Author's Note:

So this was my first attempt to write something like this (even I'm not so sure what genre i should put it in).

I think I should make some points clear for the readers who are confused after reading this story.

Edward had a one night stand with Jessica, but his heart belonged to Bella. This sounds quite bitchy, but there's a reason behind every action. Bella had her reasons behind her decision of getting settled with Carlisle. If I continue this fiction in future, I'll write about them.

I think you have noticed that part of news where it was reported that the police has found an unclaimed body of a female in her mid twenties, and where Edward told Bella that he has made some plans to escape. Well, the unclaimed body was part of his plan. No Edward was not a killer, he was just a lover. Too bad all of them got killed because of Jessica. But honestly, we couldn't call her stupid either as she too, was having a plan for herself. The thing is, several plans collided with each other which created an explosion.

I have used some lines from the book Twilight. When it comes to Edward-Bella romance, I just couldn't help myself but recollecting the moment I read those awesome lines. Hopefully you'd recognize them. Lets see if you could.

And now when I already have said a lot, there's one more thing I literally LOVE to confess. The reason why I wrote Bella with Carlisle.

I think there's a feeling developing inside this little wicked mind of mine, actually a crush, on Carlisle Cullen. I was watching New Moon the other day, and that little Bella-Carlisle moment where he explains her about the whole 'taking-away-one's-soul' thing while stitching her wounds, WOW... I felt the typical 'butterflies-in-stomach' feeling *blush* isn't he an awesomely gorgeous DILFy dad? *blushing with dreamy eyes*

I wanted to make it a one-shot. I wish to write further but only if I get enough reviews.

Yeah you got me right. Leave your reviews, whatever you think, suggestins, criticism, even you can curse me for writing this. I just need to know what you think. And if I get a good number of reviews there is a strong possibility to continue this story. And in the next chapter (if I write one) I'll write Bella's POV.

So people, that's all for now. I just wrote the longest A/N I've ever written in my short FF life... Lol.

Thanks for reading.