"Bella I would never let anyone hurt you. Please believe me. The thought of you still white cold, to never see you blush scarlet again, to never see the flash of intuition in your eyes when you see through my pretenses- it would be unbearable. You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing ever. You've got to believe me. I
have arranged some people who could help me. They will work for money of course, but I'm certain that they would succeed. Once they are done, we could be together for ever." Edwards voice almost kicked me, and I found all the words I was looking for.

Highly disconcerted, dismayed, jolted, stupefied, bruised within myself, entirely damaged, abused, distressed...

"So? What do you think?" "Great." I replied to the guy who was constantly talking with me, at least he thought he was talking to me. I forced a bright smile to suppress the scathing pang that was suffering from, and almost ran away from the lounge to the locker room. Leaving the two love birds behind me. My annoying co worker, the over confident guy who was passing his time chatting with me, each and everyone who was sitting in the lounge behind me.

The locker room was empty. Thankfully. I ran to my locker which was in a corner at the end of the room, and screamed loudly tearing my throat. I covered my face with my hands and sat on my legs, my trembling fingers found hot salty water welling from the rim of my eyes. I didn't notice when I started crying.

That night, when he was kissing me violently releasing his sexual frustration, his lust, and God knows what emotion was mixed in that one kiss, he was reciting something. I tried to remember.

"You haunt my days, caress my mind with bliss, making my spirit ache
to taste your warm kiss..." I was listening to him, surprised, as I never dreamt of being with him like this, or him to say something so beautiful for me. His hands were moving like a storm, feeling every inch of my skin, and he was reciting those magical words. "Come now,ravish my world sweet heart. My soul screams for you the more we are
apart..." he was kissing my breasts, playing with my hair, our bodies were meeting with each other as sodium meets air, causing fire and explosion. When I heard him saying the next lines, it made my life
worth living at that moment. "There is a love in me which rages calling your name, this wild feline with a kiss you can tame..." For all this time I thought those lines were for me. I loved him, even though he used me and threw away like a used condom, still I was happy for the night somewhere. I was grateful to him. Because he had given me a
moment to remember. A moment that made me feel like a girl, who was being loved. A girl who deserved good things in her life. A girl who was special. No matter how brief that moment was, it was the most precious moment of my life. My mouth felt bitter and everything looked blurred.

Little that I knew, the moment he was giving was belonged to Bella.

The best night of my life was a night that was given away to me by one of my co worker.

I felt sick. The lines he was reciting were for Bella, not for me. That night when he was fucking me, he was trying to
feel Bella inside me.

A soft hand rested on my shoulder. I refused look at the person who was standing behind me. I knew whom it was.

"Do you know what you just did there? You agreed to go for dinner with that guy you barely know." Angela comforted me rubbing her hands slowly in my back. "That's what sluts like me do right?" I went on weeping. "Jess c'mon. Tell me." Do I really have anything to tell her? I started crying releasing my pains once again, holding her with my trembling hands. I didn't realize how long we sat there, but it felt as each second was elongated into a year. "You know you look terrible while crying." she said handing me tissues. I was feeling light now after this outburst, and suddenly I was feeling a strangely soft and friendly emotion towards her. "Hmmm... I guess I'll have to clean up
myself." I sniffled. "Yes. And fix your make up too. You're looking like hell. I'm going now, or else Demetri will shoot us now." she left throwing a wink.

I sobered myself and peeped through a window to see if they were still here. I didn't want to face them. The Mercedes was still standing there, but the Lamborghini was gone. Good. I thought. Facing only one of them seemed to be easier, though the pang was still there. I forced my legs heading to the lounge.

Wish I knew what was waiting for me.

My eyes flew to the corner, naturally. And I found, to my astonishment, Carlisle Cullen.

He was standing with his wife Bella and son Edward, discussing something disturbing. His face grimaced for once when Edward showed him a small piece of paper, while Bella stood lowering her head to the floor the whole time. I watched her expressions cautiously. Was it possible for them to admit their illegitimate relationship to the Cullen Senior?

"Mike was trying to listen them you know, but he failed. They are so secretive." Angela said in a low voice while
recieving a call.

I frowned, resumed my job, keeping an eye at them.

Finally I got a chance I was waiting for a long time. She walked slowly out to the parking lot, alone. I knew either Carlisle or Edward will follow her very soon. I picked up a tissue and and a red pen, and wrote in a neat and clean handwriting.

"Dear Bella.

I know what's going on between you and Edward. Meet me tonight at 9, where you know.

With love, Jessica"

With a grin I gently put the tissue inside an envelope, and ran to catch her. "Hey where are you running?" Angela's voice followed me. "Just a sec."

I followed them, the Cullens both senior and junior were walking towards their chariots hastily. "Hey Bells." I was never close enough with her to call her by that name, but today I needed to pretend to be close to her. She stood and turned to me with a mild shock in her look. She didn't expect me to call her that way, or to run to her as if she was my sister whom I lost in my childhood and found after an eternity. "Hey there..." I stopped in front of them and smiled awkwardly.

"Its been a long time huh."

"Yeah." She looked at her 'family' and breathed. "You know each other I guess."

I watched Edward who was being impatient from the corner of his eyes, and smiled brightly.

"Oh yes of course we do. Hello Mr. Cullen. We met in your marriage."

"Jessica right?" Mr. Cullen said in his formal tone.

"Yes. You remember me." I acted to be surprised. Edward, still looked impatient.

"Well, why won't I? You are one of Bella's close friends." poor Mr. Cullen, taking care of fragile little wife of his. Who was looking impatient too, as if she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"Dad we are getting late." Edward sounded desperate to leave the ground.

"Edward behave yourself in front of a lady." how nice of the senior Cullen. "Jessica, meet my son Edward." He introduced his son to me, who I've already fucked in different interesting positions.

"Hello Edward." I said with a nice smirk. "Hello Jessica." He said, burning me with anger. "Pardon me but we are running late. Dad?" Cullen senior scanned him suspiciously. I wanted to ask him "Why Edward? Running from your hideous past? Or have a date with your step mommy?" In stead I said "Sure Edward. I just need to talk to Bella for
once. It won't take much time."

Bella, completely uncertain about whatever was happening looked helpless like a little girl, lost in the woods in a dark gloomy evening. "Jake came to the café this weekend. He left this for you." I handed her over the envelope. "Its a number of a doctor who could be helpful to you."

Browsing the tissue inside the envelope and the words written on it she froze, giving me a cool sense of satisfaction.

"Jake?" I turned my innocent face to Cullen senior. "Yeah Jacob. She didn't tell you? He's her childhood friend." I scanned Edward's stern look, and weighing his intolerance and irritation I made my mind to irritate him even more. This is just the begining Eddy boy.

"You see her dad" pointing to Bella I said, "Charlie and Jake's dad Billy were friends, and when these two were born they become friends too." Innocence was my weapon today. "They were best friends you know. There's nothing they don't share. In fact we used to think they are together, but then she chose you over him. Proving us wrong." I said. I was feeling too good, heavenly.

Edward was totally out of control now, acting almost paranoid, he kept on viewing his wrist watch.

"I met him a couple of months back, and he was too funny. You should meet him someday. Bella why don't you..."
Bella looked as if she's in pain. "In fact I was wondering why don't you join us in the party." I shifted my glance to Carlisle who had astonished me by now by his tolerance. I went on rambling. "Angela my co worker, is getting engaged. She's going to invite both of you of course."

"Dad please..." he said in a low growling voice.

"Mr. Cullen you must be getting late." I said, figuring my job was already done. Bella was sweating, and looked pale as if she was going to die very soon.

"Its alright Jessica. Actually we have an important affair to attend." finally said.

"Ohh... I'm extremely sorry for keeping you so long." I said with a fake remorse in my face. "Bella Jake asked me to make sure you meet this person. You will meet her won't you?"

she looked at her men like a timid dear encountered by a fierce tiger. "Umm... Yeah I guess I will." with a dry smile in her thin pink lips she said . "Thanks Jess."

Beep beep beep

"Hey did you hear that?" I almost sprang on my feet and found all three of us was suddenly facing Edward. Bella had turned much paler, her eyes popping out with fear and anxiety, Carlisle shot him a dubious glare, and I frowned. He rubbed his palms to wipe off the sweat from his forehead, and muttered. "Shit."

A huge wave of blistering heat burned me to death. Fighting with the intolerable agony I realized I was thrown forcefully to the opposite direction from where I was standing. My body was curled, senses were numb, eyes were closed. And before I could understand anything else, a loud deafening noise of explosion destroyed the last working
sense in my body.

A black curtain blocked my sight.

Breaking news : Famous industrialist Mr. Carlisle Cullen was killed this morning along with his wife Mrs. Isabella Cullen and son Mr. Edward Cullen in an explosion nearby Café Sunshine in Marina Square. Singapore police has detected the bomb was planted in a white Mercedes owned by Mrs. Cullen. Police has also found dead body of Ms.
Jessica Stanley, who was reported to be a waitress in the same café, and an unclaimed dead body of a female in her mid twenties in the car. A notorious gang professionally involved with murders, abduction, robbery and other crimes is suspected to be behind this explosion.

Forty eight years old Mr. Carlisle Cullen, president and owner of Cullen Industries got married to Mrs. Isabella Marie Cullen last year.

Singapore Police is interrogating his ex wife Dr. Esme Hale, and the rest of his family member including his daughter supermodel Rosalie Hale Cullen, son Jasper Hale Cullen, and his brother Eleazor Denali. Police is also interrogating the manager and staff members of Café Sunshine.