DLMS: So I Guess This is it the world is coming to in end. Why Must Life Be so unfair.

Odin: …. Look Boy Just do it all ready or elas.

DLMS : Fine I own nothing But the plot of this Fan-Fic And People Not relates To the Legend Of Zelda Series. There Happy.

Odin: Yes. Thats Fine For now Boy.





Story Start:

It was a Nice Day The clouds was moving at a slow pace That evening a lazy Teen Can Sleep on a hill "Guess Who You get a Cookie" But That's For a other Time. As the Sun lights a Lager Town Was See a Young Man walking To his goal So lets get a closer Look at this Young Man And See what lies A head for us to watch.

Dark Link Was walking about Hyrule Like he does every day. He Walks about looking for Clues on his missing Sister. He comes to castle Town everyone knows him there and is a kind man to them and always help out, But to the under world he's a deadly man that will kill anyone for the right pay.

At night he enters the Castle Thinking there may be some clue there.

He goes in and out of the shadows like an Assassin and fears nothing. Then Dark Link here something. its Lady Zelda he hides in some room but see enters the same you. In time he see's it's a bath Room and he turns to Lady Zelda as she starts to undress. Her Robs Falling down her body As she ready's For her bath.

Her skin was a white as snow and it had so much life to it. Her Hair Had life In it's own as the golden locks Filled her back and down to her Heart Shape ass. Her Legs so long that one can get lot on the way up. Her Womanhood Clean as the day she was born. So pure And untouched.

Everyone knew that she was in love with Link But Dark Link Didn't care for he knew that she was still pure. But He dare not stay for the full show he need to get out and out of the castle. He kept an eye on her as he saw her pure body. He was not to over joy about it but he had to do a job. Now Most Men Will Kill So be here But Dark Was Not A Gutter Man He had a Code And it was not to rape any female Evil as he is. As she enter the bath he started to walk away and tired to get out as his hand touch the door Lady Zelda was behind him as he open the door a sword was going for his back But never move as it came to a stop He was thinking he can jumped back trying to hide his face. But he was unable to do so.

She looked at him as she had warped her self with a towel. He looked around trying to find away out But was unable to and just smile as he said "Good Evening Lady Zelda." He Said to her In a mock bow. " It's a shame That I am unable to wash your Back for you but i must be going." He said as he then ran passed her and out the window and into a small pound. it was deep for a safe landing. His Black Tunic Wet and Tight fitting to his body as the water ran down to the ground. As he got out of the water he saw Knights coming his was and he started to run as lady Zelda looked out the window With a Far look in her blue eyes She knew Deep down that he was the one she loved ant Link. " Dark When will you stop running from the light" She said in a low voice.

Zelda watch has he left the water and felt her body Heat up. Her thigh getting Wet But not From the bath water. As She moved a hand to that area only to come back up wet. She sighed and smiled. As she wanted to be with him. To Fill In the hole he has in his heart But She knew that was along road to walk but she had her kingdom to look after. And her heart was hurting for him. She wanted him but she had to think of something


So heres Part one. Also Go easy on my. This is my 1st one her eon this site I hope to see lots of feed back good or bad it will help my lots So you soon space cowboy