing to do with my story, it does affect my life, which in turn affects my writing. Just, I'm asking from the bottom of my heart, although it's almost been 2 months since the accident, and now with the colorado shooting, just keep the victims and their families in your hearts. It means a lot.


Super sorry on my part for not updating anything in what feels like years... and I am currently grounded so a lot of writing will be caught up. I dont know what I'll start with, but why not start a new story? :)

Fic: Big Time Rush

Pairing: KendallxLucy(Kucy)

Genre: Romance/friendship

Summary: Kendall and Lucy have been the best of friends since the day Lucy moved into the Palm Woods. History is known to repeat itself, and when it does Lucy is left heartbroken once again. Wanting to throw away all she's worked for, Kendall is there to pick up the pieces for her. He's always just been a friend, like a brother to Lucy. In her sudden rise to fame after the incident, will her feelings for Kendall change? Or have they been there all along.

Random Information: Getting ideas from some songs. However this is a multi-chapter, and not songfics. Meerly listening to certain songs on repeat to get ideas! I'll list the songs I used at the end of every chapter.

Onward my trusty readers~

-Lucy POV-





The hell? My eyes fluttered open and I turned on my side to stare at the neon green lights blinking 4:32.


I tried ignoring the noise, but I had no choice but to get up and out of bed to check it out; I couldnt dream with the tapping.. kills the zen.

I flipped on my bedside lamp and shut my eyes at the overwhelming brightness. Inwardly groaning, I slid my legs over the mattress and slowly stood up.



What is that? I crept my way towards my bedroom window, where the noise was most defined, and slowly slid it open, when a rock came flying straight at my head. I yelped and jerked sideways, my anger and frustration growing. Not only is it 4:34 in the morning, but someone has the nerve to throw rocks at me. Thank you mysterious person I now hate.

I lunged the top half of my body out the window and glared down, trying to see the face of whomever enjoys throwing rocks at future rockstars heads at 4:34.


"Who are you!" I questioned aloud, squinting into the darkness below me.


"How in the hell am I supposed to know."

"Now what kind of guess is that?"

"A damn good one!"

"Language, Miss Stone."

"It's about to get a lot worse! Look, person! I will come down there and beat the living shit out of you if you dont tell me who you are and then get the hell gone!"

"Lucia Marie Elizabeth Stone, how dare you."


"In the flesh."

"I fuc-" I stopped myself, picturing the smirk on his face and laughed. "You're the only person who knows my full name, you know that?"

"I figured, Lucia."

"Stop that! What the hell are you even doing here?"

"Coming to get you."


"You heard me, I'll be up in 5."

"Kendall, what?"

No response.


Still nothing.

"I hate you." I mumbled to apparently no one, before slamming my window shut and locking it. I groaned loudly and walked back to my bed, shutting off the lamp and diving extremely ungracefully onto my bed. Screw Kendall, I'm sleeping. Grabbing my squishy pillow and smiling to myself, I closed my eyes, awaiting sleep.

I laid there for maybe two minutes before the sound of a door unlocking jolted me awake from my thoughts. Damnit I wasnt even asleep yet. I groaned yet again, remembering that I gave Kendall a key. I heard him flip on lights and I saw red behind my closed eyes. Squinting my eyes shut even more tightly than they were, I grabbed the blanket and threw it over my head, successfully drowning out the light.

"Kendall go away."

"Lucia, get up."

"I'm cold though."

I felt a weight next to me on my mattress and an arm around me, then another, and then I had a lot of weight ontop of me.

"Kendall!" I coughed, "Can't really breathe-ow!"

The weight of Kendall rolled off of me, along with the blanket covering my face. I took a deep breath of fresh air and looked over at Kendall, who was laying next to me, staring at me with knowing eyes.

"I will kill you."

"You love me too much, Luce."

"Not if you dont let me sleep.." I trailed off, rolling onto my side away from him. The memories of last night came flooding back to me in one rush of emotions.


"Kendall, you should just go."

"Whoa, you called me Kendall and you sound upset.. talk."

"Just leave." I whispered quietly, curling up into a ball.

"Why is Mr. Snuffles on the floor..?"

He didnt say anything for a minute before the realization sunk in. "Lucy.."

I sat up and looked at him, my room lit up from the lamp, I could nearly see my reflection in his eyes; tired, red, puffy eyes from crying, mascara and eyeliner stains running down my cheeks, and complete and utter disastardly bed-head. I looked away from his eyes and sighed. "Kendall, last night.." I sniffed feeling the familiar burning in the back of my throat and my eyes starting to moisten. "Ryan.. he.. it's.. I called you.." I whispered the last part, finding his gaze through blurred vision, I let a tear fall, and a hand that wasnt mine brushed it away. "It's over.. he cheated." A sob heaved its way from my chest and Kendall wrapped his arms around me as I totaly lost it. And I'm Lucy fucking Stone, best rocker from my generation.. I'm not allowed to lose it! But I did. I just sat there wrapped up in Kendalls arms and cried. It's only been a year and eight months since I got here.. and as history would have it, the first guy I date again cheats on me. Lucy stone - unlucky in love. Next album title for sure right there. What am I saying? Unlucky in Love? That's so... unoriginal.. and definately not rocking. Screw music right now, I'm too drained to think.

Calming down a bit, I rested my head against Kendalls chest and closed my eyes. He pulled me down closer to him as he laid down and shut my lamp off yet again. His hand found its way to my face and brused the hair from my eyes.

"I love you." I whispered as I looked at him through crying eyes.

"I love you too Luce." He responded, kissing my forehead and smiling as I closed my eyes and fell into a soundless, dreamless, peaceful sleep.

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